[Typeforms Tutorial] How I Get 50+ Email Subscribers Per Day with Simple Typeforms

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Most people know Typeforms as the tool that helps you collect information through nice looking web-based forms. This is typically for boring but important stuff like "review your time working with us," or "tell us your availability for the week." It isn't usually sexy. 

I drew outside the lines a bit though and found a new way to use Typeforms that actually is obscenely sexy. The method has earned me $1,000s of dollars in a niche I normally don't even target AND helped me to grow my email list by 50+ subscribers per day. 

Wanna see what I did? 

Let's go!

Here's What I Made

The premise of this tool revolved around a simple trick that lets YouTubers create custom URLs that automatically prompt users to subscribe to their channels when they click on them.

Creating these links is simple. The formula is just channel URL + a tiny bit of code at the end (?sub_confirmation=1). You can click here to see what mine looks like if you're curious, but what it does isn't what really matters for the sake of this post. 

Here's what the tool looks like when I embed it onto my pages.

Click here (will open in a new tab) to see how I actually deploy it on the blog post that attracts all the visitors. 

Here's Why I Did It

The blog post that I chose to include the widget inside of was already getting a good bit of organic traffic. 

AHREFs results of a page

AHREFs wasn't giving this article the credit it deserved either... Way more traffic was coming in than it reported.

Google Search Console Results

Side Note: This is why you shouldn't trust AHREFs blindly. Google Search Console shows WAY more clicks to this page than AHREFs estimates.

However, it wasn't driving leads. It was just showing the method and was doing nothing else. 

So, I decided that adding the generator would not only improve the value of the post, it would also be a tremendous lead magnet.

I was mildly concerned that embedding the widget straight into the page might hurt the load time and harm me from an SEO perspective, but that wasn't the case. The page has only grown month over month in terms of organic reach since I added the widget.

This is another one of the many reasons I love Typeforms. They don't weigh down your site.

Here's How I Made It

The beauty of this is that the process was painfully easy. This Typeform is literally only 2 inputs and then a dynamic output. 

Typeform Use

Input #1 (Type = Long Text) "Enter Your YouTube Channel URL

Input #2 (Type =Email Address) "Enter Your Email Address" 

Output = Recall Answer to Input #1 + "?sub_confirmation=1"

The widget won't run if they don't provide an email address. 

The email address is then integrated on the backend to my ConvertKit account so all subscribers are then funneled into a email sequence related to YouTubing.

YouTube Sequence

What makes this possible and responsive is the ability to recall inputs. I'm able to plug the input from #1 into an automated thank you message that then adds that tiny little snippet to it and boom, active auto-subscribe link. 


Obviously I had a uniquely opportune situation to capitalize on since I already had tons of traffic coming in to my auto-subscribe post. However, I hope you don't let that deter you from seeing the potential case uses you might have with your own Typeform widget. 

Take 15 minutes and ponder over the question, "is there room somewhere in my business for a simple widget like this one?" 

  • Do you have content that could benefit from a similar widget being added?
  • Do you have content ideas that could drive traffic to a similar widget idea?
  • Do you have your own in house tool that could be made public through Typeforms and shared for others?

If you can't think of anything right now, there will likely be one some time down the road, so stay vigilant!

Click here to check out Typeform (although you can accomplish what I did with other tools as well, I just am obsessed with Typeform). 

As always, thanks for reading 🙂

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