The 7 Big Time SEO Mistakes I Made in My First 30 Posts

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“The Best Place to Hide a Dead Body, Is on the Second Page of Google.”

If you are experienced in search engine optimization, this site may make you cringe from time to time.

While I have learned a lot during my time as an entrepreneur, I am admittedly not experienced with current SEO best practices. I have decided that it is more important for me to do what I do well, (teach and write about business), and learn the SEO on the fly.

While I am still less than great at SEO application, I have learned a lot during the past 90 some days since the EntreResource blog took off.

Here are the biggest mistakes I have been making and how I will improve them.

In 90 more days, I hope to have a list even longer, but this is what I have for now.

Mistake #1 Not Using TITLE and ALT Tags in All of My Images

If an image doesn’t have tags, it is just an image. It will not provide any help driving traffic from search engines.Although it seems that image search is not a huge contributor to traffic, it does help. Every little bit helps!

How to add alt text to images

Mistake #2 Not Inspecting Links

I have had several broken URLs posted that I didn’t catch until later on. That is not helping me at all.

Also, when I have outbound links that take you off EntreResource, it hurts my bounce rate.

Mistake #3 Not Focusing on Inbound Link Building 

I didn’t understand the importance of linking to other posts within my site in new posts.

In my defense, I didn’t have many to reference, but now I do. I now try to reference at least 2 relevant inbound links in each post.

Mistake #4 Not Creating More Enticing Headlines

I have treated my blog posts from the standpoint of, “this is what I would want to read,” BUT there is so much other noise out there, I need to do more to get eyes on my articles.

It doesn’t matter how cool or useful I think my articles are if no one is clicking on them!I have now begun using headline-analyzer for each of my headlines. My goal now is to have all my articles score at least 70+Here are some of the scores of my posts:

I will have most likely changed the headlines of some of these by the time you’re reading this. Maybe another SEO mistake? We will see…

5. Not Targeting the Right Keywords

I know the keywords I would like to rank for, but I haven’t done myself any favors from an SEO standpoint because the ones I use are far too competitive.

Poor keyword choice

6. Not Linking to Outbound Links with Anchor Text

I have had several articles in which I wanted to share an outbound link and used text like “click here” for the URL.

While that may get more clicks, it is an SEO mistake.

Read more on about why anchor text is important for SEO. <– I think that is good anchor text? 🙂 

7. Not Compressing My Images to Boost Load Speed

Google is open about favoring sites with faster loading times. I had several images that were MBs, not KBs! I now try and keep my photos below 70 KBs.

Tools to Compress Blog Images

The tool I use currently is There are several other options I haven’t tried, but this has done the trick.There are plenty of other ways to improve your page speed as well.

What's Next?

I am looking very forward to the many posts to come and want to thank those of you that have supported this blog and visited it in spite of my amateur SEO work.

Do you see other SEO mistakes I am making? Please, let me know in the comments below!

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