Lean Domain Search | How I Use It to Find the Best Available Domain Names

How to Find Great Available Domain Names

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Finding a great domain name is easy if you're willing to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to buy the obvious ones that someone else is squatting on to resell!  Fortunately, there are tools that make it easy to find domain names that are both available and priced at the base rates (usually below 10 dollars). The tool I use is called LeanDomainSearch.com. 

What Is LeanDomain Search

Lean Domain Search is a free web based application that lets you find domain names that include key terms. 

For example, let's say that I'm creating a new blog about baseball. I'd start by typing in the keyword "baseball" into the LeanDomainSearch.com search bar.

Lean Domain Search Tutorial

Once I do that, LeanDomainSearch will provide me with a bunch of potential domain names I can choose from.

Lean Domain Search Ideas

The best part is that it only shows available domains, and none of them are premium. This means you'll pay the basic rates.

Filtering with Lean Domain Search

You can take things a step further and filter out domains in several ways. 

Lean Domain Search Filter

You can filter by...

  • Popularity -  This is based on the root terms added after the keywords. For example, domains starting with simple words like air or site will show up long before less common terms like quantumleap. This is the default filter. 
  • Length - Show shorter domains first. Shorter domains are usually more valuable and relatively better, so I like this filter. 
  • Alphabetical - No need to expand on this concept. 🙂 
  • Starts with or Ends with Search Term - See domains that include your term at the beginning or at the end. 

Use these filters, and take some time to scroll through the list of ideas. You might be pleasantly surprised at what is actually available. 

A Word on Buying Domains

Lean Domain Search monetizes by sending visitors to BlueHost through their affiliate link. Although BlueHost is fine, I highly recommend buying your domains through WPX Hosting

Don't worry though, any domain that is available on BlueHost will also be available on WPX. 

It's just a much faster service that has far better customer support. 

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