Complete Guide to Making Money with Online arbitrage and All the Tools That Make It Possible

By Nate McCallister

Anyone with internet access and a small amount of cash can buy products from 3rd party sites that are priced lower than the same items on Amazon, sell them on Amazon and pocket the profit.

When someone does this and decides to reinvest the profits, you can create a full scale business. I have met many Amazon sellers who focus exclusively on online arbitrage and sell well over 7 figures a year! 

Online Arbitrage Definition

These results are certainly not typical but they are absolutely possible. 

By buying, selling and investing you can quickly turn a few hundred dollars into a few thousand dollars (and so on and so forth).

Note: Online arbitrage is NOT the same thing as drop shipping. Conventional drop shipping is against Amazon terms of service and involves listing products for sale before you have them in your possession. It is different and not the method for Amazon product sourcing that I recommend.

This article will showcase the tools that give you an unfair advantage over other sellers. 

How Is Online Arbitrage Possible?

"Why would a store price their product lower than I could resell it for?"

I get asked this a lot. People think this model seems impossible and illogical because online retailers should know they could sell their items at higher prices if they wanted to.

This same argument is made about retail arbitrage. People think, "why wouldn't they just sell the underpriced items on Amazon?"

Well, it's unreasonable to think that every online retailer monitors Amazon and other online retailers to make sure that they are priced the same. Tools like Tactical Arbitrage (the #1 tool on my list below) allow you to scan over 800+ online sites so it's an inevitability that some of them will have items priced low enough below Amazon (or eBay) that you can make a profit. 

We all have the same limitations: time and information. While we can always obtain more information, it still takes time. This means that pricing items perfectly in a world of constantly changing inventory (different models, variations etc) is impossible.

The opportunities to buy low and sell high happen all day, every day and as long as we buy and sell goods online, this opportunity will never go away. 

Quote me on that if you'd like. 

Now, online arbitrage isn’t easy, but there are plenty of high quality tools that will help you find more product opportunities and make more money on Amazon.

As far as online sourcing goes, the world is your oyster. 

The Keys To A Successful Online Arbitrage Business

Online arbitrage is a numbers game. The more data you can sort through, the more leads you will find and the more money you will make. To do that, you need the right tools.

#1 They help you analyze product data better

There is a lot of data out there. There is money in making sense of it.

#2 They help you analyze product data faster.

Tools like Tactical Arbitrage can scour the internet for leads for you while you're sleeping. You can set a process and get an alert sent to your phone or email when it is finished running!

Even newer sellers can find tons of products to sell, even though they will be gated in many things at first. 

Deals are everywhere but they are buried and need to be found.

Like an archeologist unearthing a stegosaurus skeleton or a tourist scouring the beach with a metal detector, we are merely woring to bring out what is already there. We use tools to find these items before our competitors.

You aren't the only person looking for these leads. If you have the tools in place to help you find them sooner than your competitors, you will win. 

With the right arbitrage software/tools, you can now…

  • Collect data that helps estimate profitability and sales velocity
  • Pull massive amounts of data from hundreds of stores in minutes
  • Store, filter and refine huge selections of data
  • Set price alerts to help you find leads "passively" 
  • Find more arbitrage opportunities in less time
  • Use fewer tabs and save tons of time when doing online arbitrage
  • Go far beyond basic clearance shopping to find products to buy over and over

I go through all of these tools and more in this article, but for now, you should be aware of at least the following. 

"Man is a tool-using animal. Without tools, he is nothing, with tools, he is all." -

 Thomas Carlyle

With the arbitrage software/tools I am going to share with you, you can now…

  • Collect data that helps estimate profitability and sales velocity
  • Pull massive amounts of data from hundreds of stores in minutes
  • Store, filter and refine huge selections of data
  • Set price alerts to help you find leads "passively" 
  • Find more arbitrage opportunities in less time
  • Use fewer tabs and save tons of time when doing online arbitrage
  • Go far beyond basic clearance shopping to find products to buy over and over

We will go through them one by one, but let me single out the most recommended of all of the tools.

