Bullet Proof Coffee and Athletic Greens

By Nate McCallister

Last Updated February 10, 2021

I admit, I can be an impressionable buyer. When one of my heroes shares something, I almost always test it out myself .

Well Pat Flynn and Tim Ferriss EACH recommended Athletic Greens so in spite of the fact that it looked like dog shit and was more expensive than bat shit (coffee reference), I had to give it a shot. 

I am glad I did...

Athletic Greens is a super-dense green cocktail that is (supposedly) chalked full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other good stuff that requires an understanding of nutrition that is well over my pay grade.

"It couldn't hurt to try," I figured. Maybe it does nothing, but I doubted it would make me sick or anything serious. 

I started by taking just 1 scoop first thing in the morning with ice cold water. 

To my surprise, it actually didn't taste half bad. You wouldn't catch me sipping on it like kool-aid (funny word choice, as I was drinking the Athletic Green's kool-aid so to speak) but it wasn't vomit inducing. 

Pros and Cons of Athletic Greens

  • I no longer needed any sort of mid-day nap. I am not proud to say that I (a 27 year old man) felt compelled to take mid day cat naps like a heroine addict, but I did. After I started taking Athletic Greens, the naps went away. Even if the benefits stopped there, I would have considered this a "win" purchase because 30-60 mins of additional work each day (the amount of time I was napping) was well worth the cost. 
  • I felt heightened mental clarity. Was this a placebo? Perhaps, but the fact is that I have produced some of the best work of my life since I started taking 2 scoops of Athletic Greens on an empty stomach in the AM.  I wasn't finding myself stuck trying to remember words when I was writing or names when I was at conferences. I'll take it. 
  • My desire for Nicotine decreased dramatically. I have struggled for years with an addiction to chewing tobacco (I know...I know). Taking Athletic Greens made the desire to have a dip shrink and now, I am off it completely. Yay. 
  • It is expensive. Many of my readers will not be pumped to see that Athletic Green's is a bit pricey. I just tell people who ask, it is your health, it is worth it. If this keeps you out of the doctor just once, it may pay itself off.
  • Serving sizes are a bit misleading. This goes back to price again. For my readers who are over 170 pounds or are extremely active, you should be taking 2 scoops. That means 2x the cost. Still, worth it. It won't hurt you to just take 1 scoop, but 2 is ideal.

I like it. I'm not going to scream it from the roof tops but I'll continue to buy it for myself!

Ok, let's get into drink #2... Bullet Proof Coffee!

What is Bulletproof Coffee?

BulletProof Coffee is a mixture of the following:

  • Mold free coffee (most coffee has mold toxins in it).
  • MCT Oil
  • GrassFed Butter (yes, butter!)

The creator claims that drinking Bulletproof coffee first thing in the morning can lead to extreme weight loss, increased wellness, improved mental clarity and a litany of other desirable benefits and disease preventions.

I am still relatively new to Bulletproof coffee and haven't drank it enough yet to really speak to the results, but so far, I am loving it.

I hate eating breakfast! Bulletproof coffee replaces my breakfast.

I am currently taking Bulletproof coffee first thing in the morning and then taking my Athletic Greens around lunch time.

I am not sure if this is the ideal method yet (how to take Athletic Greens and Bulletproof coffee for optimal results isn't documented much yet) but it seems to be working fine. 

Pros and Cons of Bulletproof Coffee

  • It keeps me full for hours.  I find eating to be an inconvenience. Don't get me wrong, I love food, but I'd love to want it less. It wastes so much time and energy. 
  • It tastes really good. This might be an acquired taste but I really enjoy it.
  • It is backed by a lot of research. The concept is going mainstream now, but there is plenty of data and research showing that the methods of the bulletproof diet are safe and effective.
  • It's easy to prepare. You brew the coffee, add the grass-fed butter and MCT Oil and then put the whole thing in a blender. The only problem for me is using blenders with the kids sleeping (#dadproblems). Once you have everything set up, the process should only take a few minutes to complete, which is well worth it and still much faster than preparing a full blown breakfast.
  • It's not as beneficial if you're not on a Keto diet.
  • Tolerance can vary and might lead to an upset stomach
  •  It doesn't travel well. I travel a lot so bringing this around with me isn't ideal. Buying the products on the road is nearly impossible and most places don't have a blender handy. 

How to Travel with Bulletproof Coffee

For Bulletproof coffee to be effective, it is important that you take it daily. If you are like me and travel a lot, this can be difficult. 

Here is my recommended method for traveling with Bulletproof coffee.

Step #1: Find out If Where You are Staying Has a Keurig or Traditional Coffee Pot.

If you are staying somewhere with neither, you are staying in the wrong places! I like the Keurig personally.

If you want to get crazy with it, you can even bring your own single serving K-Cup brewer (here is one I recommend, but there are smaller options as well). 

Step #2 Purchase Your Coffee Pods or Beans and Store Securely in Checked Luggage

I am traveling with K-Cups currently. If you will be staying for an extended period of time, you can have everything shipped to you via Amazon. 

Step #3: Purchase the Bulletproof Coffee Instamix 

If you don't want to carry around your MCT Oil and Grass Fed butter (which surprisingly, doesn't even need refrigerated), you can opt for the Bulletproof coffee instamix. This doesn't replace the mold-free coffee part. You have to supply that. 

This will replace the need for a blender.  If you do want to blend your coffee more thoroughly, you can purchase a blender bottle for less than $10 at GNC, Target, Walmart or many other stores that will most likely be near you wherever you travel. 

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  1. thanks for this post. too bad the standing desk didn’t work better for you. i was interested to read about your experience because a treadmill desk i used in the past worked well for me, but it’s way too expensive to buy to use at home. still looking for solutions. btw, i totally agree about the inconvenience of having to eat all the time.

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