Find More Profitable Amazon Leads Fast!

Storefront Stalker Pro is Now Tactical Expander Lite!

Supports All Amazon Marketplaces

It doesn't matter where in the world you do business, Tactical Expander Lite will export ASINs for you!

No Limits

We don't tie your hands to maximum products! Knock yourself out and find as many products as you need to build your Amazon empire!

Direct Integration to Tactical Arbitrage

Send data straight into the Reverse Search or Amazon Flips searches on Tactical Arbitrage!

Spy On Competitors

See what your competition is selling and use a 3rd party tool like Tactical Arbitrage to find where to buy them yourself!

Pay Once, Use Forever

No ongoing costs. Pay one time and use the tool until you retire!

Great for Online Arbitrage or Wholesale

There is no limit to what you can do with the data you can get with Tactical Expander Lite!

Find More Products Than Your Competitors

Tactical Expander Lite is built to give you an edge in the competitive Amazon marketplace.

Tactical Expander Stacked Scan

Scan Limitless Pages At Once

There is no limit to how much data you can access!

Easily stack multiple pages from anywhere on Amazon.

  • Competitor storefronts
  • Movers and shakers
  • Daily deals
  • Specific categories
  • Specific brands
  • Anything!
Tactical Expander Demo

Blazing Fast Exports

Time is money and Tactical Expander Lite helps you get more of both!

Export thousands of ASINs in minutes. It's dangerously fast.

View Critical Data at a Glance

We put the most important metrics at your finger tips.

Quickly see...

  • Product URL
  • ASIN or ISBN
  • Image URL
  • Price
  • Title
  • Reviews 
  • Fulfillment type
  • Rating
  • Estimated stock

Exporting to Tactical Arbitrage will give you even more insights like estimated sales, Keepa graphs and more. 

Tactical Expander Demo

One Click Export to Tactical Arbitrage

You can export as CSV files OR send straight into Tactical Arbitrage.

Your ASINs will show up in the reverse search and Amazon flips areas.

Tactical Expander Lite

Formerly Storefront Stalker Pro


  • Export ASINs from any Amazon page
  • Cloud Based Chrome Extension
  • Spy on Your Competitors
  • Works on All Amazon Marketplaces
  • Lighting Fast
  • Works Seamlessly with Tactical Arbitrage
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

What People Are Saying ...

Alex Moss

"Smooth as silk. In my opinion there is no better, cleaner or faster solution for targeted Amazon ASIN collection that exists in the market today."

Alex Moss

Founder Tactical Arbitrage

"Reverse engineering at its finest!! I absolutely LOVE this tool and use it everyday! I do most of my sourcing through analyzing search terms on Amazon. It allows me to quickly scan every Amazon page under a specific keyword, which I then run through my scraping software to quickly find the profitable items.

Abe Hanoa Ortolani

FullTime Amazon Seller

Tyler Nelson

"I can quickly shred through my competition and find profitable items...If you don't get it, we can't be friends anymore. "

Tyler Nelson

Full Time Amazon Seller

" I was an early adopter and purchased as soon as it came out.  As it turned out, it was awesome and well worth the money. The software keeps improving. Now I love the integration with Tactical Arbitrage. It's like having a Game Genie for Amazon FBA

Jason Wyatt


What software does this work best with?

Tactical Expander Lite is built with direct integrations to Tactical Arbitrage. Scans of Amazon storefronts can be automatically imported into Tactical Arbitrage  As long as you're logged in, there is nothing else required for it to work.  If you're not a user, click here to get started with that first. We don't recommend purchasing until you've joined Tactical Arbitrage first.


Is there a trial?

We don't currently offer a trial but we do offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you're not satisfied with Tactical Expander for any reason!


How is  Tactical Expander Lite different from the full version?

Tactical Expander Lite works only on Amazon. It costs $149 for lifetime access. You use it to export large lists of ASINs from other seller's storefronts or any page on Amazon that shows products. This could be brands, categories, deals, movers and shakers, you name it!

Tactical Expander includes all of the features provided by Tactical Expander Lite and more. 

Tactical Expander (Full) works on both Amazon like the Lite version AND works to scan from the 250+ other supported websites. These websites are not supported natively in Tactical Arbitrage. This means you'll have a much bigger pool of products than the average user! 

You can upgrade to pro at any time within the app.

Are there ongoing costs?

Not for Tactical Expander or Tactical Expander lite. You will need a Tactical Arbitrage account though to truly benefit from our software. 


Can my virtual assistant use it?

Each license code will work on one device. If you have a large team and wish to purchase multiple licenses, contact us at [email protected] for custom pricing.


When I upgrade from lite to the full version, do I need to do anything?

Nope! We link your device automatically and your upgrade is instantaneous. No additional license is required.

What happened to Storefront Stalker Pro?

It has been retired! The old extension still works but is no longer being sold. All of it's functionality and more has been added to Tactical Expander Lite. 

Basically, Storefront Stalker Pro = Tactical Expander Lite from now on.

Do I need a Tactical Bucket subscription?

Nope! Tactical Bucket is a different suite of products. Definitely check it out at but they are not the same and you don't need one to use the other. 

money back

30 day Guarantee

Risk free

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing extension, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.