3 Ways to Use Keyword Alerts to Improve Your Facebook Group

By Nate McCallister

Last Updated November 12, 2019

This month (November 2019) Facebook launched a new feature for Group owners called Keyword Alerts. Lots of people may overlook it but that would be a big mistake.

It has huge potential to:

  • Increase sales
  • Reduce negativity
  • Boost engagement

Before I get into the tips, let me explain how the feature works.

Facebook keyword alerts

What Are Facebook Group Keyword Alerts?

Facebook now allows some group owners to access a feature that sends them notifications when words that they choose are mentioned in posts and comments. 

To edit the keywords, head into your group, click on "...More" and then select "Edit Group Settings."

Edit Facebook Group Settings

Next, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll see where to add your keywords.

Group Keywords

You can see these notifications in your regular notification page or on the group page itself (admin and moderators are the only ones who can see this).

Keyword Alerts on FB Groups

Get notified when keywords are mentioned at the top of your group. 

You can then choose what to do based on the context of the keyword. 

What Are Facebook Keyword Alerts?

Easily choose to keep, delete or respond to comments or posts using your keywords. 

Now, let's get into some cool ways to leverage the new Facebook Group keyword alerts.

#1 Get Notified When Someone Uses Foul or Abusive Language

Cuss Words

First, I personally don't care about cuss words. However, I'd like to know when and where they're being used because an admin may need to intervene.

I aim to keep my group positive and welcoming to everyone. I have no interest in letting people insult other members or engage in overtly negative discussions. 

So, I've added the biggest cuss words as alerts. 

  • F*ck
  • F*cker
  • A**hole
  • F*ggot (instant ban)
  • N-word (instant ban)
  • B*tch 
  • P*ssy

This doesn't mean that I'll delete any comment or thread that uses them (with the two big exceptions mentioned above of course), but it's a good indicator I should at least check into the discussion. 


Facebook Alerts Keyword

I have multiple products that I sell and I want to know when people are talking about them. 


First, they may be interested in buying one of them. If they have questions, I want them to get answers.

Second, they may have support issues. I don't want to give the appearance that I leave my customers hanging when they have issues.


Usually people will tag me, but sometimes they will just say just my first name. If I'm in a discussion, I want to be in the discussion. 

Nate McCallister


What other ways can you use this awesome new feature? Let me know in the comments!

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