TacticalArbitrage Review 2020

June 5


Tactical Arbitrage Review 2020: Powerful Amazon Online Arbitrage Sourcing Automation

By Nate McCallister

Last Updated June 5, 2020

Amazon Arbitrage is here to stay.

There is one tool that everyone selling on Amazon absolutely must know about.

It's called Tactical Arbitrage. 

Tactical Arbitrage is an absolute game changer for Amazon FBA sellers looking to:

  • Find more Amazon product leads online
  • Find better quality leads
  • Find them in less time

At the end of the day, Tactical Arbitrage does one thing: it helps Amazon sellers make more money!

In this comprehensive Tactical Arbitrage review, I want to share with you how it does that and why I think it is a must have for any Amazon seller.

Tactical Arbitrage Review

TL;DR Summary

Tactical Arbitrage helps Amazon sellers find products to sell on the platform. It does this by scraping hundreds of 3rd party retail websites and comparing their prices to Amazon, looking for opportunities to buy low and sell high.  It is the world's most powerful tool for online arbitrage and wholesale product research and comes with my highest recommendation. 

What Is Tactical Arbitrage?

Tactical Arbitrage is a web based online arbitrage tool that allows Amazon sellers to find more products to sell on Amazon. 

You can buy low from over 1,000+ different 3rd party sites and sell at higher prices on Amazon. 

Search from Over 800 3rd Party Websites and Find Products to Buy Low and Sell High on Amazon

Find products that they can buy at prices low enough to sell on Amazon for a profit from a gigantic (and constantly growing) number of sites.

Is 800 sites still not enough for you? Well you can hire a programer to set up ANY site you want so that it functions with Tactical Arbitrage. You can integrate stores that no one else has!

Analyze Product Lists from Wholesale Suppliers

Tactical Arbitrage started as a tool for online arbitrage but it has expanded into much more. 

It has COMPLETELY replaced tools like Price Checker 2 for wholesale analysis.

The comparison between Price Checker 2 vs. Tactical Arbitrage is no contest. Tactical Arbitrage is more robust, more accurate and comes with much higher quality support. 

Tactical Arbitrage wholesale

Filter Data to Find Leads That Meet Your Criteria

Find only products that fit your needs and make money! Every necessary criteria for analyzing a purchase is controllable.

Advanced Matching Algorithm

This feature helps ensure your products match the listings on Amazon exactly so you don’t make bad purchase decisions and waste time and money.

Global Cache

This feature ensures that your searches run at blazing fast speeds.

SMS and Email Alerts

Don’t waste time waiting for downloads, the built in SMS feature will send you a text message when your scan is complete!

Supports Multiple Amazon Platforms

Currently, you can run scripts simultaneously (Amazon Flips, Amazon US and Amazon UK for instance).

Works Well on Mobile

Run Tactical Arbitrage on your mobile device and source anywhere you have internet! There are not many tools on the market that currently do this.

Reverse Search ASINs to Find Leads from Amazon Products

You can now upload data from a 3rd party tool like Storefront Stalker PRO. This is a great method for wholesalers to utilize the power of Tactical Arbitrage.

You can also scan over 100,000 ASINs at a time with the click of a button with the Tactical Arbitrage best sellers feature!

This lets you easily find leads for products that are already selling well on Amazon. 

Find Amazon to Amazon Flips

While Amazon flips isn't an ideal business model (it is a grey area for Amazon) Tactical Arbitrage has all of the functionality to show you which items could be purchased low on Amazon and then sold back at higher prices for a profit. 

Find Books to Sell on Amazon with Tactical Arbitrage's "Library" Feature

Book sellers rejoice! You can now find arbitrage opportunities across major book retailers to flip on Amazon.

Tactical Arbitrage Coupon Code

Just looking for a coupon code for Tactical Arbitrage? Here you go!


Use code ER10 at checkout to receive a free extended trial on any Tactical Arbitrage tier. Cancel anytime. Completely risk free! This is the best Tactical Arbitrage deal available (no public Tactical Arbitrage discounts).

