Yes, People Really Are Making Over $1000 Per Week Selling Feet Pics on Instafeet

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If it exists, somebody is attracted to it, and they'll pay out the wazoo for it.

You read the title correctly, people are making a crazy amount of money selling "feet pics", which is slang for pictures of feet online. The foot fetish site's called "InstaFeet" and it does very well by any given metric considering it is such a niche service. it offers "beautiful feet pics for sale" according to their business model.

The intended purpose of this post isn't to shame or mock people who use feet fetish sites or the people who earn a living on the feet pic selling platform. Nor am I going to elaborate on why do people like feet pics. Y'all do what you gotta do.

Also, this isn't some sort of "InstaFeet Review"; I have never and will never use this website. This article is just an analysis of how these people make a living doing something so out of the ordinary and what other people can learn from that.

Also, this is your warning now that if reading about taboo concepts like pornography, sex workers, or people with feet fetishes bother you, then this is not gonna be for you.

I personally hate feet, so if it's any consolation, just know that this one took a lot out of me as well.

Also, due to the fact that feet images are often sexualized on this website, I'm gonna refrain from posting pictures of the website on this blog for my own sanity.

What is InstaFeet?

InstaFeet is a subscription-based private website where people can sell pictures of their feet to "fans and admirers".  It deals exclusively in only feet pics; it isn't like you can sell hand pics or upload pictures of stock photos of some strangers feet.


Like the site "OnlyFans", InstaFeet claims to not be a pornographic site. However, most creators on both platforms make the majority of their money selling adult content to subscribers who have a foot fetish ("aggressive" foot lovers).

InstaFeet is unique in that it is very protective of who can see, upload, and distribute those images. Only people who are subscribed to a given creator can purchase and upload their "feet pics". 

How Did it Start?

InstaFeet was made in 2017 with the expressed intention of allowing figures, celebrities, and independent models to sell pictures of their feet to people on the internet. 


InstaFeet has only grown since then and is currently one of the biggest websites that exclusively deals in "feet pics".

InstaFeet consists of almost only women that are selling feet pics to their foot fetish audience, and a good portion of them do very well and make a lot of money when given time.

How Do People Make Money on it, Especially $1000?

Here is the brass tacks of it; how people make money on InstaFeet:

Is InstaFeet free for sellers?

While there isn't a very difficult process to getting started, InstaFeet takes a 10% commission on any sale; if you sell feet pics for $50, then they pocket $5 while you will take home $45. 

That commission is a really great deal, because models get to pocket a lot of their earnings from selling feet pictures. Now there is also a direct relationship between how many subscribers someone has and how many pictures they sell.

Costs for a picture can run from $5 to as much as $100, but according to the statistics, most pictures cost somewhere between $15 to $20 a pop.

So, looking at the averages, The average InstaFeet model will need to sell feet pics about 50 and 67 times to make it to $1000 in a week. Also, obviously, the more subscribers and pics that they have, the easier that becomes.

Is it Safe?

Whatever anybody thinks about adult models everybody agrees that they, like anyone, deserve be safe from online predators. That being said, is InstaFeet safe?

Whether they are preying on their financial assets, private information, or even if they what to physical harass or assault the model, online safety is a big concern for InstaFeet.

Thankfully, InstaFeet has a good reputation for protecting the privacy and well-being of their users; I wouldn't even mention them if they weren't a safe platform. 

On InstaFeet, the sign up process can be very rigid. "Foot models" are required to provide a valid photo id and confirm that they are over the age of 18 to set up an account.

The last thing that InstaFeet wants is litigation, so they have a litany of legal and ethical rings they make before people buy feet pics as well as before models sell feet photos.

InstaFeet will put people through every process necessary to keep the process of selling feet pictures legal on their platform

Final Thoughts?

*whew* Everybody take a second to catch your breath and pat yourself on the back because you and I just went on a very uncomfortable journey together (ha-ha).

Obviously, selling pictures of your feet to strangers is a taboo and foreign concept to most people, but there is a lot of great business lessons to be found in how these men and women operate. 

If you learned anything it should be these three things:

Exposure is Everything

Whether you want to build a portfolio as a professional freelancer or you want to sell pictures of your feet to strangers on the InstaFeet, it is a fact that the best way to get more clients is to put yourself out there and create exposure.

That could be through attending networking events, connecting through mutual friends and associates, or even marketing your brand on social media platforms, which is what most InstaFeet models do to sell their feet pictures.

Never Stop Producing and Make Yourself Accessible

People flock to efficiency and consistency. A foot model knows that if she posts a new picture at the same time every week (lets say Friday nights), then subscribers will come to her like cattle every Friday night, ready and waiting for the new feet photos.

A professional freelancer who is consistently available will see a huge boost in the reputation they have with their clients. When a client knows that they can depend on you, that will lead to them choosing you again next time, which means more business, and ultimately more profit and growth for you.

A customer won't return to a foot model if they suspect the photos are blurry or stock photos. If they want to continue to sell feet pictures and make more money, they need to continue uploading pictures of consistently high quality 

There is Always a Way to Make Money Online

Clearly, you don't need to resort to selling feet pics online via InstaFeet, but the internet is an incredible resource for all kinds of entrepreneurs and freelancers. The key is to find and gather your consumer base.

If you can find a niche of people that are in need of your businesses product/service, you can monetize that.

If someone on InstaFeet can make $1000 a month, you should at least feel assured that making a living online is possible if not ridiculously easy if you know where to look.

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