ArbitrageClub Review – The Cleanest Amazon Leads List on the Planet

Arbitrage Club Review

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I've been in the Amazon FBA space for nearly a decade now. Whenever someone creates a new lead list, I generally get a message about promoting it. 

What is a "leads list"? 

In the Amazon seller community, a leads list is a service that provides Amazon sellers with information about products they can buy and sell on Amazon at a profit. These lists are generally focused on online arbitrage, but there are also leads lists for retail arbitrage or "hybrid" lists that do both. 

Most of the lists however, I can't promote. First, I couldn't possibly promote them all even if they were all great (which they aren't), but most lack anything special that separates them from the herd.

I was approached recently by the team at a new online arbitrage leads list called ArbitrageClub. I was skeptical as usual, but they sent me access to check it out, so I did. 

And I was blown away by it!

In this blog post, I'll show you why.

Why I Love ArbitrageClub

ArbitrageClub Logo

Here are the things that stood out to me about ArbitrageClub.

#1 High Quality Leads

I don't care if the leads are hand delivered with a white gloved butler each morning, if the leads aren't great, the service can't be recommended.

The program is not some fly by night side hustle managed by an underpaid VA or two. No,  ArbitrageClub has over 30 product sourcing employees on their staff!

ArbitrageClub has deep infrastructure in place that makes it stand out from many competitors. 

Also, these employees are doing much more than running generic scans on Tactical Arbitrage and grabbing deals from Keepa, they're sourcing every lead manually.

Each lead I tested was legitimate. No mismatches. Deals were still live. Everything you want but likely don't get with most leads lists. 

#2 Amazing Interface

There isn't a program that comes close to matching the interface of ArbitrageClub

Yes, it's visually striking, but the functionality (the part that makes you money) is next level. 

All leads are stored inside of the program and can be viewed, filtered and sorted with deep detail at any time. 

Here's what their deals page looks like. 

Arbitrage Club Dashboard

I've numbered each point I want to mention, some are obvious so I'll spare you the time. I blurred out some information like title and buy source, but you can use your imagination to guess what those look like.

  1. Search Bar. All leads are saved as a database and can be recalled at any time. Although many leads do have a short lifespan, some are evergreen and come back. This method of sourcing is a staple of high volume sellers.
  2. Category. Filter by any of the main Amazon categories.
  3. Date Range. This will come in very handy once the service is over a year old and has leads from previous seasons. Think Black Friday deals from 2023 in 2024.
  4. Supplier. Filter leads by specific websites. This is great if you have a gift card or some sort of discount for a specific site.
  5. Advanced. Get even more granular with your searching and change things like adjusting the display from the default grid view to a list view (more like a regular spreadsheet leads list).
  6. Favorite. Star leads you want to remember to come back and buy later. 
  7. Expand View. If you want even more information about a product that is shown by default, the expanded view will bring up a full screen, extended version with more information. 
  8. Report Button. The community aspect of the group is fabulous and the "Report" button helps clean up expired leads or quickly address any discrepancies like inaccurate list price, mismatches etc. 
  9. Note. Many leads require more information such as a coupon code or instructions for getting a discount that makes a lead profitable. That is shared here. 
  10. Buy Link. Blurred out, but this will be the link to the actual buy from website. 
  11. Variations. Analyze all variations of an ASIN

I really can't say enough about how awesome this interface is. 

#3 Product Research Tool

The platform is far from a basic storage hub for leads. It also provides members with the ability to analyze products directly from within the app with their product research tool. 

ArbitrageClub Product Research Tool

This is a nice tool that will save you from browser tab overload.

This works on any Amazon product as well, not just the items that are shared as leads already in the ArbitrageClub database.

ArbitrageClub Plans and Lead Information

There are currently 2 groups inside ArbitrageClub. Mischief and Mayhem. They are identically priced and have the same requirements. The averages shown are based on the collective data from all of their lists. 






AVG Leads Per Week



AVG Net Profit






Min Net Profit






Min Sales/Month




Monday-Friday (Sometimes Saturday)

Monday-Friday (Sometimes Saturday)

AVG Cost Per Lead



Member Cap



Of all the things that ArbitrageClub is, cheap is not one of them. It is one of the most expensive programs you'll find at $399/Month. 

However, it's also the best value of all the lists I've found when you crunch the numbers and compare them to other groups. Especially when comparing cost per lead.

If you're wondering how this compares to other competing leads lists, here are some stats. 

Arbitrage Club Competitors

But don't take my word for it, go try it out yourself and let me know down in the comments how it went for you. 

One More Thing..

As with all leads lists, they are worthless if you don't use them. If you're going to commit to a list like ArbitrageClub, be ready to commit to checking the leads daily and acting on them. If you don't have the money to spend on inventory, hold off until you do. 

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