7 Ways Anyone Can Start to Make Real Money with Amazon in 2023

Amazon Make Money

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Jeff Bezos isn't the only person getting rich off of Amazon. Regular people like you and I can leverage the worlds largest web retail platform to make a full or part time income. Here are the 7 most legitimate ways to make money with Amazon WITHOUT working for Amazon.

#1 Sell Physical Products with Amazon FBA

There are several “buckets” of Amazon FBA selling.

  • Private Label – You sell your own branded products (which actually isn't nearly as hard as you might think).
  • Wholesale – You source products from wholesale providers.
  • Online Arbitrage – You buy products from 3rd party websites and sell on Amazon.
  • Retail Arbitrage – You buy products from retail stores like Target or Walmart to sell on Amazon (yes, it works).
  • Liquidation/Garage Sale – Riskier method, better fit for eBay but still a thing.

#2 Sell Your Designs (t-shirts, Hats, Mugs Etc.) with Merch by Amazon

You can turn your designs into sellable merchandise on Amazon, thanks to Merch By Amazon. You can make money off of those sketches you have taking up space on your laptop. Amazon will take your designs and put it on T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs, and more. They handle the production, packaging and shipping while you earn money for your design.

To get started with Merch By Amazon, click the link here.

#3 Publish Your Own Books with Amazon KDP

One of the best ways to control the sales of an item is to create your own product. One of the best ways to create your own product on Amazon is to publish your own book to Amazon with their Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) program..

Once you publish a book to Amazon, they will handle the production and distribution of your book, meaning that all you have to do is share the final digital copy with them and then you can forget about it.

To get started with publishing your own book on Amazon, click the link here

#4 Promote Amazon Products As an Affiliate

If you want to stretch your affiliate marketing skills, this vein is for you. Amazon has an Affiliate program called Amazon Associates. Use your marketing skills to promote Amazon products for a commission.

To learn more and get started, click the link here.

#5 sell Your Own Handmade Products

You can sell your own handmade products as an Amazon Artisan. You have to fill out an application, but upon approval, you will be able to sell your own handcrafted and homemade products on Amazon. This will vastly expand your business' exposure from local to nationwide overnight.

To learn more and get started with being an Amazon Artisan, click the link here.

#6 Sell Your Virtual Skills on Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk is an Amazon based crowdsourcing platform that lets you sell your specific virtual skills to individuals or companies, such as:

Data Analysis, Troubleshooting software, and other virtual micro-tasks

To get started with Mechanical Turks, click the link here

#7 Sell Your In Person Services on Amazon Services

Amazon needs people that are willing to help customers move and Assemble certain products. If you are good with assembly, have a strong back, or feel like making a little side money helping your neighbors, this is for you.

You can set up an in-person professional account here.

Amazon is constantly growing, and with that growth comes opportunities for entrepreneurs and freelancers. There are so many ways to earn money with Amazon, and so many opportunities that you need to only reach out and grab.

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