40+ Amazingly Useful FREE Websites for Entrepreneurs

Useful and Free Websites for Entrepreneurs in 2022

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Don't you just love when you find a handy new tool for your business? It's even better when they're free!

We've done the testing and digging around for you to bring the best, most useful websites for internet that are free.

Note: This is websites only. There are no mobile apps or extensions. Comment below if you'd like that video (we'd love to make that video).

Also, we're gonna gloss over the big names that we know you've heard off like...

We're trying to get you exposure to awesome ones that somehow snuck under the radar that we have actually tested and find valuable.

Some cool sites that were difficult to use or just not worth the effort were ignored.

As were any tools that can be better done with a more common free approach (like reverse image search on google) we've left off the list.

Grab This Tool First!

The drawback to most of the free websites I'm going to show you is that many of them require you to create a login. Although it's a super small inconvenience, the first tool on this list saves you the inconvenience of being added to yet another email list or sales funnel.

It's called BugMeNot

Oh, and while we're on the topic of gray hat loopholes, also check out 12ft.io. It's  another a free tool that helps you get behind paywalls for some major websites and platforms.

Finance Websites

Short Reckonings -Short Reckonings is a free Web tool that helps you manage shared expenses. It calculates the fewest number of payments needed to reconcile the debts. Its light and fast user interface makes it ideal for roommates, travel buddies, family members and event organisation.

Invoicely- This website is a free invoice generator for your online business.

Design Websites

Remove.bg- This website quickly removes the background from desired images and gives you a transparent image with a flexible foreground.

Autodraw- Autodraw is a really nifty drawing tool that can be used to make your own drawings for free. definitely really fun and really useful.

CopyChar- With this website, you can quickly add any symbol, emoji, or special character that you can think of to your clipboard. It is incredibly useful, especially if you want to optimize your text.

App.Diagrams.Net- This website is a great resource for forming the perfect flowchart every single time. Whatever your day to day work looks like, it can always be optimized with a good flowchart.

Calligraphr- This is a really cool website because it lets you turn your handwriting into your very own typeable font. 

Print What You Like- With this website, you can turn an ad-ridden blog post into a clean document ready for your printer.

Smart Mockups-Smartmockups enables you to create stunning high-resolution mockups right inside your browser within one interface across multiple devices.

Archive.org (Way Back Machine) - See snapshots of what websites looked like in the past. 

Productivity Websites

Stickk- Do you have a goal you ned to commit to, but you just don't have the incentive structure to do so? Well that is where StickK comes in. join the ever growing community and turn your custom journey into an interactive, cooperative challenge

E.ggtimer- Super straightforward. It's just a web-based countdown timer but I dig it. 

Utility Websites

PrivNote- This is a really cool way to send a disposable message for ultimate privacy. Simply fill out the note and it will generate a link that can only be viewed once before deleting itself.

FaxZero-FaxZero lets you send faxes from anywhere for free. There will be a FaxZero watermark on the free fax, but they offer a paid version with no watermark.

SnapDrop- SnapDrop is an app that lets you share files with anyone else who has the app. Think of it kind of like Apple's AirDrop.

PDF Escape- PDF-Escape lets you upload and edit incomplete or incorrect PDFs with relative ease.

YouTuber Websites

ThumbsUp.TV - See what your thumbnails and titles will look like on YouTube before you publish them.

GetThumbs- This Website lets you paste the URL to a desired youtube video and grab the thumbnails for free. This is really useful if you have a great thumbnail from youtube that you want to use again elsewhere.

Videvo- Videvo is an awesome online catalogue of free stock videos with beautiful quality and variety.

Jitter- Jitter is a really cool design tool that lets you make your own content animations. With this website, you can transform images, text and other stagnant content into dynamic and engaging assets to your video.

YT5S - Download YouTube videos as MP3s or MP4s for free. You do have to dance around some spammy pop-ups, but it does work. Also, quick hack, you can just add 5S after the "YouTube" part of a URL and it will take you straight to this page. I demo that in the YouTube short below. 

Marketing Websites

Keyword Toaster- KeywordToaster lets you organize, sort, and edit your list of keywords as needed.

GMass Email Deliverability Checker- GMass is a great resource for figuring out how your email broadcasts look to the average member and where they land; inbox, spam, or promotions.

SwipeFile - A massive, free collection of marketing and advertising materials you can use as inspiration. Read more about swipe files here.

Random Name Generator - Create random names for characters. 

Lean Domain Search - Find available domain names that use the keywords you specify. Read more about lean domain search here.

NameCheckr - Similar to Lean Domain Search but this website lets you see which user names (handles) are available on the big name social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and over a dozen others. 

Social Media Websites

All-Hashtag - Create lists of relevant or trending hashtags.

Facebook Debugger Tool - Fix the way that URLs you post to Facebook appear. 

Writing Websites

Hemingway App - Live writing editor shows you how easy your content is to read and other opporunities for improvement. 

Cliche Finder - Cliches can be over used but sometimes, they're nice to include. This is the vault of all known English cliches.

Sharethrough Headline Anlyzer - Write headlines for blog posts, videos or ads and see how the tool grades them. It's not perfect but it's useful. 

Coschedule Headline Analyzer - Similar to sharethrough headline analyzer but much better. See scores and suggestions for beefing up your Titles. I wrote a detailed coschedule review for you to check out.

Random Websites

Here are some tools that are extremely useful but pretty niche. Basically, if you need it, you'll be obsessed. If not, click to the next timestamps.

Random.org - This website is great for generating random numbers of all kinds, from simple randomized selections, to fake lottery numbers, and even complex gaussian sequences. 

Mockaroo- A free test data generator and API mocking tool - Mockaroo lets you create custom CSV, JSON, SQL, and Excel datasets to test and demo your software.

Text Mechanic- This website is a text manipulation tool that can generate numbers and randomly sort lines of data for you.

Let Me Google That for You- lmgtfy stands for "Let Me Google That for You". It is a great way to quickly create a link to answer questions that you may come across. Wildly passive aggressive and we love it. 

Down for Everyone or Just Me- This is a great website to use if you are experiencing difficulty navigating a website. Sometimes it isn't just your wifi, the entire server could be down and you should make sure which situation is happening with this website.

DiffChecker- Diffchecker will compare text to find the difference between two text files. Just paste your files and click Find Difference

CloudConvert-CloudConvert is an online file converter. We support nearly all audio, video, document, ebook, archive, image, spreadsheet, and presentation formats.

This Person Does Not Exist- created as a warning against AI and its capabilities, this website generates an artificial image of a non-existant person every time you refresh the page.

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