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Affiliate Disclosure: Some of the products and services mentioned on this website pay affiliate commissions to the creators at no cost to you. Thank you for your support!

Etsy is a platform that sells a wide range of custom-made products. They’ve made quite a niche for themselves.

In 2019, Etsy hit 2.5 Million active sellers and 45.7 Million active buyers. The platform has become the Go-to ecommerce site for artists and crafts people to successfully sell their products.

In this article, I’ll show you how to make money with the Etsy Affiliate program.


If you think Etsy might not be a good fit for your affiliate dreams, think again. Etsy has something for everyone, whether you’re a business or lifestyle blogger looking to create income for your business.

Do any of these products appeal to you?

  • Printables
  • Quotes
  • Planners
  • Website themes
  • Stock Photos
  • Media Kits
  • Personalized Gifts
  • As you can see, Etsy carries a wide variety of unique products. And they’re all available for you to sell as an affiliate.

    But first, you’ll have to register as an affiliate. Etsy’s affiliate account is managed by AWIN affiliate network.

    The actual registration is simple, easy, and quick . . . after you pay the $5.00 join fee. Although the $5 is returned to you in your first affiliate payment, it seems a bit weird that they have it in the first place. Personally, I’ve never seen a company charge you to become part of their affiliate program, but it works for them.

    How can you make money as an Etsy Affiliate?



    Their commission rate is 5% and their cookie length is 30 days. Even though the commission is on the small side, they give you 30 days to make a sale before the cookie expires.



    Another way to make money as an Etsy affiliate is through their bonuses and competition incentives. Etsy regularly runs incentives throughout the year to keep their affiliates excited to make sales.


    Reviews and Round-ups

    Since Etsy has millions of registered sellers, you can most certainly find 10-20 products to showcase in a review or round-up post.

    Decide on a topic for your post, select your products, write a description for each and be sure to use your affiliate link to lead people back to the site.

    TIP: Format the pictures as tall rectangles so you can get more views by sharing each image on your Pinterest account.


    Sell without selling

    Create a blog post where you showcase several artists and then point out how unique and awesome their products are. Of course, you’ll link back to their featured product using your affiliate link.

    This way you aren’t trying to sell the product, instead you’re showcasing the artist (seller) and then showing your audience a great product that they can purchase.

    TIP: Be sure to message each artist to let them know you’ve showcased them on your blog and then invite them to share the post.


    Support Women Entrepreneurs

    Women make up 86% of Etsy sellers. Write about topics that are of interest to women business owners.

    TIP: Here are some suggested topics:

    • 25 Gifts for the Mompreneur
    • Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs on Etsy
    • 15 Printables that Make Perfect Lead Magnets


    Source Materials from Etsy

    Create a lead magnet, course, or even a website using products you sourced on Etsy. Be sure to link to each of the individual products and then reach out to the sellers.

    TIP: Create a video showcasing how you incorporated each product and share it on YouTube for more views.


    Promote. Promote. Promote.

    Each time you share your affiliate link (for any product), you increase your chance of someone purchasing via your link.

    Use your email list and of course social media to let your audience know about great finds on Etsy.

    TIP: Share based on gift-giving themes:

    Carol has a question

    Can you be an Etsy Affiliate and a seller?

    Yes you can! However, you aren't allowed to promote your own shop or a shop that you are "closely related to." The definition of "closely related to" is a little vague, so you may want to email the Etsy Affiliate support team with any questions.

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