InstaFeet Is “FeetFinder.Com” Now? [Huge November 2023 Update]

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Update: It appears that Instafeet has rebranded to This happened after my November 2nd update about it being down.

Instafeet Down

I am unsure if this is permanent or temporary. 

The negative reviews online (TrustPilot for example) make me think this site has something deeper going on and this might be down for some much needed PR repair.

Negative Instafeet Reviews

I will update this article if I learn more. If you're associated with InstaFeet, please reach out to us to explain more, if you want to clear the record on what actually happened.

In the meantime, there are many InstaFeet alternatives out there

Until I can learn more, this original article that profiled how some users were making $1,000s per week on the platform has been redacted since I don't know if this is a basic redirect to a new company (potentially a buyout) or something else. 

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