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Jump Send

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In a move that is a HUGE win for its users, JumpSend features are now available inside of the Jungle Scout software. The features are now called  Jungle Scout Launch. <-- Click to learn all about it!

Therefore, this post is no longer relevant and will be removed from the site soon.

2019 JumpSend Review

If you have a product that you're trying to sell on Amazon, gaining traction is difficult. 

Reviews are critical to getting sales but you need sales to get reviews! To get sales, you need to increase your page rank for your main keywords and to do that, you need to make sales. 

How do you do this? It seems like a loop that lacks an entry point. JumpSend is that entry point.

Jump Send Reivew

TL;DR Summary

Jump Send helps Amazon sellers make more sales with promo codes and get more positive reviews and minimize negative reviews on returns through a network of 100,000+ buyers looking for deals on Amazon and sophisticated email automation. It is completely compliant with Amazon's terms of service. It doesn't work in all marketplaces or with all products but it is very effective when and where you can actually use it.  

JumpSend has one purpose: to get you more sales and reviews. It does this in a number of ways and I'm going to explain those in a minute.

This is a long post, so the long short is this...

I believe that JumpSend absolutely does help boost sales and reviews. It isn't a perfect solution but it is my top recommendation for increasing reviews.

Get More Amazon Reviews

A Quick Word on Amazon's Review Policy

When reviewing all of the available solutions for gathering more reviews on Amazon, I look at one thing first (and it isn't effectiveness). The first thing I look for is compliance. 

October 3rd, 2017 was a day that shook the Amazon selling world. Amazon enacted new policies for how sellers can collect and incentivize reviews. Basically, you could no longer say "I'll give you a discount for a review." We can no longer do a "quid pro quo" with buyers where we give them a deal for a review. 

It put a lot of the existing review services out of business. Companies that didn't adapt went out of business and sellers that didn't adapt got suspended if they continued incentivizing reviews.

The team at Jungle Scout (the creators of JumpSend) decided to adapt to the changes. Review Kick (their existing solution that was based on giving discounts in exchange for reviews) was overhauled and became JumpSend. 

JumpSend is completely compliant and is built in a way that it should remain compliant for many years to come. Consistency is a nice thing on Amazon, isn't it?

So ,whether you use JumpSend or one of the other solutions (many of which are great) be sure that they are compliant with Amazon's terms of service. 

It doesn't matter how many reviews and sales you get if the end result is a banned account.

How Does JumpSend Work?

Jump Send has a number of components that work together to get you more sales, better sales rankings, more positive reviews and fewer negative reviews.

Sellers have a number of ways they can get try to get more sales and reviews (without JumpSend).

  • Amazon sponsored ads (competitive)
  • Facebook ads (tricky)
  • Promotions and discounts (tricky)
  • Influencer marketing (hard) 

These options are fine and many successful product launches have been built using these methods, but they are far from your only options. 

JumpSend helps you make your first sales in a very unique way. 

They have their own deal site that has over 100,000 Amazon buyers who are looking for great deals on products. As a Jump Send user, you create promotion codes and your product is then featured on the deal site for all of the viewers to see. 

Creating discount codes is much better than listing your product at a low price to drive initial sales. A low price screams low quality and you are going to be more likely to get poor reviews since customers are associating you with being "cheap."

Click here to see what the JumpSend marketplace looks like (you may end up buying something with how good the deals are). 

JumpSend Deals

Now, buyers are not required to leave a review but when someone gets a product at a discount they are much more likely to leave a positive one and less likely to leave a negative one. 

That is part of the magic of the JumpSend program. 

But, with JumpSend you aren't just crossing your fingers that buyers will leave discounts. They have an email follow up automation system that allows you to proactively nudge buyers to leave reviews. 

Since JumpSend collects emails from people who use their deal marketplace, we are able to send them email follow ups. 

Now, the buyer information belongs to JumpSend so you won't be building your own email list off of your sales but you can still contact the buyers from within the software.

After a customer makes a purchase,  JumpSend allows us to schedule email follow ups that catch them when they are most likely to leave a review. 

Email Amazon Buyers

Jump Send has pre-designed templates and allows you to personalize your emails. Start an email with, "Hey Mike! Thank's for your purchase." etc. 

You can even add digital bonuses as attachments when someone purchases a product from you. For example, you could add a 30 day workout plan PDF if you're selling weight lifting straps or something related to fitness.

Review of JumpSend  (Pros and Cons)

Now that you understand what JumpSend is and how it works, let's talk about the pros and cons. 

Let's start with the pros. 

Pro #1 Much More Cost Effective Than Paid Ads

The 100,000+ buyers on the JumpSend marketplace will provide you with more sales (typically) than you could muster with other methods. Although some people may balk at the price tag, it is a tremendous saving when compared to other methods. 

Pro #2 Compliant with Amazon

Like I said earlier, it doesn't matter how "effective" a system is if it ends up leaving you with a suspended account. Jump Send is completely compliant and is built to stay that way.  You won't get suspended or lose reviews if you use Jump Send.

Pro #3 Shoppers Are Familiar with Using Coupon Codes

The buyers on the Jump Send market are very used to using coupon codes. Surprisingly, many Amazon buyers have trouble with this and it can lead to negative reviews or missed sales.

Pro #4 Excellent Customer Service

Jump Send was created by the same people who made Jungle Scout and they have a track record of fantastic customer support.

Ok, let's get into the cons.

Con #1  It Doesn't Work in All Marketplaces

Jump Send only works in the US and UK markets, specifically catering to these two marketplaces exclusively. I won't be surprised if they expand in the future, but for now, not everyone can use it. 

Con #2 Discounts Over 50% Don't Count as Verified Reviews

This problem isn't unique to Jump Send but it can impact the number of sales you make if another Jump Send user is selling a similar product as you but at a larger discount.

When you offer products for over a 50% discount, Amazon will not display these as 'verified reviews,' which can influence customer trust and perception of your product's quality.

Even if customers leave positive feedback, the lack of a 'verified' tag might deter potential buyers who rely on verified reviews to gauge product reliability.

This aspect is crucial in a competitive marketplace where similar products are available, possibly at even lower prices, affecting your overall sales performance.

JumpSend Pricing

JumpSend has 4 pricing tiers. 


You can save 30% off the prices above if you purchase annually. 

I do recommend you purchase an annual plan since it takes more than a month or two to get enough sales and reviews to let your product go into cruise control and drive natural sales without additional help. 

Final Thoughts

Jump Send is one of the best options for launching your Amazon product fast. Although it isn't perfect, it is proven to help you boost sales rank and reviews. I highly recommend Jump Send if you want to get a leg up on your competitors and jump start your Amazon product launches.  

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