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Selling on Amazon is an amazing way to make money online. Online arbitrage is a method of finding products to sell on Amazon or even Walmart from 3rd party websites across the internet. In this article, I'm going to share one of my favorite tools for online arbitrage, a Chrome extension called RevSeller.  


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Note: RevSeller is not just for online arbitrage. It can also be used by sellers who practice other sourcing methods like wholesale, but it is most relevant for online arbitrage. 

Now, I'm sure many of you landed on this page by googling "RevSeller Coupon Code" or something like that SO I won't make you read this entire article before I deliver that. I'm guessing you're already sold on how sweet RevSeller is if you're looking for a coupon code, right?


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Ok, now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's explain RevSeller to those of you who know little about it yet. 

What Is Revseller?

RevSeller is a web-based application (Chrome extension) that provides several extremely valuable insights for Amazon sellers. Insights that make it much easier to see which products are winners and which products are losers. 

The bottom lineRevSeller's suite of features helps you make more money on Amazon and waste less time and effort. 

Here are the core features of RevSeller you should know about:

#1 Easily Calculate ROI and Profit Margins without Leaving the Page

Simply enter your costs and RevSeller will show you what you'd make on each product after all fees. 

This is going to save you a lot of time jumping around to different calculators and 3rd party tools that aren't directly on the Amazon website like RevSeller.

Rev Seller


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#2 Review Detailed Information about Variations

Items that have a lot of variations can be tricky, but RevSeller makes it easier to see which variations are actually selling.

This is extremely useful if you sell clothing or shoes. 

Although it's not possible to get a perfectly accurate number for how many units of a particular variation are actually selling, RevSeller helps us see which variations are most likely to sell. It does this by calculating the number of reviews for a product variation. 

Rev Seller Variation

Lots of reviews = More popular. Fewer reviews = Less popular

#3 See Sales Rank, 90 Day Average and Percentage Rank in Category

You know sales rank isn't perfect, but it's still critically important that we check it before buying anything to sell on Amazon. 

RevSeller puts all the sales rank information you want right at your finger tips. 

Also, they integrate directly with CamelCamelCamel so you can get even more insight into each item you're viewing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any RevSeller Alternatives?

RevSeller is the gold standard for Amazon sellers and far exceeds the available competitors like ASINZen in all key areas.

  • Functionality
  • Support
  • Price
  • Reliability
  • Accuracy 

The answer then is that there are similar programs that emulate what RevSeller does, but there are no real RevSeller alternatives.

Does RevSeller Offer a Free Trial?

Absolutely. You can get a free 30 day trial of RevSeller and still redeem the $20 off coupon if you decide to keep it (which I bet you will).


Can I Use RevSeller on Multiple Devices?

RevSeller is a Chrome extension so it works exclusively on the Google Chrome browser. 

This is fantastic because the extension will follow you wherever you log into Chrome. Unlike some softwares, RevSeller is not a hard download. Just like you'd log in on a new computer to read your email, you can log into Chrome on a new computer and use it. There is no device limit as long as the same log-in is used. 


How Accurate Is Revseller?

RevSeller works directly with the Amazon API so the fees calculated are highly accurate. 


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  1. Hi Natejust read yr review re REV SELLER . I already have the DS Amazon quick view extension. Im studying an Amazon FBA course.Our course has software to put the products thru for POI and POR. Its a laborious process , time consuming with back and forwards frustrating trying to communicate with a supplier .I need honest advice – should i buy REV SELLER ? Is it accurate re using all of the FBA fees including ship packaging to customer ?If i buy REV SELLER , do i uninstall DS Amazon Quick View ? If you can clarify the above , would b much appreciated ..Thankyou so much for any assistance Nate.kindest regardsAlexandra

  2. Hi Nate,My question for you… do you mainly speak about amazon? What about other selling sites (ie; ebay? Shopify? Etsy’s? Etc…) or even OfferUp and Craigslist.I’ve been doing retail arbitrage for a little over two years now with my BF as a side hustle but we are considering going at it full time. What’s the best site to do this on? Pros and cons? Of course, I’m looking for your personal opinion here! And what would you recommend on a Must Have/or To Do checklist before getting started full time to avoid the dreaded “we failed” phrase to all our family and friends. I’m a little nervous actually so any in sight would be great:) Ps…We currently only find our sales at walmart, target, Lowe’s and the home depot and we currently use Brickseek as a starting reference point! Your great by the way and thank you, in advance , for any help or assistance at becoming a successful team of retail arbitrage!

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