10 Best Books on How to Sell on Amazon in 2024

Best Amazon FBA Books

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The best way to learn how to sell on Amazon is to go out and get your hands dirty. Trial and error baby!

However, it would be crazy to go out and make more errors than we need and there are several books that we can read to give ourselves an advantage. Here are the top 10 books that will help you learn how to sell on Amazon.

Note: The problem with writing books about selling on Amazon is that Amazon changes rapidly. Much of what was relevant when I started over a decade ago is no longer applicable. Fees, restrictions etc. change. So, I've done my best to only include books that have been published recently or recently updated. 

Arbitrage by Chris Green

Arbitrage by Chris Green

This book has been the gateway for countless Amazon sellers. If you trace back the origins of Amazon arbitrage, it will lead you to Chris Green and this book. 

Ignore any reviews prior to 2020 that mention that the book is outdated. It has been updated and the content is relevant. 

This book covers retail arbitrage mostly, but it is also just a good explanation of the process of buying and flipping items on Amazon. 

If you weren't more specific tutorials on online arbitrage, Chris has another book titled "Online Arbitrage" that focuses specifically on the online arbitrage process.  


  • 4.5 star average review from 1,138 total ratings on Amazon
  • Available for free to Kindle Unlimited members
  • Originally published in 2012 but updated in 2020

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Amazon Selling Blueprint by Scott Voelker

Amazon Selling Blueprint Cover

I read through this book this year when I was researching some new material for my ultimate guide to private label selling. 

This book is a gem. Voelker gives extremely specific guidelines for what to buy, how to get it, how to price it and everything in between. 

This book is aimed at sellers who want to do private label, but it has some general seller value as well. 


  • 4.6 star average rating out of 1,246 ratings on Amazon.
  • Focused on private label selling.
  • Scott's podcast The Amazing Seller was one of my favorite Amazon podcasts when it was on air. He has since rebranded it to Rock Your Brand podcast.

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Ride the Amazon Wave: The Pro Seller's Guide to Private Label Success Paperback by Tomer Rabinovich 

Ride the Amazon Wave Cover

Another book that is focused on Private Label almost exclusively. A good read after you've read Amazon Selling Blueprint if you want some additional perspectives on the private label process. 

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Selling on Amazon For Dummies 

Selling on Amazon for Dummies Cover

The "for dummies" series can often be over-simplified and drawn out. This book isn't much different than what you'd expect. 

It hasn't been updated since 2020, but most of the content is still applicable. 

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Product Research 101: Find Winning Products to Sell on Amazon and Beyond

Amazon Product Research 101

Not a long read, but plenty of useful nuggets for learning how to source products for your Amazon business.

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ABC's of FBA Seller's Guide to FBA Small and Light by Nicole Barton


A super short book but extremely valuable. Small and light items are the secret sauce for many Amazon sellers and this book gives some awesome insights into the art of sourcing them. 

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The Reseller’s Guide to a Year in FBA by Stephen Smotherman

A year in FBA Ebook

We're about to go on a run of Stephen Smotherman books. You won't find his books on Amazon however. He sells them on his website and bundles them with additional bonuses and video trainings in most cases. 

This book breaks down selling on Amazon month by month. It gives advice for selling in January, February, March etc. There is no other book that does this. 


  • 275+ pages.
  • Includes invites to live webinars each year.
  • Provides specific tips on each of the 12 months of the year.
  • Free updates yearly.
  • 20+ hours of video training.

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Next Level Amazon by Stephen Smotherman

Next Level Amazon Book

This book and course is focused on helping Amazon sellers learn to scale their businesses. It isn't a beginners program, it's for sellers who have gotten started but feel that they're plateauing and need something to change. 


  • 160+ page ebook.
  • 5+ hours of video training. 
  • Updated yearly.

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Resellers Guide to Replenishables by Stephen Smotherman

One final Ebook/course hybrid from Stephen Smotherman. This one teaches how to find every Amazon seller's favorite thing, replenishables. 

Replenishables are items that we can buy repeatedly and sell on Amazon over and over. 


  • 90+ full-color pages.
  • 3.5 hours of video that correspond with the ebook content. 
  • Updated in 2023 (and every year).

Tactical Arbitrage Playbook by Christopher Grant

Tactical Arbitrage Playbook

If you're a Tactical Arbitrage user, this ebook will show you some useful tips and tricks for getting more out of the software. 

Check It Out Here

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