More Less
Doesn't expire

Inside the Product Search Page

The product search page within Tactical Arbitrage is insanely feature rich and powerful. The amount of criteria you can add to your searches is unbelievable, making finding exactly what you want a breeze.

Here is a brief summary of what you can filter and modify:

  • 3rd party store
  • ROI and gross profit (and percentage price difference from the Amazon buy box)
  • Low price
  • Subtract any product coupons or discounts
  • Category
  • Remove oversized items
  • Show out of stock items (or don't show out of stock items)
  • Show only items Amazon is not sellingSubtract fees (prep fees, taxes, and shipping)
  • Use negative keywords to avoid certain product types (like restricted brands)
  • Show only products with a less than a certain number of sellers
Tactical Arbitrage Product Search Page

The search filters page can be daunting at first but once you set your filters once, you can save them as your defaults. 

I recommend you make adjustments to your parameters as necessary but having a default set of parameters is a great way to speed things up. ​

TA Filters

PRO TIP: Loosen Up Your Parameters!

If you are finding that your scans are coming up with no results, it is likely that you have your parameters set too tight. For instance, if you are accepting only items in the top 1% of sales ranks and with a minimum of 150% ROI, you aren't going to find many items. The ones you might find will be fantastic, but you're going to pull up a lot of empty nets!

Remember, you aren't on the hook to buy anything. I like to set my parameters loose so I can have a look at a lot of options. You may find diamonds in the rough that would have slipped past your scans if you had your parameters too tight. ​

So, what are the common minimally acceptable numbers?

It varies based on a multitude of factors, but a minimum net profit margin of 30%, minimum net profit of $5 and sales rank in the top 1% is a great place to start. ​

Easy Bulk Feature (​​​​Released October 6th, 2017)

The process of scanning 3rd party stores in Tactical Arbitrage just became much simpler. 

Amazon Flips

The Amazon Flips feature is one of the most recent additions to Tactical Arbitrage and has quickly become my favorite feature!

One of the most important aspects of successful Amazon to Amazon flipping is setting price alerts. Use Keepa to set price alerts that notify you when a product reaches a low point that could make you a profit. This is based on low points that the product has sold at in the past.

For example, a product sells currently (and regularly) at $59.99. If you notice on the Keepa graph that the item has been selling periodically at a price that is low enough to make a profit (let’s say $19.99) if sold at the current price ($59.99), you should set a price alert to notify you if this item drops back down to $19.99. If the price drops, you will receive an email, at which time you can buy the item and sell back on Amazon.

Tactical Arbitrage Popular Products Extension

This slick add-on allows you to easily check which product variations are selling well by analyzing color and size data from product reviews.

Utilizing this tool can help you in two ways:

  1. You can find out which variations are actually selling (so you won’t be misled by a low sales rank that is actually not selling as quickly as it appears for all variations) and base your buying decisions from 3rd party sites on this data.
  2. You can perform Amazon to Amazon flips on products and know that they will actually sell (products with variations like shoes are great for Amazon flips, but they can be misleading.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions relating to Tactical Arbitrage. 

Question: How does Tactical Arbitrage compare to OA Xray?

Answer: This is a very frequently asked question. Here is my explanation when people want to compare Tactical Arbitrage vs. OA Xray:

  • They both perform the same function generally speaking (finding online arbitrage leads)
  • They both have Amazon flip functionality
  • They are similar enough you can use one or the other, but different enough a serious seller can benefit from both
  • Tactical Arbitrage has more supported sites (Tactical Arbitrage has 800 supported sites while OA Xray has 248 Supported Sites.)

Tactical Arbitrage is similar to other programs in many ways, but also very different in others. The best way to see the difference is by giving Tactical Arbitrage a test run with a $1 10 day trial using coupon code ER10

Question: How does Tactical Arbitrage compare to FBA Wizard?

FBA Wizard is a tool that has built itself on the coat tails of Tactical Arbitrage but mostly in the UK. It is so similar that people have asked, “Did Tactical Arbitrage white label itself to FBA Wizard?”

