[Serious Everbee Review] How to Find the Best Selling Products on Etsy

EverBee Review

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I've been selling digital and physical products online for over 10 years. Etsy is one of the most interesting platforms out there. Whether your selling digital products or physical products, it has a lot of potential. Very few people really know how to do proper product research on Etsy before deciding what to sell and how much to charge.

There's a tool out called Everbee that helps make Etsy product research easier. But is EverBee worth it?

In this blog post, I'm going to show you how EverBee works and help you decide if it's actually worth spending any money on. 

Ready? Let's dive in. 

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EverBee is a comprehensive product research and marketing platform designed for Etsy sellers. It offers tools for finding high-demand Etsy products, conducting keyword research, and analyzing tags to uncover competitive keywords. The platform also includes features for email marketing, allowing users to connect their Etsy accounts to enhance their marketing strategies and increase sales. 


  • Professional looking interface
  • Includes free training
  • Community of other users
  • Filter key data and metrics like sales per month
  • Analyze stores or specific products
  • Free Chrome extension


  • Several negative reviews about billing issues
  • Questionable data
  • Free trial lacks functionality





EverBee Features

EverBee has 4 core uses. 

  • Etsy product research
  • Etsy store analytics
  • Etsy keyword research
  • EverBee email marketing 

Let's go a bit deeper into each.

EverBee Features

From the research side, we can research product metrics (how many items are selling, much much revenue they're earning, etc.) as well as keyword metrics (search volume, competition and keyword score). 

We can toggle and filter data as much as we want. This helps us to find the high potential items in a sea of unprofitable ones. 

The more you use the filters, the better your results will be. 

You can check out the key features of product research below. 

For store analytics, EverBee gives you a bit more insight than you might typically see in your generic Etsy dashboard.

The EverBee email service is essentially a built in marketing suite that helps you create landing pages (up to 10) and drive sales and leads. I haven't tested this feature as I use a more robust program called ConvertKit, but if you're only sending emails sparingly to Etsy customers, it might be worth considering. 

EverBee Etsy Profit Calculator 

One of the best features of EverBee is their profit calculator. 

Etsy Profit Calculator

The calculator lets you estimate profits based on many variables like your ad spend, cost to ship, etc. It's really fun to tinker around with it to see how much you might be able to make on a new listing.

EverBee Google Chrome Extension

EverBee offers a free Google Chrome extension that will add insights onto Etsy.com pages. The extension lets us see things like...

  • Estimated Monthly Sales & Revenue
  • All listing TAGS
  • All listing reviews
  • Estimated searches per month
  • And more.

Here is what the estimated search results look like when you have the EverBee extension installed.

Etsy search estimates

The only downside is that data shown will be based on the plan you're on. The free plan will show data that looks like this. 

Is EverBee Data Accurate?

EverBee is forthcoming with the fact that their data is not perfectly accurate. Since Etsy doesn't make sales data visible to the public, EverBee uses a "smart algorithm" to give sales estimates that they claim to be within 80% of true sales.

Unfortunately, you won't find perfect Etsy sales data anywhere, so this algorithm is the best option we currently have. 

Signing Up for EverBee

Before you purchase an EverBee subscription, be sure to try it out for free. You can create an account using your Etsy account to log in and you'll have access to all of the features for 

EverBee Pricing 

EverBee offers three pricing plans: Starter (free), Growth ($29/month), and Scale ($99/month).

The Starter plan is free and includes basic features like task management and time tracking for up to 10 users.

The Growth plan, aimed at larger teams, offers advanced analytics and unlimited projects at $8 per user per month.

The Scale plan provides additional customization options and priority support for $16 per user per month, designed for enterprises needing extensive project management tools.

For more detailed information, you can visit their pricing page.

Is EverBee Worth It?

Here's how I see tools like EverBee. If it can help you find just one highly profitable product to sell on Etsy, it can pay itself off many times over. With that being said, it's far from perfect and there are a number of EverBee alternatives (free and paid) that are worth considering as well. 

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