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Tactical Arbitrage Review: How Amazon Sellers Can Earn More with Online Arbitrage

Tactical Arbitrage Review


Tactical Arbitrage periodically closes to new members in order to focus on developing new features and adding additional sites to prevent all saturation. As of April 7th at 9 AM EST, it is open back up to new users!

Tactical Arbitrage is an absolute game changer for Amazon FBA sellers looking to:

  • Find more Amazon product leads online
  • Find better quality leads
  • Find them in less time

 What is Tactical Arbitrage?

Tactical Arbitrage is a web based software that allows Amazon sellers to:

Find products that they can buy at prices low enough to sell on Amazon for a profit from a gigantic (and constantly growing) number of sites.

Is 400 sites still not enough for you? Well you can hire a programer to set up ANY site you want so that it functions with Tactical Arbitrage. You can integrate stores that no one else has!

Find only products that fit your needs and make money! Every necessary criteria for analyzing a purchase is controllable.

This feature helps ensure your products match the listings on Amazon exactly so you don’t make bad purchase decisions and waste time and money.

This feature ensures that your searches run at blazing fast speeds.

  • Built in SMS and Email reminder feature



Don’t waste time waiting for downloads, the built in SMS feature will send you a text message when your scan is complete!

  • Works with Amazon.com, Amazon.ca and Amazon.co.uk

You can run multiple “scripts” at one time. to maximize your output! Currently, you can run 3 types of scripts simultaneously (Amazon Flips, Amazon US and Amazon UK).

  • Works on mobile

Run Tactical Arbitrage on your mobile device and source anywhere you have internet! There are not many tools on the market that currently do this.

  • Reverse Search Feature for ASIN upload (NEW)

You can now upload data from a 3rd party tool like Storefront Stalker PRO. This is a great method for wholesalers to utilize the power of Tactical Arbitrage.

Tactical Arbitrage Reverse Search


UPDATE: Storefront Stalker Pro users can now integrate directly with Tactical Arbitrage.


  • Amazon to Amazon flips supported

You can source from 3rd party sites or from Amazon to sell back on Amazon. It is a slick model that has worked very, very well.

  • The Library Book Flipping Tool

Book sellers rejoice! You can now find arbitrage opportunities across major book retailers to flip on Amazon.

Tactical Arbitrage Library Tutorial

Inside the Product Search Page

The product search page within Tactical Arbitrage is insanely feature rich and powerful. The amount of criteria you can add to your searches is unbelievable, making finding exactly what you want a breeze.

Here is a brief summary of what you can filter and modify:

  • 3rd party store
  • ROI and gross profit (and percentage price difference from the Amazon buy box)
  • Low price
  • Subtract any product coupons or discounts
  • Category
  • Remove oversized items
  • Show out of stock items (or don’t show out of stock items)
  • Show only items Amazon is not selling
  • Subtract fees (prep fees, taxes, and shipping)
  • Use negative keywords to avoid certain product types (like restricted brands)
  • Show only products with a less than a certain number of sellers

Here is what the product search page looks like (minus all the notes and highlights of course)


Tactical Arbitrage Product Search

More on Amazon Flips

The Amazon Flips feature is one of the most recent additions to Tactical Arbitrage and has quickly become my favorite feature!

One of the most important aspects of successful Amazon to Amazon flipping is setting price alerts. Use Keepa to set price alerts that notify you when a product reaches a low point that could make you a profit. This is based on low points that the product has sold at in the past.

Example: A product sells currently (and regularly) at $59.99.  If you notice on the Keepa graph that the item has been selling periodically at a price that is low enough to make a profit (let’s say $19.99) if sold at the current price ($59.99), you should set a price alert to notify you if this item drops back down to $19.99. If the price drops, you will receive an email, at which time you can buy the item and sell back on Amazon.


Popular Products Extension (Members Only)

This slick add-on allows you to easily check which product variations are selling well by analyzing color and size data from product reviews.

tactical arbitrage review

Utilizing this tool can help you in two ways:

  1. You can find out which variations are actually selling (so you won’t be misled by a low sales rank that is actually not selling as quickly as it appears for all variations) and base your buying decisions from 3rd party sites on this data.
  2. You can perform Amazon to Amazon flips on products and know that they will actually sell (products with variations like shoes are great for Amazon flips, but they can be misleading.)


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How does Tactical Arbitrage compare to OA Xray

Answer: This is a very frequently asked question. Here is my explanation when people want to compare Tactical Arbitrage vs. OA Xray:

  • They both perform the same function generally speaking (finding online arbitrage leads)
  • They both have Amazon flip functionality
  • They are similar enough you can use one or the other, but different enough a serious seller can benefit from both
  • Tactical Arbitrage has more supported sites (Tactical Arbitrage has 400 supported sites while OA Xray has 248 Supported Sites.)

Tactical Arbitrage is similar to other programs in many ways, but also very different in others. The best way to see the difference is by giving Tactical Arbitrage a test run with a free 10 day trial using coupon code ER10

Question: How does Tactical Arbitrage compare to FBA Wizard?

FBA Wizard is a tool that has built itself on the coat tails of Tactical Arbitrage but mostly in the UK. It is so similar that people have asked, “Did Tactical Arbitrage white label itself to FBA Wizard?”

Tactical Arbitrage vs. FBA Wizard is not even worth comparison.

FBA Wizard is essentially Tactical Arbitrage but 2 months behind at all times (since they seem to be emulating every Tactical Arbitrage update) and with no personality.

I am not a fan of FBA Wizard and don’t recommend it as an alternative to OA Xray or Tactical Arbitrage. You’d be wise to find an FBA Wizard discount code or coupon before you purchase unless you can stomach paying the same amount for an inferior product.

Question: Can I share my access with my team (virtual assistants)?

Answer: Yes! Within reason, you can share access with anyone who is part of your team. To learn more about hiring a virtual assistant for Amazon product sourcing, check out my article The Overseas Solution: How to Hire, Train and Retain a Product Sourcing Virtual Assistant.

Question: Do I still need an Amazon associate account to access Tactical Arbitrage?

Answer: No! As of July 2016, you no longer need an Amazon associate’s account to use Tactical Arbitrage! You will only need an Amazon seller account and then to integrate with your MWS credentials.

What Others Are Saying

My words mean one thing, the sales generated by clients mean much more.

Here are some sales screenshots from current TA users.

Note: Tactical Arbitrage does not account for 100% of the sourcing in the examples below, but the sellers shown attribute large amounts (100k+/month) of revenue to the products they are able to find with Tactical Arbitrage.

TA has helped me find products I’d never find on my own. It’s simple and powerful and will help you grow your business to unimaginable levels

–Bob Steele–

Tactical Arbitrage Discount Code


TA immensely helps out our OA and RA business. In one month alone, it helped us generate over $100k in revenue.

–Chris Potter (LessonsLearnedinBusiness.com) — 


Chris Potter Sales

Triple Arrow Down


NOTE: The price is currently only $99/month. Alex has promised me that any users who sign up now at this price with be grandfathered in to it permanently. The price is going to rise soon! No bluffing there, it is in high demand.

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