Honest Kalodata Review – Is It Necessary for TikTok Shop Affiliate Success?

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Kalodata is a suite of tools engineered to give TikTok shop affiliate creators insights into trends and products so they can find the most profitable items and research the types of videos that are currently working. 

It shows behind the scenes of which creators are earning big with the program and which videos they created to do it. It is essentially a spying tool that lets you emulate the success of other creators. 

It also has features that can be utilized by brand owners to find the best influencers to promote their own products. Their collaboration features help you see things like the creator's social media channels and email addresses. 


  • Beautiful interface
  • Massive sets of data 
  • Analyze videos, creators, products or trends
  • For both creators and product owners
  • Shows if a video is spending on ads (important)
  • Connects to your own TikTok for deeper insights


  • Relatively expensive
  • Lots of data is already available for free on TikTok
  • Can lead to opening a ton of browser tabs 

Kalodata Alternatives: FastMoss and TikTok's free, built in creator insights.





When I wrote my book Evergreen Affiliate Marketing, the TikTok shop affiliate program was not yet released. Had it been, I might have added a chapter or two about the new spin on an old affiliate concept. Essentially, entertainment to drive commissions. 


Kalodata Features

Here are the 6 core features of Kalodata.

Core Kalodata Features
  • Competitor List / Brand Strategy - See which shops are driving the most sales in any niche.
  • Affiliate Creators -  Find creators on TikTok who could promote your product. 
  • Trending Products - Find out which products are selling best right now
  • Hot Videos - Which videos are selling the most products right now?
  • Hot Lives - Which livestreams are driving the most sales right now?

Let's dive into each of them in more detail. I'll share screenshots of each so you can see exactly how they work. 

Kalodata Category Analysis

Kalodata Category Filter

These feature shows you what niches are working or not working on TikTok right now. This doesn't change much and the top 5 categories seem to be dominated for the foreseeable future by health and beauty type products. 

Women's beauty and apparel are consistently the best selling categories (as shown below) but that doesn't mean there isn't room for smaller niches with less competition.  

We can also see the top selling products in each niche. 

We can filter much of this data as much as we'd like. 

  • Revenue
  • Revenue growth rate %
  • Total number of Shops
  • Average Revenue per Shop
  • Category Level
  • Top 3 Shops Ratio (what percentage of sales go to the top 3 stores)
  • Top 10 Shops Ratio

If you're undecided on the niche you want to pursue, this is where you want to start. 

Kalodata Shop Analysis

Kalodata Shop Analysis

The next feature is similar but it let's us analyze specific TikTok shops. These are brands with products creators can promote. 

I don't personally care much about this feature as an affiliate. It's more valuable for brands who want to see which brands are having success so they can emulate what they're doing.

TikTok Shop Analysis Kalodata Demo

There isn't a ton of data shown on the page here, but if you click on a shop, you can get more details. 

You can toggle through all of the data shown in the shop details page below. 

Kalodata Product Analysis

Kalodata product research

The next feature is product research. This will show us which products are selling the most and how they are trending. 

Kalodata Product Research Demo

We can see key data at a glance or click on the product to go even further. 

Kalodata Product Detail Page TikTok Shop Affiliate

This is one of my favorite features for affiliates. It shows specifically which products are doing best and we can browse through them until we find one that fits for our channel. 

Kalodata Video Analysis

This feature shows you which videos are driving the most revenue right now. This is great if you don't have a particular niche and like to just go broad with what you review. 

TikTok Shop Affiliate Videos Working

You can click on each video to get more data similar to the other features above and watch it. 

Kalodata LiveStream Analysis

This feature I don't care about since I have no intention of doing live streams. However, if it's your thing, this is wildly insightful. Far more insightful than the default TikTok data we're given. 

As you can see in the screenshot below, the top live streamers are all going for at least 2 hours and some are going as far as 7+

TikTok Livestream affiliate sales

If you're considering if a livestream is worth doing, check the GPM field. 

TikTok GPM

This number is essentially the core metric in deciding how much you can earn per viewer on your stream. A higher number means it has more potential to turn views into sales. 

It's calculated by the live revenue divided by the live views and then multiplied by 1,000.

Kalodata Video Details

Kalodata gives us the ability to download videos and export their scripts. 

TikTok Affiliate Shop Example

I'm not positive why they let you download the videos. Obviously, it's not cool to take other people's content. However, reviewing their scripts and analyzing what made them go viral can be highly insightful. 

Kalodata Tip [Ad Spend and Livestreams]

The biggest tip I have for Kalodata users is to be mindful of ad spend when deciding if a video is worth pursuing or not. This is one of the best features of Kalodata, the fact that it shows you how much a video is paying for ads. 

What I'm looking for in a video is one that has organic potential. When you factor in the ad spend on many of these videos, they aren't actually profitable or not nearly as profitable as they appear on the surface. 

TikTok Shop Affiliate Ad Spend

Try filtering by ad spend of $0 to find videos that have the potential to make money without spending any. 

Likewise, many of the most successful products are a result of live streaming videos and not organic ones. Be sure to check if a creator was driving sales via traditional videos or long-winded live streams. Some people will go live for the entire day to drive sales. This isn't a model I want to mess with, but if you do, it seems to work for a lot of people. 

Kalodata Free Alternative

If you aren't ready to spend the money on Kalodata, TikTok offers a lot of similar data for free. My good friend Dino made a quick video on YouTube showcasing how to get similar data to Kalodata for free. 

Kalodata Coupon Code

If you're looking for a Kalodata discount code, use code NATE10 for 10% off your account. Keep in mind, if you really use it, the free 7 day trial can get you a ton of great insights to get started with. Start a trial and try to find at least a dozen products and video topics. Create them and see what happens. If you make more than $99, come back and join with a paid plan .


Get 10% off your Kalodata subscription for life with code NATE10 at checkout. 

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