11 Helium 10 Features for Arbitrage Sourcing (Retail Arbitrage and Online Arbirage)

Helium 10 OA Features

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Helium 10 has become the gold standard for Amazon product research for wholesalers and private label sellers (yes, even surpassing Jungle Scout in popularity). However, it also has several functions that make it an amazing addition to your online arbitrage sourcing arsenal. 

In this article, I’ll share the 11 ways that Amazon sellers can use Helium 10 for online arbitrage in 2022 and beyond. 

Note: Helium 10 is not built for online arbitrage in the same way that my favorite tool, Tactical Arbitrage is. It’s not at all a replacement for it but it does offer insights that can compliment Tactical Arbitrage very nicely. 

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#1 Create Blue Oceans by Creating New, Highly Optimized Listings

How many times have you found a product that seems profitable but has no listing? Helium 10 offers an interactive Listing Builder with the option to create a listing from scratch or optimize an existing listing. 

Created your listing, but not getting the traffic you’d hoped for? Use Listing Analyzer to research the listing quality while simultaneously comparing to your competitors' listings.

#2 Get Back More Money with Refund Genie

It doesn’t matter how you source your products, getting the right reimbursements back from Amazon are critical. Refund Genie locates your unsellable stock and quickly generates detailed reports. That way, you can collect what you are owed in refunds sooner.

#3 Analyze Profitability 

Another feature that every seller can benefit from, regardless of their sourcing strategies. Profits by Helium 10 will allow you to view profitability trends and your store performance across all marketplaces. 

Profits displays increasing and declining sales trends, a Store Performance Matrix that takes a deep dive into the numbers, and a Bestsellers matrix that offers a visual representation of your most profitable ASIN’s. 

#4 Run Ads to Your Unique Listings and Bundles with Adtomic

Advertising on Amazon is non-negotiable. With three different campaign templates to choose from, Adtomic will run PPC campaigns catered to your goals and your PPC experience level. 

Adtomic lets you easily manage all of your online ad campaigns, making it super useful for any sourcing business.

#5 General Product Research with Black Box and X-Ray Extension

With an extensive collection of built in mini-tools, Black Box is a treasure trove of Product Research functions:

  • Find Product and Bundle Opportunities with Products and Keywords
  • Find Competitors
  • Find underutilized niches with Black Box Niche
  • Get a jumpstart on PPC advertising with Product Targeting
  • Research International Marketplaces

#6 Source at the Right Time with Trendster

There’s nothing worse than spending time and money on sourcing products only to find you’ve missed the boat and stumbled upon an out of season or oversaturated market, and plunging profitability. 

Eliminate the guesswork by using Trendster to research products and plan for future sales by pulling past sales data on your own or similar products.

#7 Walmart Arbitrage

Helium 10 is now fully functional with Walmart (which is gaining market share each year). 

Reverse Product Lookup with Cerebro- Cerebro will gauge the most effective keywords for your products, optimize your listings, and keep competitive rates on your products.

Analyze keywords with Magnet²-  Enter keywords associated with your listing, and Magnet² will suggest alternative keywords that may be relevant to you. 

#8 Retail Arbitrage With The Mobile App

Helium 10’s Black Box on the Mobile App will allow you to search by category, estimated monthly sales, price, weight, review rating, number of sellers, and more.

This will reduce hours of manual retail arbitrage research into seconds. Get the data points you need to find products in areas with less competition.

#9 Create Product Inserts with Portals

Portals offers the ability to construct landing pages, design promo materials for your product packaging, generate QR codes and short URLs, and collect customer contact info to build your own customer list.

#10 Keep Hijackers at Bay and Monitor your Listings with Alerts

Monitor your listing health and get notified when changes to your listings are made. Alerts will screenshot listings so if changes are made, they can easily be converted back.

If you do get hijacked, check out our walkthrough on that here.

#11 Maintain optimal stock levels with Inventory Management

Create Purchase Orders, track suppliers and local inventory. Using advanced forecasting models, Helium 10 utilizes your sales and inventory data to provide recommendations on when to order or transfer your products, making sure your products are always in stock. 

Helium 10 is such a useful tool, and there are so many uses that make it a great investment.

Our #1 Recommended Private Label Software
Helium 10 - Ultimate Private Label Software Suite for Amazon Sellers

Use code ENTRER20 for 20% off your first 6 months or ENTRER10 for 10% off for life.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

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