BuyBotPro Review – Is This The Ultimate Amazon FBA Calculator Tool?

BuyBotPro Review

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Without tools, selling on Amazon is nearly impossible. Fortunately, there is no shortage of powerful tools at our disposal and many are affordable enough that signing up for them is nearly a no brainer. 

One such tool is called BuyBotPro. In this article, I'll break down what it is, how we use it and all the other details like pricing and alternatives. 

Ready? Let's dive in. 

What Is BuyBotPro?

BuyBotPro is a suite of tools Amazon sellers can use to source products more efficiently, safely, and profitably. 

It functions as both a Google Chrome Extension that is activated when viewing any Amazon product page and as a mobile app. 

The Chrome Extension is primarily used for Amazon Online Arbitrage, while the BuyBotPro mobile app is primarily used for Amazon Retail Arbitrage. While it doesn't replace more powerful tools like Tactical Arbitrage (read my full Tactical Arbitrage review here), it provides many features that make it a fantastic compliment to it or standalone tool for users who do mostly manual product sourcing.

BuyBotPro Chrome Extension Features

The BuyBotPro extension embeds itself right into the Amazon product page so it's easy to do quick research and deal analysis for specific products.

BuyBotPro Chrome Webstore

At the time of writing, the Google Chrome Web Store shows over 10,000 users and a 4+ star rating for BuyBotPro. Pretty good feedback if you ask me.

Once you've installed the extension and you navigate to a product on Amazon, you simply need to enter a "buy price" and hit the "Analyze" button.

BuyBotPro Amazon Chrome Desktop Extension

You'll be able to make a quick analysis with the BuyBotPro "Island" portion of the extension, which appears below the product title.

BuyBotPro Charts

Scrolling further down on the product page, you'll see price history and offers/review charts with a bunch of toggles on the right, and other important data such as the competition analysis over on the right hand side column.

All of this data is laid out in an easy to understand format, so BuyBotPro has done a good job here.

Here's some of the main standout features that you'll have access to when using the BuyBotPro extension:

Profit Calculator

BuyBotPro Island

This entire tool is essentially a profit calculator, but the "island" part of the the extension shows you various profit and ROI stats (among other things), which will help you quickly calculate potential profit for the product you're evaluating.

Sales Rank Analysis

The Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR) is a number allocated to every single product on Amazon. It is a measure of how fast a product is selling on Amazon, based purely on sales (not units sold).

BuyBotPro BSR Chart

This figure is updated daily and the BuyBotPro extension will show you the current BSR in both the "island" section (as a %) and also in a chart further down on the product page.

Restrictions & Eligibility Checker

When you've connected your Amazon account to BuyBotPro, the extension will automatically show "green lights" and a "YES" if you are able to sell this product.

BuyBotPro Eligibility and Restrictions Checker

This feature checks things such as:

  • Hazmat
  • Your eligibility (gated/ungated etc)
  • Dangerous goods
  • Meltable
  • IP issues
  • Oversize
  • Buy Box Analysis
  • Variations

If you're seeing yellow or red lights/circles in this section then there is obviously a potential issue, and it might indicate that you're not currently eligible to sell the product.

Competition Analysis

The competition analysis section of the BuyBotPro is located in the right hand column when you scroll down.

BuyBotPro Competition Analysis

With this feature you can quickly see the following info for the top competitors currently selling this product:

  • Selling price
  • Stock level
  • Profit
  • ROI
  • Delivery date
  • Reviews

These insights are important when assessing whether or not this product is worth sourcing.

BuyBotPro AI Analysis & Suggested Purchase Quantity

BuyBotPro provides a "confidence score" using thousands of data points, in addition to giving users a suggested purchase quantity for the product being analyzed.

BuyBotPro AI Analysis

Before just blindly buying the suggested purchase quantity, however, I would always recommend spending a little more time researching the product. Use it as a guide, not a guarantee.

Buy Sheet Export

If you, or your VA, have discovered a product that ticks all the boxes, you can do a one-click export of the product to your buy sheet. This will export all the info you need to source this product.

