Best Amazon Repricing Softwares on the Market | Which Ones Are Worth Trying in 2023

Best Amazon Repricers

A good repricing software is a like a good accountant. No matter how much you spend on it, it should make you exponentially more in return. 

"Amazon Repricing Software" ---> A program that integrates with seller central and is able to adjust product pricing based on a user's predefined rules. Using a repricing software helps sellers own the buy box more often, maximize the churn rate of their inventory and spend less time manually adjusting their pricing.

Although I highly recommend all sellers consider a repricer, it is unfair for me to say which one is the absolute best because I simply cannot test them all. 

So, instead of doing a basic review of the 3 I have tried, I'm making a directory of the top 12 repricers that I believe are the most popular as of 2019. You do your own research (although so far Aura is my favorite of the ones I've tested).  

#1 Aura

Aura is the new player on the market but it has quickly gained a huge share of the marketplace. 

  • Gorgeous dashboard lets you see all key metrics fast
  • Easily define your competitors and rules
  • Supports, and
  • Integrates with InventoryLab
  • AI allows it to get better the more you use it

If you browse the Facebook groups and other online forums you'll see countless people who have said they've switched over to Aura.

Use code FBATODAY for 20% off.

#2 XsellCo

XSELLCO hypes that it integrates with Amazon Web Services “to ensure you are repricing at the fastest speed possible”

  • Allows repricing on multiple channels like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and other platform
  • Includes a scheduling component that attempts to discreetly adjust your prices at unusual and opportunistic times
  • Features a buy box predictor to show which of your listings are likely to earn the buy box so you can take action to increase their movement. 
  • To the best of my research, XSELLCO only supports the US marketplace. If this is correct, and you are in Canada or the UK or elsewhere, other products may be better fits

XSELLCO comes with a 14 day trial, and includes several payment options.

There are 3 subscription levels which include varied levels of products analyzed, application to additional sales channels, priority level support, and additional features to give you an edge over your competition. 

You can pay for service monthly, or commit to a year which cuts your costs by 25%. 

Prices start at $69/monthly and go up to $379. These prices reflect the 25% annual subscription discount option. 

#3 Informed.Co

Informed (Formerly App Eagle) includes many features of XSELLCO, and some extra features, at a lower top end cost.

  • Coverage levels start at 50K listings
  • Software is applicable to several platforms including Amazon, Walmart, and eBay, BUT some of these platforms are only supported at their highest level of coverage
  • Includes several analytical and education settings such as info on winning the buy box, and tools for measuring your velocity
  • Supports US, CA, MX marketplaces covered on all membership levels and EU platform and the rest of the world are opened up with higher levels of coverage

The starting price to enter is higher than XSELLCO, but out of the gate it includes several features that are not available until you get to their higher subscription levels. Such as the support of 50K listings. There is not necessarily a priority designation for the support offered with the product, but all levels include email support and higher levels add phone support as an option. 

In a similar fashion, you get a discount if you commit to a year of service vs paying monthly. 

Price starts at $129/month and goes up to $319/month. These are the discounted prices offered to annual subscribers.

Includes 14 day trial offer.

#4 RepricerExpress

RepricerExpress is a partner in Amazon Web Services program, so compliance is a definite selling feature. It starts on the cheaper end of the scale, and includes 5 different tiers to suit your needs. 

All levels feature an identical set up features repricing functions, access to 13 Amazon marketplaces, automations and integrations, and email/chat support. The only difference between coverage levels is the amount of listings that are covered. 2500 listing on entry level up to 50K on their highest level.

  • Only available for Amazon, but gives access to 13 marketplaces at all coverage levels
  • Low entry cost, but only includes 2500 listings for entry level coverage
  • Only offers support through email and chat, no phones, and no prioritization

As previously mentioned this is one of the less costly options available for repricing. Prices range from $46.75-$211.65 and these prices reflect a 15% discount for committing to an annual membership.

#5 Teikametrics

Teikametrics is a kind of unique beast. The repricing software division of their business is separate from their main line of business which is an advertising. They tout features of their ads and marketing products that include other tools such as “product-level profitability” and “Price Aware bidding Algorithm” which probably have some aspect of repricing built into them, but IDK.

A repricer is offered as a standalone product, but honestly, I can’t really review it. The website is outside of the regular suite of products. It advertises a free demo, but doesn’t specify length. And the site has an order form like someone signing up for a trial of a supplement to get super shredded


[insert teikametrics picture]

#6 Feedvisor 

One of the first talking points that Feedvisor highlights is that their repricer is “Catered to Large Competitive Sellers”. I don’t understand the mentality of wanting to discourage smaller sellers from using their service to get big, rather than only being interested in helping big sellers get bigger.

