TextBroker Review | Is It a Viable Option for Buying Content for Your Website?

Textbroker Review

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Truth #1: Many of the popular bloggers you follow outsource their content creation. 

Truth #2: Buying content for your website is risky and most writers aren't very good. 

I like to consider myself the last of a dying breed of bloggers who do write a majority of their own content. 

I enjoy it. 

That being said, I have outsourced a number of articles using TextBroker.com and my results have been hit and miss. 

I'll explain how I've used TextBroker, the quality of their work and whether or not it actually recommend it (spoiler, I don't recommend it for most websites, more on why shortly). 

By first, let me explain what TextBroker is.

What Is TextBroker

TextBroker is a service that connects writers with people looking for content. 

In addition to blog posts, you can also purchase another of other writing services.

  • General template (I honestly have no idea what the heck this is)
  • Basic short blog post
  • Blog (This is for longer posts but it isn't explained well in the description)
  • Blog ideation
  • Order guidelines (Again, I don't understand what this really means)
  • Press release
  • Product description
  • Social media Facebook 
  • Social media Twitter
  • Website content (I don't know how this differs from the blog post options). 

So, right out of the gate, Text Broker starts off the buyer experience on a strange foot with confusing task options. 

TextBroker Review

A minor issue that I'm willing to overlook as long as the articles I purchase are high quality (again, more on that shortly). 

Whichever option you choose, Textbroker.com provides buyers with a number of additional options and order customizations. 

Here is what the order page looks like when I have ordered blog posts in the past..

TextBroker Order

You can choose:

  • Project category
  • Writer quality level (1-5)
  • Word count
  • Processing time
  • Keywords to target

There is a template order briefing that you can customize to your liking (I have always simplified it). 

Pricing for orders varies based on the word count and writer quality level.

TextBroker Writer Quality

TextBroker quality

Quality levels 2-3 are essentially a joke (there is no level 1).

I wouldn't use these levels even if I was trying to load a spam site with filler content. 

It is clear these levels are written by people who don't speak english as their first language. 

"Quality levels 2-3 are essentially a joke...I wouldn't use these levels even if I was trying to load a spam site with filler content."

The only reason I even bothered ordering content from this quality level was for the purpose of this review. I could tell by the quality of the level 4 and level 5 work I had ordered that anything below that was likely going to be really, really bad. 

Level 4 is acceptable if your ok with doing a lot of editing (I plan on doing a lot more editing than most people do anyway, more on that next). 

Level 5 is close to good. The writing I've had has still come off as a bit awkward and the author's knowledge of the topic of the posts has always come off as lacking. 

The price difference between level 4 and level 5 is steep. 

At the time of this writing, a 800-1000 word blog post at level 4 costs $26.75.

The same blog post at level 5 costs around $79.55 (3x the price of a level 4).

In fairness to TextBroker, there are many different writers and some will inevitably be better than others. If you use the service a lot, you will notice the better writers and can start sending them work directly instead of making it available to everyone. 

How I've Used TextBroker

Based on my experiences, I cannot trust TextBroker enough to recommend it highly to my followers BUT I do use it occassionally in certain circumstances. 

I will use TextBroker to create a "starting point" for an article that is on a dry topic that I know will rank highly in search engines. 

Of the content I get, I revise/rewrite at least 30% to 40% of it. 

I would NEVER recommend using TextBroker content without revising the hell out of it first. 

"I would NEVER recommend using TextBroker content without revising the hell out of it first."

Since I use Thrive Themes, I need to format the content I'm given anyway (authors don't add images for me). So, while I'm formatting, I also edit and revise. I do my best to add my voice into the dry content written by authors who don't know me or my audience. 

Here is an overview of the process I have used:

1. Do quality keyword research.

I use a combination of KW Finder and Ahrefs for keyword research.  

2. Find article topics that could rank for these keywords.

I'll brainstorm article ideas that will rank for the keywords that I see are being searched AND can realistically be ranked highly for.  

3. If the content is dry and I don't have a great deal of time, I will outsource it.

If it is something I am passionate about, I will write it myself. 

4. Revise and reformat the content I've ordered.

I never trust the quality of these articles and wouldn't blindly share them with my readers. 

Here are the articles that I have used with this method here on EntreResource.com. 

The article on shipping rates has been an amazing source of traffic for me. I knew that the article would drive a great deal of traffic and the topic was extremely dry and didn't require much personalization.

It has ranked now for 5,300 different keywords and generates 1400 organic page views per month!

This was a result of good keyword research rather than high quality content writing, but still, not too shabby. 

Ahrefs Report
Article Rank

That article ranks for 534 keywords and drives 108 organic page views per month. 

Again, a result of quality keyword research, but I did enjoy outsourcing such dry content. 

Just because content is dry doesn't mean that my readers won't find it valuable. But, that doesn't mean I need to write every word of it myself. 

Final Word: Is Text Broker Legitimate?

TextBroker is good, not great. 

Depending on your goals, it may be a resource worth considering, but you will most likely get B to C level content regardless of the level you choose. 

If you're ok with a lot of revision, it may still be worth your time. 

If you're goal is to fill a site with filler content (not something I recommend) TextBroker could work, but somewhere like Fiverr my be an even more cost effective option if you don't care about quality. 

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  1. Hello,As a Texbroker writer, I will say that you are very correct on some aspects and horribly wrong on others. I am a writer with 40-plus years of experience, and guess what? I can't advance to a level 5 because I am no good at taking their tests, plus the powers-that-be they expect writers to be absolutely perfect, i.e., if you type something like care and not “car,' you can't move up, if you don't catch it. It's inane. They don't give a damn about how good your writing is. They only care about picayune things. It's a nice place to do rote material, but that is about it.

  2. Yeah, you’re not going to get that high of quality from Textbroker. For what it’s worth, the site was better in its earlier days, but it is constantly changing for the worst. The authors have to write according to the specific style that the company prefers. The Textbroker company rating of the authors determines the star level as opposed to the client rating.

  3. Hi! Glad I came across this article. I was just about to sign up as a writer for Textbroker. I really don’t have any professional writing experience. I am an at-home mom and am looking to do some work from home. People have often told me I should write so I’ve been looking! I love doing research, especially medical and health. Where would be a good place to start? I’m looking to get my feet wet. It could be the smallest job and I wouldn’t care. I just want to get some experience and welcome constructive criticism.

  4. Hey Nate, nice to hear you use Textbroker for the same purpose as me! Sometimes topics that rank well are boring or require parts where my addition doesn’t matter, for the rest it’s well worth for the price.

  5. We have found it hard to get a writer who sounds like they have a clue about the industry they are writing about. We are in the auto repair shop market and it seems to be tough to find a writer who makes content that sounds even vaguely readable to the market.Like you I always do heavy editing and usually end up doubling the size of the content I receive. I am always surprised to see the emails from ahrefs for the keywords the content does rank for.

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