How to Remove Amazon Reviews from Your Products [Don’t Get in Trouble Doing it Wrong]

By Nate McCallister   
Last Updated on December 13, 2022

There's no nice way to put it. Negative reviews on your Amazon listings absolutely suck. You pour your heart and soul into your products and scratch and claw your way to get positive reviews and boom, a bad review comes and seems to negate all of your hard work.

You're not wrong to be upset. Emotionally, it's painful, but bad reviews can also hit your wallet. 

Negative product reviews can...

  • Dramatically lower conversion rates.
  • Lead to ASIN removal or disciplinary action from Amazon.
  • Dramatically damage your rankings for keywords in Amazon search results.

The damage is heightened when you have a new storefront or product with few positive reviews to soften the blow. 

So, we need to work to remove as many negative reviews as we can as soon as they appear and in this article, I'm going to show you how to do that. 

Product Review vs. Seller Feedback

This article is focused on product reviews. This is not the same as seller feedback. 

Product reviews are what Amazon shoppers see on specific products and seller feedback is what they see when choosing which offer to purchase from. 

Both are important.

This article explains how to get negative seller feedback removed.

Amazon's Rules Around Managing Reviews

Even though that is the case, Amazon upholds very strict rules on just what you may do when removing negative reviews.

For example:

  • You cannot bribe, intimidate, or otherwise entice people to remove negative reviews.
  • You cannot use any external software or service to delete reviews.
  • You cannot use any sort of enticement or external resource to pad negative reviews with fake good ones
  • You cannot communicate with sellers outside of Amazon's ecosystem. This means through their messaging system only. 

Amazon doesn't mess around with customer reviews and ratings. Amazon has a system in place for removing negative reviews, and if you deviate from their system, they will suspend your license and ban you forever if you let them.

Method #1 Review the Review and Report If It Violates the Review Terms and Conditions

Amazon has a strict policy that all reviews follow a specific code of conduct. If customers violate this, it's a quick win for you, since removal is almost guaranteed. 

If you see any words that even resemble a curse word or a form of violent speech, it's worth trying to get Amazon to remove it.

Also consider these other situations as grounds for appeal by amazon:

  • The customer is using vulgar, hateful, or otherwise violent language.
  • The customer is threatening violence or is sharing your personal contact information.
  • The customer has posted multiple negative reviews about the same product.
  • They are promoting something completely unrelated to your product or service.
  • The negative review was posted by a rival seller.
  • They compare your products' pricing, alternatives, or availability to other retailers and storefronts.
  • The review was about something out of your control, like shipping time.

If they do any of these, you can take a screenshot of the review and email it to the amazon help desk at [email protected]

You can also report a review from the Amazon product details page.

Report abuse on an Amazon review

You will not need to contact the customer if you can get the review removed this way. 

Keep in mind, though, you can't simply report all of your negative reviews. Unless they violate the review terms and conditions, you will need to go with another approach to get the review deleted. 

The Silver Lining of Negative Reviews

At scale, negative reviews are inevitable. Ironically though, they can actually help drive conversions. Polls have shown that shoppers who filter to only see one-star reviews convert at a rate that’s 108.8% higher than the average shopper. (Source)

Why? First, 5 star reviews simply aren't trusted like they used to be. 1 star reviews are much more likely to be genuine and not fake.

Next, reasonable shoppers understand that not every product is right for every person. Not every customer has the same needs or concerns about a product. 

Take this review left on the Amazon Paperwhite Kindle, for example. 

Kindle Review

On the surface, saying something like "waste of money," seems like a kill shot. I was in the market to buy this for someone as a Christmas gift and guess what? I still bought it. 

Why? Because the negative review didn't confirm that my concerns were actually real.

I don't care about customer support. It's a Kindle. What support could I need?This actually made me think the reviewer was probably not very tech savvy and their opinion on this could be dramatically skewed. 

I cared about the battery life though. That was actually the only concern I had since I already knew I liked Kindles anyway.

When this person who is obviously not shy to share a loud opinion praises the battery life, I was sold. 

Products with no negative reviews are actually quite suspicious. Surveys showed that 80% of shoppers are less likely to purchase a product with no reviews. (Source) So, if you can't get your negative reviews removed, don't get too down on yourself. 

Method #2 Contact the Customer

If the review is not a violation of Amazon's review terms of service, you will need to contact the buyer. 

Start off by replying directly to their review and apologize for any inconvenience.

Be calm, patient, and respectful to the customer at all times. If the issue persists, direct them to amazon customer support.

Again, wait for the reply and be on the lookout for any language that could merit a removal. The best-case scenario is that they see you are a reasonable person and they remove the negative review after having that positive experience with you.

If they are unsure how to do this, you can direct them to this link that explains how to edit past reviews.

Keep in mind, you cannot contact a customer off of Amazon. You must go through seller central and cannot ask them to reach out to you elsewhere. 

Using Negative Reviews

I've written in the past about using Amazon for a source of copywriting and marketing inspiration.

Your own negative reviews can be a source of growth if you choose to analyze them and view them without emotional bias. 

There may be something in your product or product listing and description that you can improve. Making these changes can help you avoid similar negative reviews in the future. 

Don't waste an opportunity to grow through negative reviews!

How to Monitor Negative Reviews

If you have a lot of listings or an item that receives many reviews, I highly recommend checking out a tool called Helium 10. They have a feature called Amazon Fraud Detector and Alerts that will notify you of important changes to listings or seller feedback.

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About the author, Nate McCallister

Nate is the founder and main contributor of and the author of Evergreen Affiliate Marketing. He is a lifestyle entrepreneur who spends his time building businesses and raising his four kids, Sawyer, Brooks, Van, and Lua, with his beautiful wife, Emily. His main interests include copywriting, economics, and piano.

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