Please keep in mind one thing as you're going through these tools... you don't need them all. Some of them even overlap with each other

Tools That Are No Brainers

Yes, you can technically sell on Amazon with just a seller's account and the free Amazon seller's app, but that's not going to get you where you really want to go. 

If you're serious about your success, these tools are what I recommend to every online arbitrage seller of every level.

Tactical Arbitrage **

This is the most powerful tool for online arbitrage ever created.

With Tactical Arbitrage, you can search for products to resell from over 400 sites. Easily set your own parameters for ROI, Sales Rank and other key metrics and Tactical Arbitrage will help you find products to sell fast.

Again, I did NOT put this tool at the top of this list by chance. It is the most important tool for online sourcing. The only comparable tool to Tactical Arbitrage is OAXray (#5 on this list). While OAXray is awesome as well, Tactical Arbitrage is more powerful (and better overall) than OAXray.

Tactical Arbitrage Discount
  • Source from over 900+ 3rd party websites. Find products to buy low and sell at higher prices on Amazon. 
  • "Reverse Search" Amazon products and find where you can buy them. Start with the product in mind and then find locations you can buy it from that match your parameters (ROI, Sales Rank, etc). 
  • Analyze wholesale lists. Tactical Arbitrage is far from limited to just online arbitrage. It is now the premier tool for analyzing wholesale lists from suppliers and comparing their offerings to pricing on Amazon. 
  • ASIN Variation Analysis. Easily see which variations of an item are actually selling. This is tremendously valuable when analyzing products like clothing and shoes. 
Tactical Arbitrage Review

Price: Tiered pricing ranging for weekly, monthly and yearly plans.

Weekly pricing

Monthly Pricing

Yearly Pricing



Keepa is Amazon price tracking tool that can be set to send alerts notifying the user of price drops.

In early 2019, Keepa shook the Amazon selling world by introducing a subscription plan that replaced a lot of the previously free Keepa features. Here are how the free plan and the subscription plan compare.

It is 100% worth the small monthly fee (not affiliated). 

Price: $17/month or $169/Year


An on screen tool that allows you to see valuable data and plug in your buy costs to calculate estimated profits after Amazon's fees. One of the most popular online arbitrage extensions on the market.

Price: $99/year (my readers get $20 off their first year with Reseller coupon code FBAT20 at checkout). 30 day free trial is available and doesn’t require a credit card.

IP Alert

Starting in early 2018, there was a drastic spike in intellectual property claims. IP Alert is a Chrome extension that notifies you if you're on an Amazon page for a brand that has been reported to file IP Complaints against third party sellers. 

Price: $199/Lifetime Access or $99/Year

Tools That Are Very Nice to Have 

These tools aren't mandatory but they can provide a massive ROI if you're really utilizing the tools mentioned above.

Tactical Expander and Tactical Expander Lite

Formerly Storefront Stalker Pro, Tactical Expander Lite is a tool that allows you to pull pages of ASINs from nearly any Amazon page or competitor’s storefront. Works seamlessly with a tool like Tactical Arbitrage but the data can also be used with tools like OA X-Ray, Price Checker 2 or any software that analyzes Amazon ASINs. 

This is a must have for Tactical Arbitrage users looking to take their sourcing to the next level.

  • Spy on Competitors and Hot brands.  
  • Turn Any Amazon Page into a .CSV file of ASINs. You can then upload these .CSVs into 3rd party tools. 
  • Works on All Amazon Marketplaces.

The full version of Tactical Expander brings all of the features of the Lite version but also allows you to source from over 260+ 3rd party websites that aren't supported by Tactical Arbitrage natively. 

Big name sites like Nike and Adidas. 

Check out the full list of supported sites here.