Tactical Arbitrage vs. FBA Wizard is not even worth comparison.

FBA Wizard is essentially Tactical Arbitrage but 2 months behind at all times (since they seem to be emulating every Tactical Arbitrage update) and with no personality.

I am not a fan of FBA Wizard and don’t recommend it as an alternative to OA Xray or Tactical Arbitrage. You’d be wise to find an FBA Wizard discount code or coupon before you purchase unless you can stomach paying the same amount for an inferior product.

Question: How does Tactical Arbitrage compare to Scout 360 or Source Mogul?

Scout 360 is the newest product aiming to compete to Tactical Arbitrage.  It is not close to being a competitor yet though. 

Source Mogul is the better of the two alternatives, but it is still playing catch up to Tactical Arbitrage and focuses more on simplicity rather than power. 

Although both currently cost less per month, they are far from viable alternatives to Tactical Arbitrage at this point in time. 

Question: Can I share my access with my team (virtual assistants)?

Answer: Yes! Within reason, you can share access with anyone who is part of your team. 

Question: Do I still need an Amazon associate account to access Tactical Arbitrage?

Answer: No! As of July 2016, you no longer need an Amazon associate’s account to use Tactical Arbitrage!

You will only need an Amazon seller account and then to integrate with your MWS credentials.

Tactical Arbitrage Reviews (From Users)

My words mean one thing, the sales generated by clients mean much more.

Here are some sales screenshots from current TA users.

Note: Tactical Arbitrage does not account for 100% of the sourcing in the examples below, but the sellers shown attribute large amounts (100k+/month) of revenue to the products they are able to find with Tactical Arbitrage.

Bob Steele, 7 Figure Seller, Tactical Arbitrage User

TA has helped me find products I’d never find on my own. It’s simple and powerful and will help you grow your business to unimaginable levels

Here are Bob's sales from October 1st 2016 through December 11th 2016.

Chris Potter Seller/Consultant

TA immensely helps out our OA and RA business. In one month alone, it helped us generate over $100k in revenue.

Here are Chris Potter's sales from October 1st 2016 through December 11th 2016. 

Chris Potter Sales

Tactical Arbitrage Pricing

Tactical Arbitrage has three types of pricing and 5 different tiers for each. 

Weekly, monthly and yearly. 

Weekly pricing

Monthly Pricing

Yearly Pricing

I'm sure you're wondering, but currently, there are no active Tactical Arbitrage discount codes 🙁 Don't hold your breath on a discount code, they are reserved for private groups and events and are not very steep discounts. 

Tactical Arbitrage for Beginners Training

Already a Tactical Arbitrage user? Here is a training video for you!

About the author

Nate is the founder and main contributor of EntreResource.com. He is a lifestyle entrepreneur who spends his time building businesses and raising his four kids Sawyer, Brooks, Van and Lua with his beautiful wife Emily. His main interests include copywriting, economics and piano.

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  1. The two screenshots you posted either show that Tactical Arbitrage is a failure, or that those two businesses are failing businesses. Having only 20% growth year over year when they are far from capacity is unimpressive, especially when they attribute a huge part of that growth to TA. The low average sale amounts also generally indicate low margins, although this second statement is far from being necessarily true. While these people are likely making a comfortable livelihood, I wouldn’t necessarily invest in their companies. The growth seems stilted. Certainly not a model success story I’d put up.

  2. I could not imagine doing OA without Tactical Arbitrage, this is by far one of my favorite tools. They are also constantly adding features and making TA even more amazing.

  3. TA is a daily tool I’ve been using in my business for 6+ months now. Has helped my growth exponentially, constant updates continue to make it even more valuable. A Must have for online sellers.

  4. I’ve been using tactical arbitrage since November of 2017 and I don’t know what I’d do without it. This software is very valuable for anyone who dedicated them selves to learn and use it.

  5. Have been a user since last year, and am still learning new things that this application can do on a daily basis. The support staff is top notch and there are fantastic resources to learn this valuable tool to help you in your Online Sourcing! You have to put in the work to learn it BUT ONCE YOU DO YOU WILL SEE HOW GREAT IT IS!

