6 Things That Will Accelerate the Growth of Your Online Business

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I can say with certainty, I regret nothing in my life. Corny right? But seriously, I love where I am so much, changing anything would be unnecessary.

Now, that doesn’t mean I haven’t learned better ways to do things.

In terms of my internet businesses, I have learned through trial and error. I've had my share of successes but even more mistakes.

This gave me a very good understanding of a lot of important concepts, and I learned a ton along the way

This is all well and good, but I spent a ton of time in the process.

Life is short. There is no need for you to start as slowly as I did!

So I want to share the 6 things you can do now to make your business grow much, much faster.

1. Start a Blog

It doesn’t matter how much you know or don’t know. As long as what you write is honest, well thought out, and based on facts, you are already better than most long time bloggers.

Remember that all blogs start somewhere, and writing is one of the best ways to learn something.

Create a blog in 24 hours

Entreresource.com is several years old now, but I'm kicking myself for not starting it sooner.

Your blog is the first place you can start collecting emails. Do that from day one! You probably won’t get very many at first, but you will be glad you started early. For those looking to refine their business model and strategy, consulting with experienced business planning consultants can provide invaluable insights and guidance." I recommend ConverKit for your email platform, but there are free options for smaller lists like MailChimp.

2. Create a Community on Social Media

Growing these groups is not easy! It takes a lot of time and energy, so start now. I made my group FBA Today in 2015 and have now grown it to over 26,000 active members. 

It has been a tremendous asset for me. If you go with a Facebook group (my recommendation for several reasons), I highly recommend you also start a Facebook page for your site or brand.

You will be glad you have a page when and if you start utilizing Facebook ads (which I also highly recommend when your budget allows for it.) While social media groups are great, remember, you don’t control what happens with the audience. Facebook, Linkedin, or any other platform can close you down at any second, and poof, your audience is decimated. So, it is critically important that you make an effort to get your group or page members onto your email list or utilize a LinkedIn email finder to get more people involved!

Moreover, it will help you later to improve your customer service via email, or using VoIP phone systems or live chats for better communication. Of course, if you don’t have the time or the in-house talent to dedicate to this, you can always optimize your business’s social presence by outsourcing to an agency like Hello Social

3. Write an ebook.

Write an ebook that stands out from the rest by including compelling visuals. Consider using a photo editor to create catchy cover art and other images to complement your content. Don’t roll your eyes! I’m serious! It isn’t as overwhelming as it may seem.

An ebook is like a business card on steroids. Be sure to include relevant links back to your blog + social media groups. These can be as short as 5,000 words! Seriously, just make good, quick content, and it will pay off many times over.

An ebook is like a business card on steroids…

I have three now, and none are over 20,000 words. Check out Ebooks for Entrepreneurs.

4. Create Videos

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world, behind only Google. Video is the future, and it is easy to make. My EntreResource YouTube channel is pitiful!

Nathan McCallister YouTube

Update May 26th 2018: My YouTube channel has changed to my personal Nathan McCallister channel exclusively. 

5. Host Webinars

If you have a good personality, show it!

Hosting webinars is a great way to provide value, gather emails and get to know your community.

Hand to hand marketing baby, do it!

I have struggled with various webinar hosting platforms, so I recommend you do your homework, and ALWAYS test before going live. I have messed this up once or twice…or 5 times.

I currently use WebinarJam. It allows unlimited users but is far from perfect. It is the best I’ve used so far though.


6. Start a Podcast

Seriously, the fastest growth I have seen has come from Podcasters and YouTubers.

Don’t think you know enough to wax on for an hour or even 5 minutes? Interview experts! Bonus, then have them share your podcasts with their audiences.

The most important piece of advice…START!

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