But if you are big and trying to get bigger, maybe this is for you. 

The software does work across platform like Amazon, eBay, and Shopify.

Additionally, they offer tools for Private Label sellers, including repricing tools which review competing similar products; which is pretty cool. 

Feedvisor does not advertise prices, or specify the length of any demos. However, they do indicate that you can “Request Demo” and there are several tiers of coverage levels, and different types of repricers they offer to choose from. 

#7 SellerEngine/Sellery

Seller Engine has a really interesting concept when it comes to their pricing and service. They have a minimum $50/month service and a max $2000 (which is understandably high). But, the cost for the service is based on a 1% calculation of your gross monthly sales. 

This incentivises them to increase your sales because just like a personal injury lawyer, they don’t get paid unless you get paid.

Seller Engine claims to be one of the first to the game, starting in 2002. There is definitely something to be said for longevity in a marketplace like ours. 

They offer additional services for Private Label support, and like everyone else so far, provides a free demo/trial.

#8 Seller Dynamics

Seller Dynamics is one of the odd balls out there in that the company is based in UK so pricing is in pounds

Rather than converting to USD since those rates can always fluctuate, here is a link to a currency converter from pounds to dollars. 

[insert seller dynamics pricing picture]

If you cant see the print “All plans include unlimited marketplaces, unlimited SKUs, unlimited users, automatic repricing, unified stock control & free Standard On-Boarding”. So limitless SKUs and access to multiple marketplaces is a big benefit.

seller dynamics pricing

#9 Pricing Lab

Pricing Lab has just recently (June 2019) launched a cloud based version of their software. We are going to focus on this more recent offering.

All of the repricing tools from original software are still available. The new software claims to be faster at repricing across multiple platforms by allocating non-Amazon platforms to secondary/tertiary servers. Being cloud based, any updates will also automatically roll out to users.

Pricing Lab is advertised in Euros (currency converter here), so keep conversion rates in mind. 

pricing lab price

All tiers cover a minimum of 1000 listings (no maximum advertised), and the price levels vary based on how many times per day an item will be repriced. Unless you are paying for the unlimited reprices per day, a smart seller, or competing software can easily get you to the 1 or 3 reprices in lower levels which stifles your potential.

#10. Alpha Repricer

Alpha Repricer is the most value minded option available. For the price of their “Diamond” level coverage that includes access to unlimited marketplaces and 50k listings, you may only get access to competitor’s entry level products.

[Insert alpha repricer pricing picture]

A major feature of Alpha is that phone support is available to everyone, instead of making it a premium feature. 

alpha repricer pricing

Includes 14 day trial.

#11. Logic Sale

Logic Sale is an Amazon Web Service partner which is always a good feature to have in any products used with your account.

Their pricing is more complex and customizable than some other companies, but has relatively low limits to the number of listings covered. 

[insert logic sale pricing picture]

A free trial is included, but a kind of shady and unfortunate component is that if you want to cancel your subscription, you have to provide them with a written notice. Frankly, it's kind of BS that a tech based company has a cancellation policy like that, so make sure to plan accordingly. 

[insert logic sale cancellation policy]

Hopefully this allows you to quickly see some of the features of repricing tools to decide what is best for you. 

Is there a repricer not featured on the list that you think should be there? Let us know

Includes 14 day trial.

#12. RepriceHub

Repricehub is an all-in-one repricer and stock monitor for Amazon arbitrage dropshippers.

Its superpower is combining the efficacy of a repricer and the capabilities of a stock monitor.

Before, Amazon retail dropshippers had to invest in two separate tools (price monitor and buybox repricing) to make the arbitrage model work. That is no longer the case with Repricehub.

It uses dynamic repricing strategies to help sellers win more BuyBoxes
Integrates directly with Amazon, no third party tool required
All listing, pricing, stock and profit monitoring tasks are handled in one place
It gives access to more than 7 marketplaces:,,,,,,
Live Chat and email support are available on all plans 7 days a week
Plans start at 49 USD per month and cover 6 tiers to suit your needs.

This is the link to Repricehub: 

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  1. Hi Nate,Alpha Repricer is so much more than a cheaper repricer. It has the fastest repricing, flexible ways to reprice and best customer support. The pre-defined Buy Box algorithm option is unmatched. Thanks

    1. Too many horror stories honestly to include it. I don’t have personal experience with it but many people I trust do and have said they lost a lot from errors.

  2. Yikes! You didn’t mention Bqool in this list. Is there a reason for that?I wish I had this post to read before I signed on for a year membership to Bqool. Oh well, lesson learned. I will try one of those powerhouse repricers mentioned next year. Thanks for some great content!

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