How to Actually Delete YouTube Video Permanently (Screenshots Included)

How to Delete YouTube Video

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Looking to delete or update a YouTube video? Here's how (with screenshots).

Step #1

Log into the account that has the video you want to delete.

Step #2

Navigate to your YouTube Studio page. You can do this by clicking the profile icon on the top right and scrolling down slightly. 

Access YouTube Studio to Delete Video Permanently

Step #3 

Click on "Content" on the left side of the YouTube studio area.

YouTube Studio View Videos to Edit or Delete

Step #4

Find the video you want to delete.

Step #5

Click the box next to the video you want to delete and then click on the "more" button (shown as ) and select "Delete forever" and click that you understand that the video deletion cannot be undone. 

Note: Don't forget to download the video file if you want to use it again later. Remember, there's no rule saying you can't re-upload it in the future.

Delete YouTube Video Permanently

How to Delete YouTube Videos in Bulk

Repeat the process above except instead of clicking on the "" icon to delete, click on the "more actions" after you've checked the boxes of all videos you want to delete. 

From there, you will have a "Delete forever" option. 

Delete YouTube Videos in Bulk

Note, you can't download the video files if you delete videos this way.

There you have it, how to properly delete a YouTube video!

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