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Last Updated April 26, 2020

Update 4.28.20: The day after I published this post, coincidentally, Michele Clark disappeared. I can't say it was because of my article or my messages but the timing is suspect.

If you sell on Amazon, you've likely noticed a familiar name when you use the seller app... 

Michele Clark.

She (or he) is appearing on countless listings and is consistently offering extremely low prices on whatever they're selling.

Now, with over 2.5 million active Amazon sellers as of 2019, it's rare for one seller to get the attention of the masses...even someone who is showing up so much and brings such competitive prices.

With this seller, there seems to be more to it. 

Something that reeks of an internal cover up... 

Michelle Clark on Amazon

Who Is Michelle Clark (Really)

First, a quick search on LinkedIn brings you a Michelle Clark who is a Senior Product Manager at

Now, it's one letter away from "Michele" I know...not a stretch though.

Regardless of who is really behind this, there are a couple of obvious questions that arise...

First, the role of Senior Product Manager at Amazon isn't a job that would require a side gig to make ends meet. According to, the position of Senior Product Manager pays an average of $183,045.

Second, it's a huge conflict of interest for the senior product manager to also be a full time seller. Anyone working at Amazon moonlighting as a seller would be problematic, but a senior product manager....that's next level. 

Finally, the volume that Michele Clark is processing is FAR beyond what a "weekend warrior," could be doing. 

But, when I reached out to her, she claimed to not know anything about this.

"I don’t know who this 'Michele Clark' is but it’s not me. Please reach out to Amazon PR as they handle all questions from media."

She is on 1,000s of listings and has CRAZY low prices on them all. 

Here's another crazy thing about the Michele Clark seller storefront. It ONLY appears on the Amazon seller app. If you review the same listing on a regular Amazon page, the alias turns back to

Seller App Discrepencies


Well, let's get into the conspiracy theories...

The Potential Conspiracy

Now, I hope that you help me fill in the blanks in the comments, but it seems obvious to me that Michelle Clark is an intentionally created alias for Amazon.

But why? 

Well, a few possible reasons.

First, Amazon recently suspended nearly 4,000 sellers for price gouging during the early stages of the coronavirus outbreak. 

The part that Amazon doesn't want to talk about is that they themselves were pricing items far above MSRP as well. Price gouging isn't cool, but neither is hypocrisy. Amazon should have been held more accountable for their role in the pricing calamity and they weren't. 

It seems like they're doing their best to avoid it from ever happening either. 

They need to save face and they might be under the false impression that they can use a different seller name to be their fall man (woman in this case). 

Next, they may not want sellers to know that they're on the listing. 

This could be in an effort to manipulate 3rd party repricing software.

Also, many sellers avoid listings that Amazon is on because they know how competitive they can be and how deep their inventory can run.  By using this alias, they can give the impression that they aren't on the listing. This gives the impression that owning the buy box is more possible which means more sellers on the listing which means..... lower prices.

Good for consumers, misleading (at best) to sellers. 

Tell me in the comments what you're experience with the Michele Clark account has been. am i being paranoid?

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