Is Clickfunnels Just Overhyped by Affiliates or Actually Worth It?

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Clickfunnels is a web based software that allows entrepreneurs to create landing pages, courses and sales funnels. Although many people are able to see tremendous results with Clickfunnels, I have concluded that it is overhyped due to their highly incentivized affiliate army and it doesn't actually do much better of a job than the alternative web builders on the market. 

I no longer use Clickfunnels (although I have an account active) and have switched to running my sales funnels through WordPress with the tools ThriveCart (for sales funnel and payment processing) and Thrive Themes ) for site design. 


  • A lot of great looking templates
  • Requires less tech skills than other custom alternatives
  • Their training and educational content is worldclass especially programs like their One Funnel Away Challenge


  • Support is abhorrent
  • Buying domains through them is glitchy at best
  • Additional 3rd party software required
  • You can almost guarantee you'll need the higher priced plan
  • Backpack (affiliate management tool) is very unreliable. 
  • Many simple features withheld to sell 3rd party tool "CF Pro Tools"
  • Not a replacement for a business website. For example, you can't realistically blog with Clickfunnels
  • Many alternative options that are just as good or better



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  1. I still have no clue what all these tools and terms are for, it would be nice to see a case study. I simply sell physical products on ebay and Amazon merch fulfilled and don’t know much about all this.

    1. Hey Mike, wow sorry for the super late response 🙂 Clickfunnels + physical products can be powerful if done correctly. Ideally, you’d have items that buyers would want more than one of and you’d offer them as upsells OR you’d have complimentary items to offer as upsells. For example, if you sold electric toothbrushes, you could sell a second as an upsell at a discount OR something complimentary like a teeth whitening kit. Upsells really boost the AVG cart value of your purchases when done properly.

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