40 Best Amazon Sellers to Follow on Twitter (X) in 2023

Amazon Sellers to Follow on Twitter

Twitter (X) is a goldmine of free information.

In the Amazon selling space, it's unreal how much great, free information is being shared. It's like every day these creators are trying to see who can give the most free value and the bar is raised non stop. 

Here are the top Amazon sellers on Twitter that I recommend you follow. They are in no particular order. I don't know most of them personally, I just have found value in their tweets about Amazon selling and think you will too. 

I've also shared my favorite tweets from some of the accounts mentioned. I figured I might as well sprinkle the article full of helpful nuggets and kill two birds with one stone!

Tell me who I missed in the comments!

#1 @cleartheshelf

Yes, this is my best friend and business partner on OAChallenge.com, but trust me, he's also one of the best Twitter accounts for Amazon sellers you'll find. His expertise is Keepa and Tactical Arbitrage.

#2 @GanimCorey

The man when it comes to wholesale and scaling with VAs. Check out WholesaleChallenge.com to learn all of Corey's methods as well. 

#3 @selleramp

I'm a fan of the SellerAmp tool and their Twitter account is managed by some successful sellers. Worth a follow. 

#4 @BenAmzn

Young fella who shares his journey with wholesale and online arbitrage

#5 @OliverFlips

#6 @ReezyResells

Quite possibly the guy who got Gary Vaynerchuck into his garage sale flipping era. 

#8 @CajuaRobinson

#9 @dharmeshmehta

#10 @oadeals

Amazon leads list creator, software developer and one of my old MicroHustle students. 

#11 @amznsellerhelp

They cover that nitty gritty account health stuff that isn't sexy, but is needed. 

#12 @TheVillage_AMZ

#13 @Jonah_FBA

How can you not like someone who shares their losses publicly? Inspiring account. 

Tactical Arbitrage Bundle

#16 @Alloutamazonn

#17 @ChrisRacic

Co-host of the ClearTheShelf podcast, Chris is very in tune with the world of Amazon and shares great insights. 

#18 @Dillon_Carter

Co-founder of the popular Amazon Repricer Aura.

#19 @SaulSellsStuff

Tactical Arbitrage Banner Ad

#20 @PaulSellsStuff

No, this isn't a typo repeat of SaulSellsStuff. Two separate but similar accounts. 

#21 @SideHustleExp

#22 @7FigSaykho

#23 @flips4miles 

IP Alert Banner

#27 @lon_peralta

#28 @ChrisPotter361

He hasn't been as active lately, but he posts the occasional epic thread that makes him worth a follow. 

#29 @guyfosel

#30 @junglescout

I don't like to follow brands as much as individuals, but Jungle Scout is by far the best in the industry when it comes to surveying and sharing data relevant to Amazon sellers.

#31 @sertacaltun_

#32 @Joeyrwheeler72

#33 @ajassy

Amazon employee. Drops golden nuggets direct from the source.

#34 @HyunFlips

#35 @JeffBezos

Works at Amazon or something 🙂 

#36 @AmazonMarketPl

#37 @EntreResource (me)

Amazon isn't my main topic of expertise anymore, but I share arbitrage and general e-commerce tips from time to time. 

#38 @DrewFBA

#39 @FbaMakayla

She is part Amazon flipping, part real estate investing. Fun account to follow. 

#40 @SorosEmpire

Regularly shares examples of his flips the one below.

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