7 Best Free Amazon FBA Calculators for 2024

Amazon FBA Calculators

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If you sell on Amazon, you know that there are a lot of fees involved. Since the fees vary based on a number of factors, they can be easily miscalculated and you could end up making less money than you expected. Even worse, miscalculating fees can lead to you LOSING money. So, using an Amazon FBA fee calculator is critical. 

Hopefully, you've already heard about the free Fulfillment by Amazon Revenue Calculator (amazon profit calculator) and you're using a product sourcing app to estimate your fees when you're not at your computer, but there are other desktop FBA calculators you can try out beyond the amazon price calculator that are awesome!

7 Free Amazon FBA Fee Caclulators

Here are the free ones I've found.

Side Note: Ok, maybe this aren't "secrets" but I bet you haven't heard of a few of them.

JungleScout FBA Calculator

 Jungle Scout definitely knows how to get visitors to their website. They offer a lot of great content and free resources like their FBA Calculator worksheet (jungle scout estimator).

This is the only resources that is downloadable. Some of you may like that since you can customize the spreadsheet however you want.

Unfortunately, since this is a downloadable file, over time it will become inaccurate when fees inevitably change. Hopefully they email everyone who downloaded it when updates happen. 

Jungle Scout also offers a amazon FBA profit analyser extension worth checking out. 

#2 Viral Launch Amazon FBA Calculator 

Viral Launch couldn't be out done by their competitors over at JungleScout so they created a tool of their own that allows you to see up to 3 ASINs side by side to calculate profitability. 

Amazon FBA Calculator

This one is pretty straightforward. It doesn't calculate total sales volume but it is a decent tool for being free.

Seller App Calculator Amazon

This one is pretty much just a way to get you to join ShipBob. Clever marketing but not a great resource compared to some of the others. 

ShipBob calculator

It's not easy on the eyes and you need to enter a lot of data manually compared to some of the others (looking at you Viral Launch) but hey, it's free!

Sales Calc

#6 Synccentric

I was really excited when I saw the "import .csv" button (I was gonna use Tactical Expander Lite on it to test) but then it prompted me to subscribe. Again, good marketing but the tool isn't much to write about. 

Amazon FBA Fee Calculator

#7 AMZPecty

The only free Chrome extension mentioned, you can use AMZ Specty on single products or multiple by uploading a list. 


So, Which Amazon FBA Fee Calculator Is The Best?

Amazon's native FBA calculator comes in first and viral launch comes in as the best free option.

Viral-Launch Calculator

Paid Tools that Calculate Amazon Fees

There are a number of other options for calculators that aren't free. The two big ones are RevSeller and Tactical Arbitrage. They both do much more than calculate fees, but many sellers use them as their default fee calculators.  


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Are Amazon Fee Calculators Even Accurate?

The answer is no; they are not all perfectly accurate all the time. Even Amazon's own Amazon FBA profit calculator has a disclaimer stating that you shouldn't rely on the data 100%. By comparison, Amazon's Best Sellers Rankings (BSR) has no such disclaimer. 

Here is the disclaimer in their own words...

Disclaimer: This Fulfillment by Amazon Revenue Calculator should be used as a guide in evaluating FBA only. Amazon does not warrant the accuracy of the information or calculations in this Fulfillment by Amazon Revenue Calculator. Independent analysis of the output of this Fulfillment by Amazon Revenue Calculator should be conducted to verify the results. Please consult the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement for up-to-date costs and fees. The New Amazon Fulfillment option reflects your current Selling on Amazon fees and FBA fulfillment fees.

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  1. Great list of tools! You may want to also check out Sellonaut as well for the automated fee calculation – I’d be happy to hook you up with a free trial to test us out.

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