Train Your VA with BuyBotPro's Course

BuyBotPro is well aware that most savvy Amazon sellers will use VA's to analyze products with their software, so they released a course especially for VA's.

BuyBotPro VA Course

It is actually very impressive, and it's totally free.

Manual Sourcing Accelerator

If you're on a retailer website and you want to quickly check out how it's selling on Amazon, this BuyBotPro feature is going to save you a bit of time.

BuyBotPro Manual Sourcing Accelerator

In this example, I picked a random product on Kohl's. All you need to do is highlight the product title, right click, and choose the BuyBotPro search feature from the menu.

The extension will then drop down on the right hand side with search results from Amazon. You can then click the products to further inspect them over on Amazon.

Suspension Safeguard

This feature is actually provided by BuyBotPro's sister company, GetUnSuspended, and as I'm sure you've guessed, this service helps you get UnSuspended on Amazon.

The catch with this service is that it is only available for suspensions that occur after using BuyBotPro for 30 days or more. Any suspensions prior to this timeframe are not included.

Suspension Safeguard is also only available for users on the Pro or Enterprise plans.

BuyBotPro Mobile App Features

The BuyBotPro mobile app is actually called BuyBotGO, which confused me for a few moments when I first tried to find it.

Even though this software is primarily an online arbitrage tool, the mobile app is a great addition for retail arbitrage sellers.

After installing BuyBotGO on my phone I scanned some random products around the house.

The scanning is pretty fast, which is a plus.

BuyBotGO Mobile App

Once you've entered your buy price you get all the same info that you can access in the chrome extension.

The menu along the bottom makes it easy to flip between the home screen with all the main data, the charts page, and the analysis page.

Get a 14-day Free Trial to BuyBotPro!

BuyBotPro Integrations

BuyBotPro doesn't have a huge amount of integrations, but they're just a bonus in my opinion.

ProfitProtector Pro

ProfitProtector Pro is an Amazon FBA repricer tool. If you're not familiar with repricers, they are a genius piece of software that automatically reprices your Amazon listings based on pre-defined criteria and a little bit of magic.

I've written about the best Amazon repricer tools before, so be sure to check that out.


SKUify is an Amazon inventory management and analytics tool. There's a lot of these tools on the market and if you use BuyBotPro, you don't necessarily need to commit to SKUify.

BuyBotPro Pricing

BuyBotPro has three pricing options, with discounts applicable if you pay annually.

  • Basic - $33.29 per month (annual) or $39.95 paid monthly
  • Pro - $45.79 per month (annual) or $54.95 paid monthly
  • Enterprise - $108.29 per month (annual) or $129.95 paid monthly

All plans come with a 14-day free trial, with the differences for each plan summarized below:

  • Basic Plan - Includes a licence for 5 devices and does not include Suspension Safeguard
  • Pro Plan - Includes a licence for 10 devices and it includes Suspension Safeguard
  • Enterprise Plan - Includes a licence for 32 devices and it includes Suspension Safeguard

BuyBotPro Frequently Asked Questions

Can BuyBotPro Source Products For Me?

No, BuyBotPro it is not a sourcing tool. You can do manual sourcing with this tool however if you want a piece of software that will actually find you profitable deals, you need to check out something like Tactical Arbitrage.

Are There Any BuyBotPro Alternatives?

Of course, there's a lot actually. My top recommendation is RevSeller, but you can also check out SellerAmp.

How Do I Set Up BuyBotPro?

This software offers plenty of tutorial videos so you won't be left wondering. They have an active YouTube channel to help you with settings and connecting your Amazon account.

Which Amazon Marketplaces Does BuyBotPro Support?

At the time of writing, BuyBotPro supports the following Amazon marketplaces:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Germany

The Final Word on BuyBotPro

So, is BuyBotPro the absolute best piece of Amazon software out there? In my honest opinion, it's quite decent but it's still just a calculator tool (like the many other options out there).

I would definitely recommend you give BuyBotPro a try, but with one caveat! (below)

You need to get the rest of your Amazon FBA business humming along (shameless plug - do the Online Arbitrage Challenge) if you truly want to success with a tool like BuyBotPro.

Get a 14-day Free Trial to BuyBotPro!

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