Tactical Arbitrage VS eFLIP | Head to Head Comparison of the Amazon to Amazon Book Flipping Flips Tools

Tactical Arbitrage vs. Eflip

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As strange as it might sound, you can make thousands of dollars buying products on Amazon and selling them back on Amazon at higher prices. Part of why this is possible is thanks to 3rd party software products that analyze the billions of items on the Amazon marketplace and show resellers which items have potential for profitable flipping.  In this article, I'm going to compare the two biggest names in the Amazon to Amazon flips space, Tactical Arbitrage VS. eFLIP.

Both tools aim to accomplish the same thing: help Amazon sellers find and analyze Amazon flips. However, eFLIP does this by focusing on books exclusively. Tactical Arbitrage supports books (they call it "The Library") and any other products on the Amazon marketplace.

First, disclosure, I've been a user and supporter of Tactical Arbitrage since day zero. Long before eFLIP was released, I was working with Tactical Arbitrage as a brand ambassador and early marketing advisor. You're welcome to assume that I am biased but I've earned my living being objective and shooting straight over the past 7 years I've been online. I've done my best to include only objective and quantifiable metrics of comparison here and I assure you, as always, this post was written with your best interest in mind.


All of the positives about Source Mogul (speed, affordability and smooth interface) are a result of their slim functionality. 


Tactical Arbitrage


Supported Sites + Countries

910 in 7 Countries

Amazon only

Cache Search


Wholesale Search


Live Scan


Add Custom Sites


Amazon to Amazon Flips

Books Only

Upload ASINS for Search


Discounts Built In


Add Notes to Products


Save Multiple Folders of Products


Search by Seller ID 


View Inventory Page


Daily Automated Scanning


Text Notifications


Variation Analyzer


Dedicated Book Search


Keeping in mind that Tactical Arbitrage has several tiers for functions that eFLIP does not support, Tactical Arbitrage is far more affordable. 

Tactical Arbitrage Flip Pack
Flip Pack

Book Search and Amazon to Amazon Flips




Tactical Arbitrage Full Suite
Full Suite

All Functionality




* Pricing based on yearly billing. $69/month if paid month to month.

eFLIP Pricing

Overall Winner: Tactical Arbitrage 

You can find leads with both products but Tactical Arbitrage is far superior, more feature rich, and more affordable. 

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