The 10 Best Tools for Managing a Remote Team in 2024 and Beyond

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You might have more freedom and flexibility when working remotely. Nonetheless, leading remote teams presents several difficulties. Communication breakdowns are common among the teams. Maintaining high productivity while fostering a solid team culture is more difficult. Hundreds of tools are available to assist in establishing a highly effective virtual team. 

They enable you to monitor individual performance and maintain the integrity of teamwork. A range of tools are available for task distribution and team management. They effectively manage project time and offer a platform for opinions. You have a lot of options on the market, but these are the best.

1. ClickUp

ClickUp is a highly flexible app important for use by both large and small virtual work teams. Managers can use it to create work groups that do similar tasks. It connects groups and individuals for brainstorming and planning on projects. The app allows customization where managers can personalize dashboards for better user experience. It generates updates based on the performance of each worker and remote group. It is one of the best management tools for tracking performance with a wide range of features. 

Tools for remote work teams offer you many benefits. Nevertheless, you cannot get maximum benefits from them if your computer has problems. Before you install any of the apps discussed here, check your computer to ensure it is working properly. For instance, the productivity of your team might drop if your MacBook battery fails to work effectively and give you good enough backup. You need to find the best ways to solve the problem to keep your laptop running smoothly and keep productivity high.

2.   Smartsheet

One excellent tool for managing teams and projects that are located remotely is Smartsheet. It facilitates the establishment of clear expectations and instills in remote workers a sense of responsibility. It provides a useful choice for monitoring anticipated targets and project reporting. It gathers all of your teams into one location so you can easily manage them. It facilitates easier team collaboration after the teams are assembled. They can exchange ideas and uplift each other's spirits thanks to the app.

3.   Pumble

Pumble's capabilities keep the communication inside your virtual team improved. It functions effectively in hybrid teams as well as fully distant ones. When a worker or manager has a message that requires quick attention, the tool pins it to show it is important. It makes it easier to follow up on conversations with specific individuals or groups. If a worker needs to focus, they can mute all communication and allow messages from specific people. This collaboration software can be used on the web or downloaded and installed on the user’s device to improve your team’s performance.

4.   Slack

Slack lets you create a highly dynamic remote work environment. Many managers who work in a communication-intensive virtual environment prefer this tool. The tool is great for creating an efficient workforce that leverages smooth communication. It is built for flexibility enhancement and for sharing ideas that help teams make informed decisions. 

5.  Loom 

Loom allows virtual workers to share video-based insights in a variety of ways. With this tool, you can record the message through the device’s camera or microphone and share it with the remote team in a jiffy. With Loom, you can put together several clips with related messages to make one single video. It helps enhance business processes by creating smooth communication across teams – no matter where they work from. Once you create videos, you can work on the tool’s exceptional features to enhance the quality or add details. Loom is the perfect tool that takes your messaging to the next level by keeping it real.

6.  Jotform 

With Jotform, you can accomplish a range of tasks. It has templates to assist you in importing and exporting data in various formats. The Unique Identifier is one of its primary features that will impress you a lot. It makes sure that you don’t enter the same information into the platform more than once – which helps in eliminating duplication and unwanted errors. Its capacity for customization is one of its key advantages. Its fields and themes are customizable by users which gives it great flexibility.

7.  Chanty

If due to your business needs, you are involved in constant communication with remote workers, Chanty is an outstanding tool to make your life easy. Its video/voice call and instant messaging capabilities improve communication. It can be used to manage the responsibilities assigned to your employees and maintain a productive working relationship. If desired, it enables users to create private communications. If you need to maintain the records, you can either save the communications on the cloud or erase them. 

8.  Internxt

If you want to do safe remote meetings with your virtual workforce, Internxt is a great solution to use. It enables conducting audio-visual meetings with both small and big groups. Because of artificial intelligence, the gadget may store your communications on the cloud. Its main benefit is that it keeps all member communications private. All files are encrypted to increase their security when connected online. You have the option of installing the app on your phone or computer or using it online.

9.  Tettra

Tettra keeps your private data on cloud servers. You can use it for distributing and organizing information as needed. It provides a single source for all of your storage requirements. You may want to keep a record of your work policies and procedures. This app allows you to do that and more. It can be used as a project management tool as well. It can be integrated with many technologies to enhance your team management capabilities. 

10. Clockwise

Why should work be boring and something that workers see as just another day full of tasks? With Clockwise, you can optimize team activities in a variety of ways. It offers personalized communication for your remote team. For example, a member can make an emoji and add it to their dashboard while they're away from work. Depending on the color or type of emoji, another user can quickly determine if a user is available or unavailable when they log in – and that might bring much-wanted happiness for them.

Remote work is in trend and it's set to dominate the work types in the coming years. The companies might have called in the employees to offices but remote work has not diminished in popularity. So as a future-oriented employer who values remote work and wants to do everything to ensure the engagement of remote teams, try these tools. You will see a better level of productivity in every way and of course, happy employees.


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