10 Books Russell Brunson References in Traffic Secrets [Read These While You Wait]

Books in Traffic Secrets

Russell Brunson drops some serious knowledge bombs in his new book Traffic Secrets (read my full Traffic Secrets review + notes here). Russell doesn't try to take credit for every single idea and he references several bigs and authors that you should check out. 

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Here are the books he references in Traffic Secrets (in no particular order). Many of the concepts you'll learn in Traffic Secrets were taught to Russell by the authors of these books.

I've read them all and they are all worth reading (start with Russell's books though first).

#1 Dream 100 by Dana Derricks - This was my favorite book of 2019. Traffic Secrets is full of references to a concept called the Dream 100 (which is ultimately not credited to Derricks but to another marketer, Chet Holmes) and this book will give you an amazing idea of how to leverage others to scale. 

It's easy to read and loaded cover to cover with actionable takeaways.

#2 Integration Marketing by Mark Joyner - In the last chapter of Traffic Secrets, Russell discusses the concept of "integration marketing," and how we should always strive to work our business into the businesses of others. 

This book is shorter than the rest on this list. The audible version is less than 2 hours long. 

#3 Dig Your Well Before You're Thirsty by Harvey MacKay - A classic book on networking. The concept is simple but the implementation requires finesse.

Ultimately, the book explains how to network without being annoying or overtly self serving..

#4 The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes - One of the all time great marketing books. This is where the dream 100 concept was born but it's full of tons of other takeaways.

#5 Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuck - A great book about balancing value and sales. 

#6 Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene M Schwartz - This book is overhyped because of supply issues that cause the price to soar through the roof periodically, but it's still really good.

If the price on Amazon is over $125 (it often is) you can grab a copy for $125 here --> at breakthroughadvertisingbook.com.

#7 The 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris - Russell doesn't reference the content in the book as much as the methods Tim used to promote it. Still, an all time classic.

#9 Dot Com Secrets by Russell Brunson - Russells 1st book.  He reiterates many of the concepts throughout Traffic Secrets, but you should still read both. 

#10 ExpertSecrets by Russell Brunson - Russells 2nd book.  He also reiterates many of the concepts throughout Traffic Secrets, but you want to read it. Here's my review of Expert Secrets if you're curious.

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