Tactical Expander Lite

Formerly Storefront Stalker Pro


  • Export ASINs from any Amazon page
  • Cloud Based Chrome Extension
  • Spy on Your Competitors
  • Works on All Amazon Marketplaces
  • Lighting Fast
  • Works Seamlessly with Tactical Arbitrage
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Once you've gotten started with Tactical Expander or Tactical Expander Lite, check out my full quick start training here. 

How Many

This extension will show you the quantity in stock for any Amazon product for each seller. There are limitations (merchant fulfilled sellers and sellers with quantity limits are not going to have helpful data) but it is an awesome tool so you can decide how deep to go on a product. There is also a free 7 day trial offer available. How Many now has an iOS app.

Price: $8.95/month

Tactical Bucket

Tactical Bucket is hard to summarize in a paragraph or two. It is a tool that helps you get WAY MORE out of Tactical Arbitrage. Like several of the tools mentioned, it gets most of its utility from Tactical Arbitrage.

  • Generate bulk lists
  • Get premium and exclusive  X-paths
  • Download huge lists of top ASINs for reverse search
  • and much more!

Helpful to Have

These tools are great but you don't need them to succeed. Several of them do similar things and many are free.

The Camelizer [Free]

This extension runs directly on the Amazon product details page and shows sales history for the product you are researching.

Price: Free

AMZ Seller Browser [Free]

This tool is great because it adds the sales rank to all of the products you view on Amazon. This can be an alternative entirely to The Camelizer also as it runs Camelcamelcamel information.

Price: Free


When OAXray came out in 2015, it changed the way sellers sourced online. It immediately gave users an advantage and the ability to source far more than ever before.

Price: $99/Month

ASINSpector Pro

Extract rank, sales volume, estimated revenue, import ASINs. Updates to the original ASINspector now allow you to access mobile scanning, keyword spying, reverse search, store and save and yes, still more!

Price: $147/Year

1,000+ Online Sourcing Sites [Free]

This is one of my personal creations. It is a collection of 1,000 websites that you can source online. Download for free and you will be able to store all of these links in an easy to access bookmark folder right on your Google Chrome dashboard.

Price: Free

Keepa Paid Features

Price Blink [Free]

This Google chrome extension alerts you to lower price opportunities on any page. If the product you are looking at is cheaper somewhere else, it will show you.


Bring your cash back and gift card sites directly to your Chrome browser. This makes couponing look like child splay.

Online arbitrage + Cashback + Discounted Giftcards = Winning.

Price: $4.95/month or $44.95/year

Brick Seek Add-On

Sometimes online arbitrage and retail arbitrage collide. The Brick Seek Add-on facilitates this by allowing sellers to see if they can buy a product at a brick and mortar store in their area.

Price: $29.95 for lifetime access

Price Checker 2


I used to recommend this for Wholesale, Amazon Flips or Geographical arbitrage. Due to recent updates to Tactical Arbitrage, and the rise of their wholesale features, I can no longer promote Price Checker 2 as an equal alternative.

I do not recommend Price Checker 2 to any of my followers any longer. 

Price: $49.99/month

Cleer Platinum

Cleer Platinum is a Chrome Extension that dramatically reduces the amount of time you spend on online arbitrage (or make the time you do work much more efficient).

Cleer platinum puts critical info at your fingertips, on any web page.

Price: $97 for lifetime access (there is also a free version called Cleer Pro)

Can I Sell It

Amazon's brand restriction have made it difficult for sellers to buy products comfortably. Until now, the best way to check for brand approval was to pull out your smartphone and check within the AZ seller app. This was inconvenient to say the least.

Can I Sell It replaces the need for that and lets you know if you (yes, you personally as all stores are different) can sell a product. It pays for itself many times over if it prevents you from just a couple of bad buys!

There wasn’t a fast way to find product restrictions when doing online arbitrage, until now.

