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Membership Program Calculator

Membership Calculator

I created this basic Excel spreadsheet (on my Mac so I apologize if it gives you PC users problems) to "scratch my own itch...

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How to Become a Master of Mobile Productivity

Mobile Productivity

As an entrepreneur, you are likely strapped for time. Using your smartphone can be a game changer. It can also be a serious crutch though if you aren't careful.

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How to Find Profitable Merch by Amazon Design Ideas with ASINSpector Pro

Merch by Amazon Ideas

Here is what I believe to be the best way to make an educated decision on what may sell, uncover niches that may be under represented, and figure out what designs may or may not work for you on Merch by Amazon

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A Minimalistic Reading List for Hardcore Self-Education


Here is a short and sweet reading list for self-education junkies. If you want to increase your earning power, these books are a fantastic place to start.

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Affordable Services That Can Replace a Virtual Team for Your Internet Business

Affordable Services That Can Replace A Virtual Team

You may be doing way too much monotonous work then you need to. This article showcases the 4 services that can help you get the results of a virtual team without needing to hire, fire or train anyone.

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7 Best Digital Marketing Books to Help Grow Your Online Business


There are more books on the topic than you can shake a stick at, but these are the best digital marketing books I have ever read.

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4 Grammar Rules That Hurt The Quality of Your Content

4 Grammar Rules That Hurt the Quality of Your Content (1)

Formal schooling has ruined many writers. While they have their place, traditional rules and style guidelines must be broken at times. Many commonly accepted grammar rules, ironically, hurt the quality of your content. That isn’t what Mrs. Crabblebottoms wanted for you when she taught you all the restrictive rules of …

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How to Prevent Decision Fatigue by Simplifying Your Appearance

Decision Fatigue

Do I consider myself to be ultra? Not really. If you’re in the Columbus, Ohio area, you can spot me wearing socks with my flip flops or white after Labor Day (is that a thing?) So, what business do I have writing about how you dress/groom yourself? Well, it has a lot …

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How to Create Amazing Graphics for Your Blog Absolutely Free

Blog Featured Images

Design work doesn't need to be difficult or expensive. I am no expert, but these tools and methods help compensate for my shortcomings.

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6 Tools and Services That Save Bloggers Tons of Time

Save Time Blogging

Blogging isn't easy, but there are ways you can make it much easier. Here are the tools and services that I use to make sure I can focus on writing more and everything else less.

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10 Reasons Entrepreneurs Need to Be Attending More Conferences

Attend Conferences

Working for yourself doesn't mean working by yourself. This article shares the 10 reasons why entrepreneurs should be attending more conferences.

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Boost Creativity and Problem Solving with Massive Lists of 50

Boost Creativity and Problem Solving with Massive Lists of 50

Creativity comes naturally to some, but according to science, fortunately, it can be developed by the rest of us that don't have a natural knack for it.

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19 Blogs You Need to Follow That Will Grow Your Business


I am more active as a blog reader than I am as a blogger. Check out these 19 blogs I think you should follow.

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Your New Hire Should Have These 4 Things

Small Business Hiring

The people you hire are a reflection of you and your business. While certain positions require professional experience and skills, I don’t care what the job is I, every person that I hire must have these for things. 1. A Track Record of Honesty If I fire an employee for poor …

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Michael Hyatt’s Approach to Triaging Productivity

Triage Prouctivity

Michael Hyatt made an excellent analogy for productivity and how we should approach it. Treating productivity like wounded soldiers.

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4 Quick Reads That Will Make You a More Productive Entrepreneur

More Productive Entrepreneur

My four favorite "quick read" books on productivity and efficiency.

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6 Freelancing Mistakes That I Made and You Can Avoid

Biggest Freelancing Mistakes

Freelancing is a great way to build start up capital to grow or expand your business. But it can be frustrating if you don't know to avoid these 6 mistakes.

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Tools Spotlight: Selling Products and Making Money on Gumroad

Tool Spotlight: Gumroad

Learn how I made $1400 with 2 hours of work using GumRoad.

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The 7 Big Time SEO Mistakes I Made in My First 30 Posts

SEO for Entrepreneurs

If you are experienced with SEO best practices, this site may be making you cringe from time to time. Here are the 7 SEO mistakes that even I know I've made so far.

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How to Dominate Your Day When You Have Had No Sleep

How To Dominate Your Day When You Have Had No Sleep

Sometimes in all of the calamity of being an entrepreneur, sleep may be scarce or non-existent. This article shares 5 ways to get through the worst case scenario of the day after a sleepless night.

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16 IFTTT Recipes That Will Make You a Social Media All Star


IFTTT is an amazing tool that allows you to create connections between different tools. It can replace a number of premium tools if you get creative with it. Here are some recipes I am using for improving my social media marketing and content distribution.

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How to Outsource High Quality Content and Protect Your Brand

How to Outsource High Quality Content

Content marketing is powerful, but it can be difficult. Outsourcing is an option, but it has serious risks. Learn more about protecting your brand while outsourcing your content in this quick article.

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12 Awesome Things You Should Do That Are Worth an Entire Day

Productive Immersion

There are some things that are so beneficial to you in the long term that spending an entire working day on them in full immersion may be the most productive thing you ever do.

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The 4 Reasons Building Good Habits Is Not Optional

You Need to Make Good Habits

Habits are the foundation of sustained success. Not only in business but in all aspects of life. Habits are not just helpful, they are critical.

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12 Tips to Become a More Efficient Reader That Don’t Involve Speed Reading

Become a more efficient reader

We all know about speed-reading, but what else can you do to make sure you get the most value from everything you read? This article shares 12 tips to better comprehend content and read with maximum efficiency.

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How to Manage Your Business without Losing Your Marriage

Entrepreneurship and Marriage

I am not Dr. Phil. I am not a psychologist or marriage counselor. I am merely a married entrepreneur who has seen the ups and downs that result can from this lifestyle. I know how easy it can be to lose sight of what is most important.

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My Outsourcing Horror Stories

Outsourcing Horror Stories

The following stories, while showcasing horribly incompetent individuals, are painful failures on my part. I was the biggest screw up in these stories.

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The Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing with Fiverr


Learn how to utilize Fiverr to save time and money. Outsourcing with Fiverr can change your business, for better or for worse.

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CoSchedule Social Sharing Tool Review


A quick overview of a fantastic tool to help tame your content marketing schedule. You will want to check this one out!

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9 Proven Methods for Destroying Writers Block

Beat writer's block

There is nothing more deflating than losing your productive inertia due to the inevitable writer's block...

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How to Write the Perfect Business Email in 9 Steps

Email for business

In 2015, the average American sends and receives over (a combined) 122 business emails per day. For online entrepreneurs like myself, email is frequently the best way for us to ...

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This is a free tool that I love. It is excellent for keeping your writing to the point and clear. You can use for any type of writing, but I find it most helpful for blog posts and emails...

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How to Identify Potential Business Opportunities Like a Genius


I want you to understand something. It will take you further as an entrepreneur once you learn to embrace it: we now live in a service economy. We don’t need big warehouses, payrolls or excessive (or any) investment capital to thrive...

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Free Stock Photography Resources and Attribution Best Practices

free stock photos

Quality photos will really give an air of professionalism to your content. I have spent a lot of time (too much, in fact! ) searching for quality stock images...

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