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If you sell on Amazon, you need to know about Tactical Arbitrage. If you're already a Tactical Arbitrage user, I want to show you a method that will help you find more profitable leads.

The best Amazon sellers know how to give themselves an advantage over their competitors by leveraging site discounts, cash back offers and gift cards. The method I'm about to show you focuses on the former of the three. 

The concept is simple: When you start a product search with a discount, you find more leads! 

For example, if you know that BestBuy is running 20% off all DVDs, you can run a scan of that category and take 20% off everything. Products in that scan will now be 20% more profitable. 

Tactical Arbitrage Leads

The key is finding more of these types of discounts. 

In the video below, I show you how to get discounts for Tactical Arbitrage supported sites sent directly to your inbox. 

Step by Step

Here are the steps and links as I show in the video above. 

Step #1 Create a New Email Address. Do NOT use your regular email address for this. Create one that is dedicated solely to promotional emails. I recommend Gmail but it's totally up to you. 

Step #2 Open the Google Drive Workbook Below and Make a Copy of It. This includes all of the Tactical Arbitrage websites for all the supported marketplaces. 

Edit view only spreadsheet

#3 Replace Placeholders on "Task Description" Worksheet with Your Information. Navigate to the first Google sheet and find any placeholders and fill them out. You will put your name and email and can also add your birthday, gender and a user name and password if you'd like (I didn't create user names and passwords for promotional sites). 

#4 Find Someone on Freelancer.com to Subscribe to All Mailing Lists. You can do this yourself but I recommend you hire someone. Completing all of the English speaking sites (US, UK, CA and AUS) took my assistant about 10 hours. If you use the link below you can get $20 towards your project. 

The job posting doesn't need to be complicated at all. Here is a sample one I made you can copy.

Freelancer Posting

"I want to receive promotional emails from a large list of 3rd party retailers. I have much more information on this in a spreadsheet. The task should be completed in less than 10 hours."

I recommend hiring someone for under $5/hour (very unskilled task) and making sure it doesn't take them more than 10 hours. That is assuming they subscribe to every single site, but in actuality you will likely only want them to subscribe to one or two marketplaces (US and CA for example).

#5 Create an Editable Version of the Workbook and Share it with Your New Assistant. Go back to the copy of the workbook you made and go to "share" in the top right. Choose the options that allow anyone with the link to edit. You will share this link with only your assistant. Click here to learn more about sharing files in Google Drive.

Tell the assistant that all of the instructions are provided on the first worksheet of the workbook.


#6 Explain to the Assistant That They Need to Mark Each Site as Complete Once They've Opted-In. You can choose to have them confirm and label your emails or you can tell them to ignore these columns. 

#7 Check Inbox to Confirm Subscriptions Are Working. The last thing you want is to find out that your assistant was using an incorrect email address for the entire project! If you'd like, you can provide your assistant with the email log in information so they can do this themselves. Since this email is strictly for promotions, it shouldn't be an issue. 

#8 Once Completed, Confirm Any Subscriptions Using Double Opt-Ins. Some mailing lists (especially in the UK) will request that you confirm your subscription before they send you any future promotions. Just open the emails and click the confirm button or link provided and you should be good to go. The surest way to do this is to type "Confirm" into the search bar in your email provider and open all emails that show up. Remember, if you don't confirm, you won't get any promotions!

Confirm email

#9 Once Complete, Pay Your Assistant and Check for Deals Regularly. Many of the sites offer you a new subscriber discount. Type in "discount" or "coupon" in the search bar to filter out any special offers you got! Just typing in "discount" brought up close to 100 results from the initial sign ups to the US and UK alone!

Email discounts

additional resources

#1 Use the Tacticalsearchengine.com to search TA supported sites for things like "BOGO" or "SALE" and use these as starting points for searches!

#2 Master Tactical Arbitrage and learn more tricks like this by enrolling in Tactical Academy.

#3 Get 800 of the supported Tactical Arbitrage websites as a Chrome bookmark here

#4 Join my community of 26,000 other Amazon sellers in the FBA Today Facebook group!

Tactical Academy

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