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Bulk Create Amazon Affiliate URLs

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What I'm about to share solves a very niche problem, but if you have it, you're going to love it.

To create an Amazon affiliate link, you typically have to do it one product at a time and manually inside of the Amazon associates dashboard or from directly. 

Of course, this is far from the biggest hassle. A definite first world problem. 

However, if you need to create many affiliate URLs at once, it does become a bit cumbersome. I had this problem so I created a Google Sheet workbook that will let you generate your custom Amazon associate links simply by pasting lists of standard Amazon product URLs or Amazon ASINs

Amazon Associate Link Generator

Using it is very straightforward. Here's how to generate your Amazon affiliate links in bulk using it. 

How to Generate Amazon Affiliate Links in Bulk

Before we start, remember that this only works because of the custom formulas inside of the sheet. Do NOT edit the formulas. 

Step #1 Make a Copy of the Spreadsheet

Click the link below to make a copy of the workbook. This will ensure that only you can see what you edit on it. I can't see it and neither can anyone else unless you deliberately share it with them. 

Make a copy

Then click, "Make a Copy" and rename the file to whatever you want. 

Step #2 Paste Your Associate ID in Cell B2

This is CRITICALLY important. If that link isn't changed, it will not assign the sales to you. Be sure that your links are accurate. 

Associate ID Amazon Affiliate

Ensure there are no additional spaces or characters. If you don't know your Amazon associate ID, you can find it on the top right of the Amazon affiliate program home page when you're logged in. 

Find Amazon Associate ID

Again, if this is incorrect or left blank, you will not receive commissions. The links will still work but you will not be assigned credit for any clicks or orders placed. 

Step #3 Paste Product URLs in Column B or Amazon ASINs in Column G

You can pick which style you want to use. If you have a list of product URLs, you can paste them in column B, if you have ASINs, use column G. 

Step #4 Copy the URL or Embed Code You Want

We output 3 different options. 

  1. Basic Affiliate URL
  2. Text + Image HTML Embed
  3. Large Image HTML Embed

I felt these were the core affiliate link types I wanted to generate. Keep in mind, these are all set to open in a new tab and show boarder. I could have added the option to change that, but I felt it was unnecessary. Opening in a new tab is one of my basic affiliate link tips anyway. 

There you have it! I hope that's helpful to at least a handful of folks. 

Step #5 Test URLs

I'll do my best to update this if Amazon changes the URL structure, but if you've made a copy of this, it won't show new updates. 

So, be sure to open the URLs and ensure that your links include your associate ID and direct to the correct product.

A proper Amazon affiliate URL will be formatted like this. 

Amazon Affiliate URL Example ---

That is a very truncated version and you can have an affiliate URL that is much longer that will still work. As long as you have the ?tag=yourassociateid appended to the URL, it will work.

Other Notes

I've capped the sheet at 50 rows, but you can add more if you'd like. Just just to add more rows and then drag the formulas down as far as you want. 

This sheet is formatted for and does not work with other marketplaces like, .ca. etc. You are welcome to customize the formulas though if you have the tech savy to do so. 

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Thanks for reading and be sure to share this with your affiliate marketing friends!

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