5 Quick and Easy Ways To View A Private Instagram Account in 2022

By Nate McCallister   
Last Updated on November 28, 2022

If you need or just want to view a private account, (you want to know how to follow a private account on Instagram without requesting) here is how to see private Instagram accounts.

Instagram Private Account

What does a private Instagram account look like? This.. ^^

Here are the only ways to currently view Instagram posts in a private account (how to see someone's private Instagram account) unless, of course, you work at Instagram 🙂

Let's start with the only "white hat" approach to viewing private Instagram accounts.

Tactic #5  on how to view private Instagram profiles is too extreme so I don't recommend that one... but have to share.

#1 Use a 3rd Party Instagram Viewer App

There are several private Instagram viewer apps that allow you to see private accounts. There are both free and pay to see private Instagram apps. 

Best Free Instagram Viewer Apps

Here are some tools to view private Instagram accounts without following:

Any of those above should work if you want to browse Instagram privately. Private Insta is the most popular option. 

These are really the best options if you can't get access to an account the white hat way. Be careful though, I haven't vetted those tools and can't promise that they aren't going to use spyware or do anything malicious with your data.

#2 Send a Follow Request to the Private Account 

There's a reason people want their accounts kept private and some people have a valid reason to see someone's private Instagram. They want only people they know to see their content.

The only real white hat way, therefore, is to send a follow request and have it accepted. Depending on how often the account is monitored, acceptance of your follow request could take a few days. 

If your request goes unaccepted, you can always try to DM (direct message) the creator to get their attention and hopefully get on their radar and have your follow request accepted.

Remember, this is the only way to "unlock" a private Instagram account without possibly getting in trouble with Instagram.

#3 Do a Google Search of the Profile's Handle

Here's how to see Instagram private account posts using Google. 

Google keeps records of Instagram account content,, such as one's Instagram website URL, and simply searching the profile's handle into Google's search engine can find a lot of content from them.

Only content that was created when the account was public will be visible, though. This would not be a good method for locating a particular Instagram story, however, which by definition disappears after 24 hours. 

This makes this one of the easier ways to bypass private Instagram accounts. If one is interested in how to find Instagram account details of a general variety, Google might be the way to go. 

What you look like if you use these last two methods...

DISCLAIMER: The Last Two Tips Are Black Hat/Weirdo Level Tactics

The last 2 tips are not cool and can get you kicked off Instagram if you're caught doing them. I am only sharing them here for the completeness of the article so you know how to see people's posts on private Instagram in every way...

Crazy Girlfriend

What you look like if you use these last two methods...

#4 Create A Fake Account

Ok, now we're approaching the land of "kind of creepy" ways to view private IG accounts. This is borderline unethical and definitely is against the terms of service of most platforms, including Instagram.

According to the "experts" across the internet, you have a much better chance of getting a fake account posed as a female approved than as a man. 

I can't stress enough how much I don't agree with this approach but... for the article, I must. 

#5 Create a Disguised Account Posing As Someone the Creator Knows

This approach is not just against the terms of service, it's flat out creepy. I'm only sharing this method just for the sake of completeness. Don't do this unless you have a great reason for it (like finding evidence of a crime or something along those lines). 

It's one way to see a private IG profile, but it is literally the last option.

The method is pretty simple. You find a person who the profile knows and you create a mock account that poses as them and then send your follow request like in step #1.

You can do this by following the person across other social media platforms like Facebook and finding a person who they regularly engage with. 

Like I said, creepy, but apparently, it works.

There you have it, 5 ways how to see posts from a private IG account that work in 2022. Again, don't use these methods for deviousness. Don't be weird. 

About the author, Nate McCallister

Nate is the founder and main contributor of EntreResource.com and the author of Evergreen Affiliate Marketing. He is a lifestyle entrepreneur who spends his time building businesses and raising his four kids, Sawyer, Brooks, Van, and Lua, with his beautiful wife, Emily. His main interests include copywriting, economics, and piano.

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