Tools Amazon Sellers Should Use (That Aren’t Directly Related to Selling on Amazon)

Non amazon tools

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If you're a serious Amazon seller, you've likely heard of all the big name apps, extensions, and software products that can help with sourcing. 

You know, Tactical Arbitrage, Jungle Scout, Helium 10, and so on. 

I've written many articles about the tools that are specifically targeted toward sellers, but this article is going to show the tools that aren't commonly associated with selling online. 

These can be useful for...

Let's get into them. 

#1 LastPass

Lastpass logo color

If you sell online, you have more than a couple usernames and passwords to remember. LastPass manages them all for you and makes logging into your accounts a breeze.

One feature I really enjoy is the ability to share login access with others. I can hide the username and password but still give them a link so they can log into the accounts. I can also revoke access at any time. This is awesome if you work with virtual assistants and other team members.

Chrome Extension, Mobile App and Web Application

Tiered plans ranging from free to $4/Month/User

#2 SendWin

SendWin Logo

SendWin is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to log into multiple accounts on the same site simultaneously.

You can also see what prices are being shown on online merchants based on your account information (prices can vary based on location and profile information).

Chrome Extension

Tiered plans ranging from free to $6.99/Month

#3 NordVPN

NordVPN Logo

Similar to SendWin, you can use NordVPN to access the web from different regions than where you actually are. 

This is great if you ever need to access another seller's storefront or want to check pricing differences 

Works with All Major Devices

Tiered plans ranging from $3.49/Month to $11.99/Month

#4 Loom

Loom logo

If a picture says 1,000 words, a video says 10,000. Loom makes it easy to create screen share recordings to share with others. 

This is amazing if you are training a virtual assistant or troubleshooting issues with online tech support teams.

Works with All Major Devices

Free plans are available but premium plans cost $8/user/month (when paid annually).

#5 LinkClump

LinkClump Transparent Logo

Grab bulk URLs or list items and save to a clipboard or open in new tabs.

It is hard to explain in words, but please, you owe it to yourself to go check it out. You'll love it. 

Google Chrome Extension


#6 Archive.Org

Archive.Org Logo

More commonly known by its original name The Way Back Machine, Archive.Org let's you see snapshots of what websites looked like on past dates. 

This can be helpful if you're trying to gauge future prices on retailers (see what they're Black Friday deals were in 2021 for example).




Hunter.Io Logo Transparent is a web application that can help you find contact information for suppliers in an organization.

For example, if you wanted to find a contact email for a company that you'd like to source products from, you would put their business name into Hunter.Io, and it will send you verified email addresses that use that domain. 

Web Application

Free plans are available, but premium plans start at $49/month. 

#8 TextSniper

Text Sniper Logo Transparent

Copy text from anywhere with OCR capabilities. For example, if a supplier sends you a PDF manifest, you can copy text from the PDF directly with Text Sniper. 

It only works for Mac currently, but there are similar OCR tools for PC available. I just haven't tested them. FineReader PDF Sprint is supposed to be good though, and it works for both Mac and PC. 

Mac Application

$10 for lifetime access

#9 DiffChecker

diffchecker Logo

DiffChecker allows you to compare things side by side and, you guessed it, check for differences!

You can compare text, images, PDFs, Spreadsheets, and Folders. 

This can be used to check listing changes or to match items when sourcing online. 

Web based application

Free plan available or $9/month for an ad free, more robust version.

#10 Text Expander

Textexpander logo

TextExpander allows you to store text you use regularly as short code snippets. 

It can be something short like a URL or long like a customer service email. 

You can even add input options, so you can customize the text outputs. 

This can save you a ton of time by helping you avoid retyping the same things repeatedly. 

Check out this blog post I wrote (with accompanying video) that dives deeper into TextExpander. 

Works with All Major Devices

Starts at $3.33/month per user when paid annually. 

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