Rebaid for Amazon Sellers – Is It Legit? [2024]

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Rebaid is a platform used for finding rebates and discounts while shopping online. You can use this website to find a rebate promotion for a lot of the major online retailers in the US.

It is available on marketplaces such as Amazon, Target, Etsy, Walmart, and eBay.

Currently, Rebaid is only available in Amazon's US marketplace.

Many brands and independent sellers go to Rebaid and offer these discounts to attract customers to try the product for rebate discounts, sometimes as much as 100%! 


This is an easy way to find some of the best deals on Amazon. It is also a great way for Amazon Sellers to market their products to new people, or even liquidate their bad inventory.

There is no need for the customer to leave a product review or do anything promotional. They just want to see how people react to their products and generate traffic to their storefront.

How It Works for Shoppers

Rebaid supports promotions for products listed on Walmart, eBay, Etsy and other independent websites. This helps customers save money and helps sellers boost sales velocity with great discounts and rebate promotions.


You can find deals on Rebaid and when you select the item, you want to get cash back on. From there, you will be given a rebate code and get redirected to that buy link.

Simply enter that code when you purchase and you will get your rebate payment from Rebaid, either through a direct deposit or a physical check after you make the payment at full purchase price.

Note: Shoppers cannot return or resell anything they buy through Rebaid, so keep that in mind when you buy that $100 karaoke machine.

How to Use Rebaid

Setting up your rebate offers is a pretty simple process, and it is a great way to promote your products and also build traffic to your store.

Getting Set Up

Getting your inventory set up with Rebaid is a pretty quick and easy process, if you have the capital to fund your promotions. You can also see the process on Rebaid's website here.

Step 1: Enter Your Inventory

The first step is to enter what products you want to offer a promotion for on Rebaid. The team at Rebaid will want images of your inventory, as well.

Rebaid step -

You will also be asked to set the buy link for your product's detail page, along with a product description and title.

Step 2: Enter Your Promotional Offers

Next, you will enter the exact details of your promotional offer.

Seller Step 2

You will need to:

  • Specify the type of promotion you want to run
  • Enter the discount/ rebate percentage.
  • Enter the quantity you wish to offer, both for a 24-hr period and the length of the whole campaign

Make sure you go through all the details of your promotion twice before submitting it.

Step 3: Fund Your Promotions

The last step is really important, as you will be the one responsible for funding the campaign.

For example, if you are offering a $10 rebate check for 20 products, you will need to fork over that $200 bucks right away.

Seller Step 3

If you are marketing the campaign on a day-to-day model, you will need to fund it a little bit every day. If I offered a $5 rebate on 20 items a day for 3 days, I would have the option to fund $100 everyday instead of funding that $300 right away. 

After your rebates are funded and submitted, it will take about 3 hours for the Rebaid team to review your campaign and activate it on their platform.

Is it Rebaid Legit for Amazon Sellers?

It is a great platform for shoppers and sellers, helping them with saving money during their online shopping. However, it may prove a little risky for sellers in the future.

In the past few months, Amazon officially banned the use of many third party rebate services on their marketplace. 

Rebate Sites Ban

Sites like RebateKey have already gotten the axe in recent months and many seller accounts have been suspended. Too many sellers were using rebate services similar to the Rebaid website as a back alley way to bribe shoppers. 

They would exchange rebates for positive reviews on Amazon, essentially offering them free stuff for 5 star reviews.

The saving grace for Rebaid is that it explicitly bans the exchange of rebates for reviews and handles the rebate process separately from the seller. 

Rebaid has worked in tandem with Amazon's legal team on what they may do while still working with sellers. However, if sellers abuse the service, Amazon will ban their API, as well.

In short... It is the safest 3rd party option (for now).

As of writing this post, I can say it is your best option to offer rebates and discount codes to your customers on Amazon. Keep in mind that there is always gonna be some level of risk with using a 3rd party site to run your campaigns. 

It's a great platform if you follow Amazon and Rebaid's terms of service. Just stay within the rules, keep your head on a swivel, and you'll be fine. 

It is in such a gray area that I can't guarantee whether using it will cause you to have your Amazon account suspended. I will always be honest with you guys, since you deserve to be aware of risks for your business.

WARNING: It is never a good idea to attempt to entice Amazon customers to leave a review in any way, shape, or form. Doing so will get your account suspended or even banned from Amazon! Just do good work... the reviews will come to you naturally.

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