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ConvertKit [Email Marketing Software] Convertkit is my email service provider of choice. With over 16,000 unique email subscribers and various segments and tags, Convertkit makes me EXPONENTIALLY more than I pay each month. 

Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes [Wordpress Theme] - If you blog, you should consider using Thrive themes. The blog is designed with Thrive themes and this post was written with the Thrive content editor. I can't imagine using anything else.

Canva [Design] - Canva is the gold standard for creating any type of design work. I use it to create my blog and YouTube thumbnails, book covers, social media ads and much more. 

WP Engine [Website Hosting] - Hosting isn't an option for serious bloggers. You need high quality hosting to keep your blog up and running. Since my blogs get above average amounts of traffic, I need a solution more powerful than Hostgator or BlueHost. WP-Engine is that solution.

Ahrefs Transparent

Ahrefs [Keyword Research] ​Ahrefs is what I use for keyword research on my blogs. There are many alternatives, but Ahrefs is head and shoulders better than the other options. Although it's one of the more expensive options, it has been one of my best blogging investments.

ClickFunnels [Landing Page + Sales Page Builder] Clickfunnels is an integral part of my business. I've built hundreds of pages over the 4 years I've used it and I couldn't run my business without it. There are alternatives, but I live and die by Clickfunnels. 

Gumroad [Digital Marketplace]-Gumroad is a platform that allows creators to sell their digital products. It is a great entry point for new digital product creators looking to get in front of potential customers fast. I've sold nearly half of a million dollars on Gumroad since I started using it.

Bench.Co [Bookk​​eeping]- is a web app/service that assigns me to an accountant that manages my books. They track my revenue, expenses and categorize them to make tax time much easier. It is pricey but it is well worth it to me. [20% off First 6 Months]


Zapier [Software Integration Tool] Zapier helps bring various tools together. By creating "zaps" I can link things that normally aren't integrated. For example, I can send all of my Gumroad orders into a tag in Convertkit.

Freshbooks [Invoicing] You need a reliable way to send invoices to customers. Freshbooks is a quality billing program that allows you to create one time or recurring payment plans fast.

ClickMagick Coupon Code

ClickMagick [Link Tracking] - ClickMagick is a link shortener/tracker that allows me to get a lot more data out of every click my links get. I can also turn ugly, long URLs into nice looking, easy to remember ones.  [Extended 30 Day Trial]


Typeform [Surveys and Forms] - Typeform allows me to survey my audience and obtain valuable insights that I can then use for improving my content or products. I also use it for on-boarding and gathering information I need from clients.


Designrr [Digital Asset Creation] Designrr is the software I use to compile long blog posts into PDF books. These make for amazing lead magnets. You can also do cool things like turn audio or video into PDFs and much more. Logo

YouCanBook.Me [Scheduling] - I use this for booking appointments with clients and students. It allows me to share or embed schedules anywhere, add custom branding elements, create custom follow up emails and even bill for my time. There are free and paid plans available.

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