  6. To be honest, being motivated to leave a comment just to level up my chances to win TA giveaway is the best compliment I could give to the SW and also to Nate for offering it. I can hardly imagine better Amazon tool.

  7. I live in a tiny little town with very few stores, so I do most of my sourcing online with Tactical Arbitrage. Can’t imagine doing my Amazon business without it.

  8. On the 10 day trial for TA, finding many products, far better than oaxray for me, oaxray was faster, but the automation of TA makes up for that

  9. I’m a newbee…guess everyone has been here at some point…I am learning T/A..the more I learn the more I can see what a great tool it is.. Thanks for all the great info you pass on!

  10. When you signup for a TA trial, I recommend you watch some of Nate’s videos on youtube where he walks you through VA.

  11. Interested in being successful with FBA, save your time and double down on Tactical Arbitrage. It’s a must have for anyone doing FBA.

  12. Using TA now for a month. I gotta say. I dont see how people sourced without it. It would be such a headache if I didn’t have Ta!

  13. TA is a powerful took, but only if you can wield it properly. From what I’ve heard they are making it more and more user friendly with each release. I say give it a try. I know lots of users who swear by it.

  14. I always enjoy reading your articles but guilty of not commenting. I have had T.A. for about a year and a half and it is a great program….however hands down the customer service is at the top of my list. Alex and his staff are so kind.

  15. I’ve been using TA for about a month and a half now. The program has paid for itself both months. I am starting to get the hang of it and it is a necessary tool for the expansion of my amazon business.

  16. What TA has done and continually does it innovate and make it better. They offer a product that is second to none. One that everyone should have. I highly recommend this product. We use it all the time for all aspects of our business.

  17. Great review — have been a TA subscriber since late last year, but this is another reminder that I need to do a whole lot more with it.

  18. protip- use your favorite scanning app (scoutiq, fbascan) with exported data to get super accurate results on library search

  19. I’ve been using TA for about 6 months now and couldn’t do OA without it. They keep adding more sites to it and constantly make improvements. Love it!

  20. TA has the best customer service! It is very helpful to know that anything that is preventing you from making a success of the service can be addressed right away!

  21. Definitely a game changer and no competition when it comes to such sourcing approach! Hands down the best there is

  22. I have found TA as good as FBAWizard and in some cases even better. TA it seems focused more on international stores especially in US where FBAWizard mostly covers UK. TA is also more intuitive and price structure is excellent for everyone willing to try. 5 stars

  23. Hi guys,

    Interested in the giveaway, we are also pleased to promote TA inside a french online training for FBA users in France.
    You can contact us through the email we have provided.

  24. Highly useful: I started out with just the OA product serach function and I’ve gotten a lot of milage out of it! Highly recommend!

  25. One does not simply do OA without TA today. It’s the most powerful sourcing tool out there in my opinion. It’s always updated and has new features added constantly by the developer.

  26. Great article Nate. I can vouch for TA as I have been using it for a couple of weeks shy of two years and subscribing to this software was the best business decision I have made.

  27. TA is by far the most amazing software I’ve used to date! Always evolving and an amazing community of users. Great spotlight article.

  28. I sell OA on Amz. Worked well in Q4 for me last year and then not much coming up for me so I had to stop as I did not find enough to cover the subscription cost.

  29. If you want to grow your business, you must have Tactical Arbitrage. Aside from giving you a competitive edge, it also saves you hours of time sourcing every day.

  30. I’ve been looking for something like this. Tactical arbitrage is to an Amazon seller what race fuel is to a car. If you take two of the same cars with the same engine, put premium gas in one and race fuel in the other, the car with the race fuel will out perform the car with the premium gas every time!

  31. TA has been extremely helful in my sourcing. I am using it alot but have so much more to learn. Definitely worth the cost in time savings it provides. SO Many sites to source!

  32. A definite game changer for OA! Had it since the beginning and it just keeps getting better with updates. Works in tandem with so many other chrome extensions to help find you profitable inventory. Hands down the best software out there!

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