5 Little Known YouTube Tools for 2023 – Make Better Videos in Less Time

Little Known YouTube Tools

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Whether you're a full-time YouTuber or just someone who likes to dabble in video making, you should always search for ways to make better videos in less time. 

You've likely heard of the big name YouTube tools like TubeBuddy. so in this blog post, we'll be looking at five lesser-known YouTube tools you can start using right away to improve your video quality.

So, without further ado, let's get started!

#1 BigVu

BigVu is a teleprompter program that can run on your computer are mobile devices. Personally, I don't love using a teleprompter, but if you're the type of person who does, BigVu is the gold standard in the space.

Check out BigVu

#2 ThumbsUp.Tv

Before I publish any videos to YouTube, I jump over to ThumbsUp.TV to make sure the thumbnails and titles look the way I want them to. 

With this free tool, you upload your thumbnail and enter the video title and it will preview the way your new video will appear across every type of display. 

Thumbsup-tv ---

Check out ThumbsUp.TV

#3 Descript

Descript was originaly built with podcasters in mind, but it quickly expanded far beyond the audio only space. 

I write about Descript in length here.

#4 ThePlot.Io

ThePlot.IO is focused on creating storyboards. Another feature that isn't 100% my cup of tea (I just don't create content that merits storyboarding) but for some people, this could be a gamechanger. 

Check out ThePlot.io

#5 Frame.io

Frame.io is built for video editing collaboration. This is a fantastic tool for creators who work with a team of editors, or freelancers who do video editing for clients. 

Check out Frame.IO

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