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Fluencer Fruit is a Google Chrome extension that helps people in the Amazon Influencer Program analyze products to find which ones have the highest earning potential. 

It shows important metrics like the total we can earn for a sale on a product, sales rank, if there is a video in the carousel, the number of competitor videos and more. 

This information can help influencers decide if an item is worth buying to review or help identify the earning potential of items they already own. 

In addition to helping with product research, Fluencer Fruit also provides advanced metrics on the Amazon influencer dashboard page. It adds information about video placement and conversion rates.


  • Easy to use and install
  • Works on single products or in bulk
  • Custom rating algorithm is top notch
  • Quickly see which items are worth reviewing
  • Amazing support (1 on 1 onboarding)
  • Provides your conversion and placement metrics 


  • No mobile app
  • "Expensive" for new influencers.
  • Some bugs (that are fixed promptly)
  • Not every Amazon page supported

If you aren't familiar with the Amazon influencer program, please go read this article first. It will explain why I'm so unbelievably excited when I talk about it. Once you've read that and decided you're ready to dive into the program, come back to this article! 

If you're already approved into the Amazon influencer program, let's dive into Fluencer Fruit so I can show you why you'll absolutely love it and how it will make you more commissions!

What Does Fluencer Fruit Do?

Fluencer Fruit is a chrome extension that shows information about Amazon products that can be helpful for Amazon influencers.

It has two core functions. 

(1) It helps you research and decide which products to review and...

(2) It shows you how your current products are appearing on Amazon and how well they're converting.

Let's dive deeper into each of these functions, starting with product research.

Fluencer Fruit for Product Research

Once you've installed the extension, Amazon.com product pages are going to look different. They'll now include useful metrics that can help you when deciding if an item is worth reviewing or not. 

This works on individual product pages, but also on category and best seller pages, so you can analyze many items at once.

Here is what you'll see on a basic product page if you have everything turned on inside of Fluencer Fruit. 

Fluencer Fruit Data

The data shown will vary slightly based on whether your looking at a specific product listing or a page with multiple ASINs listed.

The data currently shown is:

  • Fluencer Fruit Score - This is the real differentiator. Fluencer Fruit uses an in house proprietary formula to grade items on a scale of 0-100. The best items for reviewing typically have a 70 score or higher. 
  • Upper Carousel - Having our videos appear here is a massive advantage. We should always prioritize items that have the potential for carousel placement, and Fluencer Fruit shows us that.
  • Videos in the Upper Carousel - How much competition is there? The product in the example above has just 2 videos and they are both from the brand. That is a great sign for us. 
  • Influencer Videos - How many other influencer videos have already been published to this product?
  • Brand Videos - Our videos always appear after the brand videos, so it's nice to know how many there are. 
  • ASIN - We can click and copy the asin from any page. This comes in quite handy when uploading reviews and tagging items.
  • Upper Carousel (Yes or No) - Videos in the upper carousel earn 8X more sales. Knowing if the carousel is available and if there are other videos listed on it is a critical piece of information.
  • JS Monthly Sales and Daily Sales- This feature requires a Jungle Scout account. You can learn more about Jungle Scout here, but the $29/month plan will suffice. This is a huge advantage, but remember, Amazon does now show estimated sales on many product pages and if you understand sales ranks, you can estimate total units sold per month. 
  • Influencer Commission Percentage and Total Commission Per Sale - See how much you'd earn for an onsite sale at the current buy box price of the item you're researching.
  • Influencer Commission Category - Categories all pay different commission rates. Knowing which category an item falls into can he useful. 
  • Affiliate Commission Percentage and Total Commission Per Sale - See how much you'd earn for an offsite sale at the current buy box price of the item you're researching. Remember, the rates for offsite and onsite are different, with offsite paying quite a bit more in most cases. 
  • Affiliate Commission Category - Categories all pay different commission rates. Knowing which category an item falls into can he useful. 
  • Rating - This is the actual product rating from customer reviews.
  • First Available - See when the listing first went live on Amazon.
  • BSR - See the sales rank and sub category rank. 
  • Low Stock (Yes or No) - No one likes reviewing products that go out of stock!
  • Sponsored - See if sales are being artificially boosted as a result of PPC ads. This could mean that reviewing an item might not have the best long term potential.
  • JS in FF - This isn't actually a data point, it will just toggle on or off the appearance of the JS data on the page. 

