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Free Resources for Copywriters

Copywriting is perhaps the most overlooked components of successful business ventures.The ability to draft compelling content that sells your products or services is critical to your business success.

There is a mass gravesite of great products that don’t culminate into profits because they are not promoted correctly.

The following are my favorite free tools for copywriters. I use each of them when drafting my own web copy and I know you will find value in them as well.

I usually have a number like “10 Awesome Free Resources…,” because those get readers attention. However, I intend on adding to this post a lot this month so I am just leaving it open-ended. I am immersing myself in copywriting (reading the work and copy of Ray Edwards, David Ogilvy, Ann Handley, Robert W. Bly, Russell Brunson, and others), so there will surely be more coming! If you are a copywriter, Bookmark this article.

#1 Coschedule’s Headline Analyzer Tool.

This is a fantastic attempt at quantifying the art of headlines. While this isn’t perfect (math and the power of words are difficult to ever correlate perfectly) it is an awesome start and I have found headlines that score over 70 on this out perform my headlines that don’t.

Note: While this is far from a perfect algorithm, I always try and make sure my headlines rank above 70 when graded. This makes for easy to digest, enticing titles that get more clicks. I wrote about this in an earlier post regarding SEO mistakes I have made.

Headline Analyzer

#2 Formula for Mathematically Grading Your Copy Worksheet.

I found this awesome worksheet to grade your sales pages mathematically in the book: Web Copy That Sells: The Revolutionary Formula For Creating Killer Copy That Grabs Their Attention and Compels Then to Buy by Maria Veloso.

#3 Advanced Marketing Institute Headline Analyzer.

This is another headline analysis tool that will give you more insight. It has a slightly different formula than the coschedule analyzer, so it is a useful second opinion.Headline Analysis

#4 Copyspace.

This free tool allows you to see if your content is shared elsewhere online.Check for Plagiarism

#5 Text to HTML Converter

Bloggers and web copywriters know the importance of HTML. The site isn’t pretty, but it works. (Please comment below if you have a better way of converting text to HTML, I want to know!)

If you are writing copy online, clean HTML will lead to more visually appealing letters and will encourage readers not to leave midway through.

#6 Live-Keyword-Analysis.

Find the keyword density for any piece of content.Keyword Density
#7 WordCounter

Find out which words are used most frequently in your content. Use this feature to ensure that you are mentioning the words most important to your product and that will get the attention of your audience so they feel that you understand them and can relate to their problem. Blog Post Word Count

#8 Grammarly

The best spell check tool around. Grammarly integrates spell check functionality on sites that would normally not have that option.

Don’t let good copy become weakened by poor grammar. You need your credibility!

There are free and paid versions.

#9 Un-suck-it.

Use this little tool to find better words for jargon that turns off your readers. An immature site, but I enjoy it.

In copywriting, you may not want to use the “I’m feeling douchey” suggestions. Words should be simple, clean and to the point.

Synonyms for Bloggers

#10 Email Spam Test

I use this free tool before I send emails out to my mailing list. It doesn’t matter how big my mailing list is if my emails are going straight to their spam folder. This tool isn’t perfect (there are too many constantly changing factors involved in the spam algorithms for email providers) but it is definately a useful tool and worth your time.

#11 Hemingwayapp

I love hemingwayapp. A good copywriter knows that he needs to connect clearly with his target audience and this means writing in a way that is clear to them. Hemingwayapp will show you what your copy’s readability level is and will make suggestions for you to add clarification and simplify your message. There is a free web version and a paid desktop version.Tools for Copywriters

Ok, now, go write some killer copy and earn some money!

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