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There’s a new video creation software on the scene, InVideo. It’s been getting rave reviews to the tune of over 200+ 5 Star reviews.


When a software product that meets the needs of so many and stirs up that kind of interest, we have to check it out.

I dove in and created two very different videos. I’ll go through my process and what I encountered below.

What is InVideo?

The platform helps you to “transform your content into great videos.” The platform is used by media companies, small businesses, brands, and entrepreneurs who want to foster engagement through their video content.

InVideo is an alternative to similar services like Lumen5, Animoto, Wave, and Promo.

InVideo’s features include:

  • Audio Tools
  • Media Library
  • Speed Adjustment
  • Split / Merge
  • Supports HD Resolution
  • Text Overlay
  • Video Capture and Stabilization
  • Access to a Media Library
  • Unlimited Character Length
  • Access to all Stickers and overlays
  • Special Text Boxes
  • Copyright-Free Music
  • Reseller Rights
  • Advanced Editing
  • 60-day money back guarantee, no matter the reason

The one thing that I really like is that they have close to 100 different categories of templates to choose from. The templates are simple and captivating.

InVideo categories

They already have animations and movement built in. And they include various sizes and ratios so you can post the videos on social media.

The templates utilize an AI (Artificial Intelligence) engine that works behind the scenes to provide you with visuals and music selections so you don’t have to spend time searching.

InVideo Pricing

InVideo pricing

You can start using InVideo for Free and export up to 60 videos per month. The only draw back is that with the free plan, they will have a watermark. They have both monthly and annual plans for paid services.

InVideo Pros

  • You have access to a library of over a million stock video clips, images, and music. Plus stickers, text animations, and filters.

  • Complete control of the look and feel of your project.
highlight words to search content
  • Highlight words in your script and then search for content.

  • Use your own tweets and Instagram posts in videos.

  • Their YouTube channel has a lot of instructional videos and tutorials. These videos are also available within the program interface in the support section.

  • There are no restrictions on the videos you create. Meaning you can sell them, show them, share them, and use them for whatever. Once you create and download them, they’re yours.

  • You are able to upload and use your own media as well as use items from the library.

  • Although I didn’t do it for this post, you can record audio inside of InVideo.

InVideo Cons

There were only a couple places where I see that InVideo can improve.

1. Once you choose a template, you’re stuck with it.

You can’t change your mind and choose a “new look.” The “Help” section says that it has to do with the AI’s ability to choose content for your project. Your best bet is to either live with it or start over with a new template.

2. Limit of 50 scenes

This only affects you if you’re doing a long post (like the example I’ll show you). But its still good to keep that in mind. InVideo’s advice is to keep your project under 30 scenes. The number of scenes you’ll have depend on the project.

If you’re making a promo video, it should be short anyway, maybe 5-8 scenes. But if you’re repurposing a blog post into a video, you can use 30 scenes without thinking about it.

In the case of your blog, even though it’s extremely easy to set up the scenes, you’ll still need to plan out your project.

3. Previewing and Exporting takes a LOT of Time

InVideo Preview and Export

First, let me say this, if you have a project with less than 10 scenes, it will process much quicker than one with 50 scenes. The majority of the video processing happens on remote servers, even though your browser handles some of the work as well. 

The processing time isn’t a deal breaker, just something to keep in mind. Of course if you have a fast connection, things happen faster.

InVideo scene

4. Losing your setup when you change a scene’s format

There are 5 layout choices (Question, Headline, Story, Quote, and Social). If you choose, and then change your mind, you lose your set up with the text and have to start over. Again, not a deal breaker, but a pain.

All things considered, InVideo is an awesome tool that makes it easy to create videos quickly, even if you aren’t techy. Their resources, library, and AI functionality make it nearly effortless to create a video in a short time frame.

My Experience with InVideo

Since I love creating and producing videos, this was an awesome assignment for me. I don’t usually use this type of online software, but with all the chatter, I decided to give it a go.

I created 2 different videos. In the first video, I put the AI to the test and created a short promo video without much input from me. For the second video, I used the mammonth 50 Lead Magnets article.

I’ll walk you through the process.

When you start the process, InVideo gives you 3 choices.

Setting up InVideo video

Option 1: Convert your blog post into a video 

Option 2: Createa video from one of their templates

Option 3: If you're adventurous, you can start with a blank canvas

I chose to convert an article.

choose how to import your blog

Next, you choose from 3 ways to add your blog text.

Option 1: Copy and paste the “script” or blog text

Option 2: Past the URL to the blog

Option 3: Add your media files (I didn’t explore this one, but it sounds interesting.

too much text

I chose Option 1. But when I pasted the text, I got this!

I clicked “Rearrange text,” but I didn’t see a difference, so I moved to the next step. This is where you set up all the scenes, choose the images or videos, add filters and text animation and so forth.

As you go through the scenes, you can adjust any of the content. If you have too many words, the system will let you know so you can split the text lines.

split text into shorter sentences

I made minor adjustments, trimmed it down to 6 scenes and hit the Preview and Export button.

InVideo Preview and Export

This project, from beginning to end, took me about an hour. I pretty much let InVideo do what it does. If I had tweaked it a bit more, it probably would have taken another 30 minutes or so.

Now, let’s move on to the BIG Post that really put InVideo to the test.

With at least 50 scenes needed off the bat, I knew this post was a good choice.

This time I chose “listicle” as the type of post. I added the scenes one by one. I actually liked finding the videos and images for each scene.

trim a video

You can trim the videos, use as-is, or add sections.

animate scenes

I added images from InVideo’s library for most of the scenes. You can edit, animate, and adjust so much in each scene. If you’re not careful though, it can turn out to be a time suck.

I also used the graphics from the blog itself. Uploading was easy and placing them even easier.

I also love that if the image doesn’t fit the scene, the system adds a blurred background that makes the picture more attractive.

EEK! I ran out of scenes!

Just as I was about to create scene #50, InVideo informed me that I had reached my limit. I forgot that there was an intro scene. OOPS! But I proceeded and left it at 49.

ran out of scenes

The entire process, from beginning to end, was about 4 hours. But it was well worth it. I included the time it took for me to become familiar with the platform and browse the support section.

Check out the video I created with InVideo here 

There's a similar software called Pictory which you may also like to check out. I wrote a Pictory AI review, so make sure you check it out.

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