If that feels like too much information, don't worry! We can toggle on or off any of the points we want. For example, I don't care about the affiliate commission percentages, just the influencer commission ones, so I hide those.

The extension shows this data in two ways. 

In addition to overlaying the information, we can also view data about all of the items on any page by clicking the Fluencer Fruit banana icon. 

When we click on that, it will show us data for every product that is listed on the page we're viewing. It will look like this...

This table can be sorted by any of the available metrics. By default, it sorts by Fluencer score.

What Is a Good Fluencer Rating?

Liz suggests in some of her videos that Fluencer Fruit scores above 70 are ideal. I agree with this and have yet to have an item with a Fluencer score over 70 receive 0 sales. 

Items below 50 are red flags to me in most cases.

I've seen sales on items with much lower scores though, so don't feel the need to follow it exclusively. Take into consideration things like estimated total sales (your earnings are always tied to how much an item can sell per month) and the availability of carousel placement. 

Ways to Use Fluencer Fruit for Product Research

Let's get into a few specific ways that I use Fluencer fruit for selecting which products are worth reviewing.

Fluencer Fruit Tactic #1 Analyze Previous Orders

The best products to review when getting started with the program are the ones that you already own. 

Fluencer Fruit makes this easy because it works on your orders page. This is going to help you find the low hanging fruit products that are (hopefully) still in your house!

Here's an example of a couple of items on my orders page. 

Fluencer Fruit Orders

Of course, you don't need to have purchased an item from Amazon to review it, but this is a great starting point! 

Fluencer Fruit Tactic #2 Analyze Before Making a Purchase

Once you've started using Fluencer Fruit, you'll never shop the same way again. Now, if I need something, I check with Fluencer Fruit first.

Of course, this doesn't work for very specific things you want like an iPad or specific pair of shoes, but it does help if you're not choosy about which item you're getting. 

For example, let's say I want to buy some tattoo cream. 

I'd search for the phrase "tattoo cream" and then click on the Fluencer Fruit banana to get a bulk analysis of all the items on that page. 

By default, it filters by the FF Score, but I can also filter by daily sales, etc. 

Fluencer Fruit Demo

Based on this data, I'd probably get the Tattoo After brand. It sells a ton, has an open video carrousel and could absolutely pay for itself relatively quickly if everything goes right. 

Fluencer Fruit Tactic #3 Research Existing Products Before Reviewing

Although creating more reviews seems better on the surface, it's not always so. If you blindly review everything in your home, you'll end up with a LOT of products that generate no commissions. Life is short, if we can avoid wasting time on these, we can use that time and energy on the items that do make money!

With Fluencer Fruit, type in the product your thinking of reviewing on Amazon search before you review it. 

Simply type in the product and find it's match on Amazon and check the score before committing to the review. 

Easy (banana) peasy!

Fluencer Fruit for Analyzing Existing Video Placement and Conversion Rates

Now let's dive into the second core use of Fluencer Fruit: analyzing your metrics. 

Fluencer Fruit changes the way that your manage content page looks. It adds additional information that Amazon has withheld for whatever reason. 

We can now see conversion rate percentages for each item and their current video placements. 

Here is what the new dashboard will look like when adding Fluencer Fruit. 

Regularly analyzing your catalog of reviews will give you better insights into what's working and what isn't. 

To access this area, simply head to your storefront URL, click on "Manage Content" and then select "Video" from the drop down list.

Fluencer Fruit Discount

Use coupon code NATEMC501 at checkout for 50% off any annual plan. This discount is for life and will be applied to any yearly rebills! Cancel anytime and don't forget, Fluencer Fruit comes with a free 1-on-1 coaching call with creator, Liz Saunders.

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