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Confession: I have outsourced a couple of articles on this blog. Although I write 97% of everything ever posted here, I'm not above outsourcing articles that I know my readers want to read, but that I don't want to write. 

I've used another content marketplace before called TextBroker (read my TextBroker review here). My experience with TextBroker was basically this:

  • The premium content (four and five star writers) was a little pricey by was pretty good although it still needed a bit of editing on my end before I could share it. 
  • The "sub premium" content was total garbage that wasn't worth the digital ink it was written in. 

So, I was willing to keep an open mind and check around to see if there were any other, possibly better alternatives. That's how I stumbled upon Constant Content.

TL;DR Constant Content Review

Originally Posted: May, 2019

Is It Recommended? It is worth a shot but I won't be using them exclusively. 

Who Should Use It? Niche bloggers who have small budgets and defined topics.

Pricing: Varies. I paid $50 for a 1500 word piece.

Summary: The Constant-Content service was not terrible but it didn't leave me impressed. Although it only gets 4 stars, that is still the highest rating I have given a content service.

My Experience Buying from

Constant Content had immediately noticeable differences from TextBroker. 

First, it came off as far less professional than TextBroker (which I didn't mind). Unlike TextBroker which seems to target a more corporate type of client (they offer the ability to hire entire content teams) Constant Content didn't have such an option.

They did however have an option that TextBroker doesn't, buying pre-written content. This is NOT something I'd normally did. Most prewritten content is total garbage and runs the risk of being duplicated on other sites (which could lead to Google penalties). 

Let's get back to my experience and the flow of creating an account. 

Creating my Constant-Content Account

Creating a buyer's account was free but in order to see full articles (an option that surprised me) I had to purchase $25 in credits and forward the receipt to them.

Constant-Content Approval

I'm really uncertain why this verification was necessary and if someone from Constant Content is reading, please feel free to comment with an answer 🙂

The receipt took awhile to actually get to my inbox and when it did, it wasn't labeled from Constant-Content. It came from "SafeCart." 

Then after purchasing the initial $25, I had to wait for the next $100 to get approved. 

So yeah, that was a little annoying but not a deal breaker. I'm here for the content, I can over look some mild workflow head scratchers.


Placing the order was very easy. I used the "casting call" option which allows people to apply for my gig. There were other options that were likely more involved but this is what I wanted. 

Constant Content Job Post

After selecting the public request type (I have no private writers to contact yet) I was prompted to provide some information about my article request.

I kept it simple and told them that I wanted an article similar to another article on deal sites that I found that was getting great traffic. 

Constant-Content Job Post

If this was a more important article, I would have gone into more detail. Yes, I was a little bit lazy on this one. 

Constant Content Orders Page

After posting the job, it was time to sit back and see what sort of writer's I was gonna catch.

This part took a bit longer than I expected. After 4 days, I had received a whopping 2 submissions. I reviewed the two who applied and hired the one who seemed more promising.

Constant Content

I got the article extremely quickly. This part I liked, I was able to actually see 75% of the article before I paid for it. 

As a writer myself, I'd never be ok with this, but as a buyer, sure. 

So, I approved of the piece and bought it for $50. I barely checked the content, it was enough to work with for $50. I always expect to do some editing on each piece I buy so this really was a steal at this price.

I received the finished work as a downloadable folder that included a .doc with the blog post content and then 15 images that would be added to the article. 

Inspecting the Quality of My CONSTANT-CONTENT ARTICLE 

Now, the part that you're probably most curious about, was the content any good?

The answer, it was great for $50 and such a fast turnaround. 

I ran the content through one of my favorite new softwares, ProWriterAid and got a content grade for the piece.

While a 65 overall might not sound awesome, it is actually better than most blog posts you'll find on similar sites. The grade also didn't factor in the fact that the article was still formatted in a draft mode and had some loose URLs and things floating around. 

After just a few minor improvements, I got the ratings up to much more respectable numbers.

Here is the final blog post...Is it going to win awards? No, but it is a nice little piece that I expect to rank well.

Deal Sites Like RetailMeNot

Final Review of Constant Content

Here is what you should know about Constant Content:

  • I will most likely use them again (I still have $75 in credits)
  • The content was very affordable and required minimal editing
  • The process of getting started was clunky but not a deal breaker

There are Constant Content alternatives like TextBroker you should also check out. Click here to read my full review of TextBroker.

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