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As someone who has made content on YouTube, I've learned first hand that new creators will have a LOT of questions. I'm not an expert at all things YouTube tech but I have collected answers from experts to all of the most common YouTube tech and marketing questions. I've compiled them all here for you for easy reference! 

Some of the questions don't require a video. If I could answer it without a video, I did.

If you're brand new to YouTube, you can watch all of these videos and you'll be better off for it. Consider it like a training from the best in the business but completely free!

How to Start a YouTube Channel Step by Step in 2023

Let's start with the basics! This is a great guide from CroatCode. 

How to Change Your YouTube Name (Channel Name)

Your YouTube channel name is important and there is no shame in rethinking it!

Here is how to change your channel name courtesy of Dusty Porter. (View his full channel here).

How to Create a Custom End Screen (AKA End Card)

You've seen how some videos end with custom overlays that showcase specific videos or have subscribe buttons. Those are called end cards and they can awesome for your channels growth and engagement. They are relatively easy to make. 

Just Brown from Primal Video shows how below.

How to Add a Subscribe Button

I actually answer this one myself. I wrote a full length blog post on it here (there is a free subscribe button .png you can swipe there as well).

How to Make an Autosubscribe YouTube URL

This is a really cool little trick that I wrote a blog post on not very long ago. You can make a link that when clicked, has the same effect as the subscribe button. Instead of seeing your channel page, they see your channel page but a small box is visible showing a "confirm your subscription" option. 

Here is what mine looks like --> (click it and subscribe!)

The formula = YouTube channel URL + "?sub_confirmation=1."

How Big to Make YouTube Thumbnails 

This question is very important but it didn't require a video. A YouTube thumbnail should have a 16:9 aspect ration and be 1280 x 720 Pixels.

Be sure to check your thumbnail once you publish it. Sometimes they don't turn out like you expected. Check that they are readable on mobile devices and that they are at least as attention grabbing as your competitor's. 

YouTube Thumbnail Template Size 2019

How to See YouTube Tags Your Competitors Are Using

Tags on YouTube are a key part of getting your videos discovered organically. You can come up with them on your own or you can reverse engineer what your competitors are doing. If it works for them, the odds are good that they can work for you as well. 

The simplest way to do this is with an amazing, free software called TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy Discount

How to Get a Custom YouTube URL

You have a great channel, it deserves a great URL! David Walsh from David Walsh online shows how to get a custom channel URL in 2020. 

How to Transcribe YouTube Videos

There are a number of ways to transcribe your YouTube videos. I recommend that you always have them transcribed if you can afford it. Doing this helps with your SEO. Google can now see the exact text contents of your video and can better rank it. 

How to Download YouTube Videos

You may want to download YouTube videos to use snippets for your own mashups. Here are three really easy (and free) ways to download youtube videos.

How to Cite a YouTube Video APA Style

This is more for students and researchers who reference Videos when creating essays, studies or formal publications. 

How to Delete a YouTube Video

Let's face it, some of our videos are regrettable and we want them gone. Here is how to remove a YouTube video in 2023.

How to Delete a YouTube Channel

Did you get a new job and need to destroy all evidence of debauchery from your channel? Here is how to permanently delete a YouTube channel.

How to Embed a YouTube Video in Powerpoint or Google Slides

Adding YouTube videos to a powerpoint presentation can be a cool way to convey a point. Here is how to do it.

How to Do a Livestream with YouTube

Live streaming on YouTube is a great way to engage with your subscribers and drive a lot of fast views and engagement. Here is how to do it. 

How to Embed a YouTube Video on a WEbsite

Do you want to make a blog post like this one and link to YouTube videos? Here's how.

What Are YouTube Tags and How Many Tags Can You Use?

Tags are an often ignored part of getting your YouTube videos noticed. Derral Eves shares how to maximize the use of tags in your videos (View his full channel here).

How Much Money Can You Make on YouTube

This is a loaded question because there are several ways to make money on YouTube.

Monetize with Affiliates/Sponsors:  Most of those review channels you see are monetized through affiliates. My channel monetizes solely on affiliate income. I don't even monetize the videos with Adsense. The reason is because my competitors can put ads on my videos. Ads that might be selling the same product with their affiliate OR a competing product that costs me a sale. 

Affiliates and sponsorships do blue the line between content and advertising, but it incentivises great creators to make more content.  

Monetize with Your Own Products/Services: Many creators monetize their channels by selling their own products and merch. Large companies often sell create content for the sole purpose of driving awareness to their product. They create content that would attract people that would buy what they sell. 

Monetize with Google Adsense: This is one of the most commonly known methods for monetizing a YouTube channel. Publishers need to meet the requirements for monetizing your YouTube channel. You now need 4,000 hours of annual views and at least 1,000 subscribers to monetize your channel. You are still allowed to monetize in other ways (affiliates, your own products/services, etc) just not with Adsense.

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  1. This is extremely informative. Thank you for this post. I love how you have broken it down to make it easy for the readers to take these best practices and put it into their day-to-day life right away!

  2. Hello Nate, I found this article really helpful and informative for me. I learned many new things from this article. I was totally unknown about youtube tags and after reading this I came to know that what actually they are and how important they are on youtube. I will surely try these tips.Thanks for informative post.

  3. Hello Nate, I found this article really helpful and informative for me. I learned many new things from this article. I was totally unknown about youtube tags and after reading this I came to know that what actually they are and how important they are on youtube. I will surely try these tips.Thanks for the informative post.

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