5 Best (FREE) Ways to Learn Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Learn Affiliate Marketing Free

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I have a reputation for writing mega posts (3000-5000 words) but this post is going to be short and sweet. Here are the best free ways to learn affiliate marketing right now.

#1 Do It. Fail Forward. Don't Stop.

The BEST WAY to learn affiliate marketing is to just start. Taking action and learning from your successes and failures is the absolute best way to learn affiliate marketing. 

You could make a fortune as an affiliate marketing with 0 paid training. I only spent a modest amount on Udemy courses when I got started (under $90 total). As I scaled up, I started to invest in higher ticket programs like Liam James Kay's Master Natives program. 

Don't waste time on an expensive course until you learn enough about yourself by trying it on your own.

If you give up fast, you'd likely give up during a program too. 

It's amazing how much more attention and effort you'll put into something when you're investing your own time, energy and (here's a big one) money. 

I always tell new marketers to practice running paid ads to a product on Facebook or Google (within the terms of service of course). Spending a modest amount like $5-$10/day will get your attention. 

It's like getting around to fixing that hole in your boat when it's on land vs. when you're in it out in the ocean. 

There is nothing wrong with a little formal education.

#2 Network with Others Who Are Doing It

This is such an overlooked option for learning affiliate marketing (or any skill really). Find people who are already doing it and develop relationships with them. 

This doesn't mean you pester them with endless questions. It means creating a symbiotic relationship where you help them as often as they help you. 

I know I said "free" ways and although this won't require money, it does require effort to ensure you're creating relationships that others value as much as you do. 

Do things like...

  • Share the content of creators you connect with
  • Let them know when you like their work
  • Let the public know when you like their work (simple, honest comments on ads etc.)
  • Send them leads and referrals (if applicable)

You get the idea, right? Value, value, value. 

Since there are so many different affiliate marketing styles (organic traffic, SEO, paid traffic etc.) you can connect with people who are experienced in different fields.

#3 Facebook Groups

I was only turned on to the potential of native advertising through friendships I developed with other marketers in Facebook groups. 

My two favorite Facebook communities by the way are Automation Nation and Affiliate Profit's Mastermind.

#4 YouTube

There is a ton of great information on affiliate marketing on YouTube. Be careful though because there is also a ton of really bad information out there. 

Here are the channels that I follow and trust the most.

  • Ahrefs  - An SEO centric channel that also covers a wide array of related topics that will help your affiliate marketing business.
  • Pat Flynn - Formerly Smart Passive Income, Pat is a legend and the reason that I got into affiliate marketing in the first place. 
  • Automation Nation with Spencer Mecham - Spencer is my partner at 21dayblogs.com but is also one of the world's elite affiliate marketers and educators. He's earned over $3,000,000+ with just one affiliate program.
  • Liam James Kay - Liam focuses mainly on paid traffic strategies and his insights are tremendous.

There are other great ones but these are the only ones I know are consistently world class.

#5 Clickfunnels Affiliate BootCamp

Although I don't personally promote Clickfunnels like I once did, the Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp is very good.  

Affiliate Bootcamp

This program is focused around promoting the Clickfunnels software BUT the principles apply to any type of affiliate marketing.

I am not suggesting you go out and promote Clickfunnels like me UNLESS you are already using it. You can get the full benefit of the affiliate bootcamp training program even if you aren't planning on ever using or selling Clickfunnels. 

The reason this program is free is NOT because it is low quality. In fact, it is the HIGHEST quality affiliate training program I have ever taken.

It is free because the team at Clickfunnels wants all of their affiliates to be better at what they do!

Think about it... if they train all of their affiliates well, they will sell more subscriptions to Clickfunnels. They have every reason to NOT holdback anything in this free program (and they don't). 

The program will teach you...

  1. How to create paid ads that drive affiliate sales
  2. How to create email sequences that convert 
  3. How to create sales funnels that convert
  4. How to write sales copy that converts

The fact that this is free is just icing on the cake. 

The program is technically 100 days long but you can complete it at whatever pace you'd like.

Affiliate Bootcamp

Now, if you do decide to promote Clickfunnels (again, only promote it if you use it and love it) the benefits are great. 

You will receive 40% commissions (recurring) on all memberships and commissions on other Clickfunnels products.

This affiliate program has paid for my 2017 Mercedes C300 and earns me over $4,000 per month in commissions.

(I'm sorry if that sounds like a brag, I just want to show you the possibilities.)

Clickfunnels Affiliate

Once you get over 100 subscribers, you get a $500/month car payment...I used mine on this 2017 Mercedes C300.

Get over 200 subscribers and you can get a $1,000/month car payment covered!

Clickfunnels Dream Car
Nate McCallister

Of course, these results aren't typical...I have been busting ass for awhile in this affiliate marketing business. They are however possible and taking the affiliate bootcamp is going to greatly increase your chances of making it in this industry. 

Sound good?

Are you ready to join the best affiliate marketing program for beginners and intermediate marketers?

Click the link below to sign up for the free affiliate bootcamp!

Remember, if you're going to promote Clickfunnels (you don't have to) you need to use it. Click here to start a free 14 day trial.

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