Price: $49.99/year

Storefront Scheduler

If you like Storefront Stalker PRO, you will love this tool. It makes it so you can "stalk" competitors storefronts on a set schedule. If your competitors add products, you can see which ones and consider adding them as well. 

Price: $79 for lifetime access

AZON Tracker Pro

Launched in September of 2018, AZON Tracker Pro is an absolute Godsend for anyone who wants to keep actionable records of all their purchases. 

This tool works for any sourcing model (online arbitrage, wholesale, private label).

Buy Bot Pro

The perfect pairing for Tactical Arbitrage, Buy Bot Pro is a robust Chrome extension that helps sellers make educated buying decisions.  

  • AUTOMATED DEAL ANALYSIS & BUY DECISIONS: Makes your online arbitrage deal analysis so much faster and easier!
  • ROI & PROFIT CHECKER: Tells you exactly how much you'll make after fees, taxes and other costs!
  • BSR CHECKER: Tells you what percentage BSR your product is (Top 1%, 3%, 5% etc) - telling you how FAST it will likely sell!
  • COMPETITION ANALYZER: Analyzes your competition for you (FBA, AMZ & MF sellers!)
  • PRIVATE LABEL CHECKER: Checks for likelihood of it being private label - avoid at ALL costs!
  • HAZMAT CHECKER: Automatically checks if the product is Hazmat!
  • ELIGIBILITY CHECKER: Tells you if YOU can sell the product on your account at a glance!
  • SUGGESTED PURCHASE QUANTITY: Tells you how many units to buy!
  • AMAZON FEES BREAKDOWN: Tells you exactly what your Amazon fees will be!
  • BUY SHEET AUTOMATION: It enters your purchased deals into your buy sheet FOR you, saving time and effort!
  • VAT CALCULATOR: Accounts for VAT not only on Amazon fees but on your buy and sell decisions! (flat rate, standard rate & non-vat registered!)
  • CUSTOM CRITERIA: Tell BuyBotPro what ROI, BSR & PROFIT you're looking for in a deal, totally customizable!
  • PROFIT MARGIN AUTO-CALCULATOR: You've known your ROI from every calculator out there, now we show you your overall margin after fees etc!

The tools I've just shared with you are great but without practice and application, they are nothing more than worthless lines of code. 

There is no substitute for learning to sell on Amazon by trial and error. Try out these tools if you think they will benefit your business. I believe strongly that they will. 

About the author

Nate is the founder and main contributor of and author of Evergreen Affiliate Marketing. He is a lifestyle entrepreneur who spends his time building businesses and raising his four kids Sawyer, Brooks, Van and Lua with his beautiful wife Emily. His main interests include copywriting, economics and piano.

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    Great article. I’ve used so many of all the tools you have recommended and I really recommend them to others.

    Tactical Arbitrage has been incredible in my business. Really helped me grow with my team of Virtual Assistants. TA with StoreFront Stalker is gold. I’ve passed on so many people to these two.

    I’m wondering whether you are interested. I’d love to link your site on my site as I am creating a guide for Online Arbitrage myself. I just published recently which is similar to you but I think both articles go hand in hand and would help readers learn even more. Would you be interested in this? I’ll be adding a further reading section regardless.

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  41. I use a number of the above I also have Tactical Bucket. Store Front Stalker is a not an option for me. I have it and TA is better with it then without it. I use RevROI, it is a huge help. I use Keepa but not some much CCC.

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  76. Hi,

    I really enjoyed reading your article on "arbitrage software". So I thought you may just be the person that could help me.
    I just inherited an IRA a few months ago when both of my parents passed away (just 10 days apart) from Covid.
    They both had IRAs and I'm just learning about investing. I wanted to get some informationfrom someone other than a broker or financial advisor on how to build money with no trading experience, a place to start, or a website to help beginners like my self.
    I would very much appreciate any advice you would be willing to share with me.
    Thank you in advance,
    Melanie Wilson

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