[Tactical Arbitrage Tutorials] How to Use Tactical Arbitrage in 2023 | Tactical Arbitrage Tips and Tricks (Crowd Sourced from Actual Users)

By Nate McCallister   
Last Updated on November 18, 2022

Tactical Arbitrage is the world's most powerful (and popular) product sourcing software for Amazon online arbitrage and wholesale sellers. The software is so powerful and gives users so many variables they can customize that there are countless ways to find products to make a profit on Amazon.

This article will showcase some of the best 100+ tips that were shared by different Tactical Arbitrage users inside the Tactical Arbitrage Facebook group AND from an earlier survey in the FBA Today Facebook group (this article has been updated several times). I've also added some tips of my own 🙂

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#1 Find Inventory Replens with Seller Central and Tactical Arbitrage

Replens (short for "replenishables") are key to running a business that is consistently profitable. Replens are the items that you buy over and over that continually make money. They are your secret honey pots that drive profits for you over an extended period of time. More replens means more profits and more stability. Finding them is glorious. 

Here is how user Jeff Pavacic finds replens using the existing data inside seller central. 

From your Seller Central, download the recommendations from the “Growth” tab and run a reverse search using TA. Could be a good source for replens.

Jeff Pavacic

For sellers who predominately work with OA and RA sourcing, the Amazon notifications that let you know where you could send in more inventory to meet demand, mean very little. However, with Tactical Arbitrage, this seemingly meaningless feature can turn into an endless gold mine of ongoing profitable product ideas.

 You can export these ASINs into a CSV and upload them into the reverse search of Tactical Arbitrage. From there, you can find if certain items are being sold somewhere online, and whether these items would be profitable to buy and resell on Amazon. Flippin’ genius.


Here is another way to get ASINs from seller central to use as fuel for your Tactical Arbitrage reverse searches.

I run a product recommendation report in seller central under the seller coach based on whatever keyword I can think of and run a reverse. Will typically yield 10,000 ASIN.

Joe Johnson

#3 Use Storefront Stalker Pro on Movers and Shakers to Find Trending Products

This is one of my tips (I am the owner of Storefront Stalker PRO). The movers and shakers area on Amazon.com is where we can see which products are growing in popularity most quickly. This can be filtered by category, price and more.

Bookmark the Movers and Shakers page –> https://www.amazon.com/gp/movers-and-shakers.

The Process (Note: Storefront Stalker PRO access required)

Step #1 Go to Movers and Shakers page of your choice (pick a category).

Amazon Movers and Shakers

Step #2 Use Storefront Stalker Pro to export the ASINs into a TA compatible .CSV file. In the example below, I exported from the home and kitchen section. Be sure to give your file a relevant name.

Storefront Stalker Pro Export

Step #3 Run this CSV through the Reverse Search area on Tactical Arbitrage (set your parameters as usual).

This can be repeated frequently since the movers and shakers changes constantly. 

#4 Source on Your MOBILE DEVICES with "Basic View" and Landscape Orientation 

Tactical Arbitrage has always supported mobile but until the recent basic view update, the UI wasn't very great. The pages were hard to view and there was a lot of scrolling involved. 

The basic view simplifies the search pages and the view data pages and shows you the bare minimum that you need and when you rotate your smartphone to display the page in landscape orientation and zoom out to fit the screen, the data because much easier to work with.

Tactical Arbitrage Mobile

If you choose to use the "basic view", it isn't going to be as customizable as the "advanced view," but the software will run with the same power as always. The basic product search pages actually aren't as easy to navigate on mobile as the advanced product search pages BUT the view data page is much easier to navigate. 

Using this on iPad is much more appealing than the smartphone (that is a really old iPhone shown in the image above). 

Tactical Arbitrage iPad

This is what it looks like on my 10.5" iPad pro. Definitely usable. The next time you're on a long road trip (hopefully doing some RA along the way) you can get some scans in.

#5 Upload X-Paths for More Leads and Less Competition

Tactical Arbitrage supports over 900 sites BUT one of the coolest features (and most under-utilized) is the ability to add your own sites.

There are tens of thousands of online retail stores (don’t worry, there is no shortage) and you can add some to your catalogue that others may not have.

Tactical Arbitrage X-Path

There is no way to guarantee that you are the only one with a custom site and there is no guarantee that Tactical Arbitrage will not eventually add the site to the platform for everyone.

Many users are scared off because they don’t understand what X-Path is or how to get it done. Fortunately, there are a number of services that will do this for you at very competitive rates.

Collect as many of these as you can and capitalize on the decrease in competition.

If you're a hardcore Tactical Arbitrage user, I highly recommend checking out a software called Tactical Bucket.

Additional Tip: If you have your own 3rd party site, you may be able to make an X-Path to it. This will allow you to find items from your own store that may profit on Amazon EVEN at your current retail prices. This is a bit advanced.

#6 Find the Next Hot Product with Google Trends

The next tip comes from my good from Christopher Grant (instructor at Tactical-Academy.com).

Google Trends Tactical Arbitrage

Step #1 Head over to Google Trends and type in a pretty generic search term.(Example) Toys…

Step #2 Scroll down to “Related Queries”, filter by top or rising, it will give you a bunch of search terms like the ones in the picture. Search each of those terms in the Amazon search bar.

Step #3 Use SS Pro to grab the ASINs.

Step #4 Reverse search the ASINs with TA.

Step #5 Rinse. Repeat.

#7 Subscribe to the Mailing Lists of Tactical Arbitrage Supported 

Leveraging coupons and discounts is an amazing way to create profitable arbitrage opportunities. Do you know what you get a lot of when you subscribe to an internet retailers mailing list? COUPONS!

Email Discounts

I recommend creating a "burner" email address that can be used to receive all of the emails from the Tactical Arbitrage sites that you source from. 

I covered this in greater detail in this article and in the video below.

#8 Find Current Discounts with Tactical Search Engine

Earlier this year, I created a search engine that is made up of only Tactical Arbitrage supported sites. This means that when you search for something, it will show results for just the sites that can be scanned. Why is this powerful? Because you can search things like "50% off" and find if any website is offering products for 50% off. You can then start your next search there. 

Tactical Search Engine

In the example above, I searched for the term "bogo" (acronym for "buy  one get one free") and found several sites that are running these offers. I could scan.

The search engine is completely free but does require an email to access. There are several training videos inside as well. 

#9 Find Merchant Fulfilled Opportunities

This tip came from my good friend Tyler Nelson in the Tactical Arbitrage "best tip" thread. 

Set your ROI and NP (net profit) filters a dollar or two and 10% lower. It will allow you to discover items that you wouldn't normally buy, but if the buy box is held by an MF seller, you can typically can price up to 10% higher and win the buy box.

Tyler Nelson

Tyler Nelson

One of the biggest mistakes sellers make is setting their parameters to tight. Tyler recommends loosening them up and also opening your mind to the occasional merchant fulfilled order.

#10 Utilize Folders to Monitor Past Deals

The ability to create folders is one of the most powerful features within Tactical Arbitrage. Christopher Grant goes into deep detail about utilizing folders in the video below. 

Note: This is a premium video that was a part of the Tactical-Academy course. This is just 12 minutes of over 6 hours of Tactical Arbitrage trainings you get as a student. 

About the author, Nate McCallister

Nate is the founder and main contributor of EntreResource.com and the author of Evergreen Affiliate Marketing. He is a lifestyle entrepreneur who spends his time building businesses and raising his four kids, Sawyer, Brooks, Van, and Lua, with his beautiful wife, Emily. His main interests include copywriting, economics, and piano.

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