Tactical Arbitrage vs Jungle Scout |Head to Head Comparison

By Nate McCallister

As you scale your Amazon selling business, you'll find that investing in 3rd party softwares can provide tremendous returns. 

Two of the biggest names in the Amazon selling software space are Tactical Arbitrage and Jungle Scout. 

Tactical Arbitrage vs. Jungle Scout

Tactical Arbitrage and Jungle Scout are both premium, paid software solutions that serve Amazon sellers in different ways.

Tactical Arbitrage's main purpose is to help sellers to find products from 3rd party websites for reselling as well as analyze bulk lists of ASINs (Amazon's internal product IDs) for profitability 

Jungle Scout on the other hand provides insights that are better suited for sellers who sell their own custom, branded products via private label but it also has features that can be beneficial to resellers and wholesalers, but to a much smaller degree. It also helps with listing optimization, keyword research and review analysis/strategy. 

Tactical Arbitrage Full Suite

Tactical Arbitrage

Jungle scout

Great for Online Arbitrage Sellers

Great for Private Label Sellers

Helpful for Retail Arbitrage Sellers

Scans Strictly Amazon

Great for Wholesale Analysis and Analyzes Uploads of ASINs

Good for Wholesale Analysis but Doesn't Analyze Uploads

Able to 3rd Party Sites to Compare to Amazon

Able to Aid in Listing Optimization and Keyword Research

Tactical Arbitrage and Jungle Scout are by no means replacements for one another. Which software you choose depends on your current business model and budget. 

Read more detailed reviews of Tactical Arbitrage and Jungle Scout below. 

If you're interested in Tactical Arbitrage, you can check for the best current tactical arbitrage discounts here. 

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