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Helium 10 Chrome Extension

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"Helium 10" is a Chrome Extension that lets you rapidly scan and analyze ASINs straight from Amazon. It is a little bit like Tactical Expander Lite, while at the same time being incredibly unique to itself. 

Today, I will show you how to use the Google Chrome Extension, and what features are at your immediate disposal.

Step #1: Download the Chrome Extension

How to use the Helium 10 Chrome Extension Step 1

First, you will need to make sure that you download the Helium 10 Extension on the Google Chrome Store. It has over 500,000 users and a 4 star rating.

Step #2: Open the Extension on amazon

How to use the Helium 10 Chrome Extension Step 2

When you are on Amazon's website, activate the Helium 10 Chrome extension, and this menu should appear, with 5 options:

  • X-Ray
  • ASIN Grabber
  • Profitability Calculator
  • Inventory Levels
  • Review Insights

Let's analyze how each of these work. 

X-Ray: Amazon Product Search


X-Ray lets you analyze all of the product variations for that specific ASIN, with basic data for each variation. It is very comparable to the Product Variations page of Tactical Arbitrage.

ASIN Grabber


The ASIN-Grabber will run a reverse search on the ASIN that you initially located on Amazon, finding similar ASINs all across the internet and reporting them to you. 

Profitability Calculator

Profitability Calculator

The Profitability Calculator will help you, as is alluded in the title, calculate the profit you could make off of this ASIN.

Simply fill in the information that it asks of you and at the bottom you will see the calculated:

  • Net Profit
  • Margin
  • ROI %

This is Helium 10's own unique take on calculating profit and ROI for any given item.

I've written about other Amazon FBA profitability calculators here. 

Inventory Levels

Inventory Levels

Inventory Levels will tell you who else sells this product on Amazon, as well as other important data points related to said inventory. It is much like the Tactical Edge tool, located in Tactical Arbitrage.

Review Insights

Review Insights

Review Insights allows you to look at the overall response from the consumers of the product tied to this ASIN. You can filter what reviews you see as well as in what time frame you see them.

And there you have it; that is the basic overview of the Helium 10 Chrome Extension. It is definitely a cool tool to consider using if you are new to online arbitrage or if you're looking for a nice alternative to something like Jungle Scout.

Before you do though, I would take a swing at using the free trial before making any major purchases.

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